Working The Night Shift? Here’s How To Stay Healthy

Whether you are a key worker or you simply work shifts because it’s easier with your family, you need to know how you can stay healthy while you do it. Working the night shift puts your entire body into “upside down” mode, and it’s not always easy to get it in sync with your needs.

Shift work is hard enough as it is, but when you are working nights, you wake up in the dark and you go to bed in the dark and it’s never daylight for you, which can play havoc with your mind. Staying healthy is a must, and with that in mind, we’ve got several tips to help you stay healthy while you work the graveyard.

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Keep A Routine. Sleeping is so hard to come by as a busy adult with a lot of stress. So much so, you need to do all that you can to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing. This means establishing a good daytime sleep schedule and sticking to that – even when you’re not working. Routines with naps are so important!

Eat Well. Shift work doesn’t allow for time spent cooking properly much of the time, but when you read a Dinnerly review, you can choose a company that will deliver you freshly made meals to make that prepping life much easier. A balanced diet is important to avoid feeling sluggish and gloopy. So, eat well and make sure that you pack your day with fresh fruit and veggies.

Prep Your Space. Your bedroom needs to be dark to allow you enough sleep in the day time. The right space will be quiet, dark and cool, and you can control all of these things with the right blinds, a noise machine to mask traffic and a comfy eye mask.

Put Down Your Screen. The blue light technology in smartphones and laptops keeps us awake at night, and when you spend time staring at your phone, you spend less time resting. Turn off the noise and put the phone a reasonable distance away so you aren’t tempted to get it.

Slow Down The Caffeine. Sugar in your coffee may well be your go-to, but it’s not going to help you to get a good night sleep. You need to say no to caffeine a good four to five hours before you finish your shift so that you can get some sleep when you go home.

Exercise When You Can. you are going to be tired after work and before work, but you need to make time for exercise. It’s not only going to make you feel good, it’s going to keep your body pumped with hormones that feel fantastic. Your mood will be elevated, your body will be healthy and fit and you will boost your metabolism at the same time!

Night shift work is hard work, but with the right food and drink in your system, you can help to push away the confusion and feel good on the inside.


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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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