Why You Should Practice Gratitude

There is a lot of talk about practicing gratitude and how much it can bring to your life. The thing is, it’s not just spiritual leaders that are talking about giving appreciation; it’s so much deeper than that.

There have been scientific studies that look into how attitudes can change how we act and interact with those around us.

Being grateful is more than just saying thank you, it can increase your happiness, reduce inflammation in the body and produce stress levels.

So if you are not openly and actively expressing your attitude, this might be when to start. And if you have ever wondered about things like the law of attraction and how to manifest money, you will find that gratitude is a big part of that.

What are the benefits of practicing gratitude?

There is a lot of information on this subject, and there are many benefits to practicing gratitude. If we look for what a person gets for practicing gratitude, here are a few things.

  • Increase happiness and a more positive mood
  • Less materialistic
  • Less likely to experience work burnout
  • Better sleep
  • Less fatigue

There are many more benefits, but those are just a few for the individual. There is also likely to be an increase in the positive relationships of the individual, more satisfaction in their work-life, and other social benefits.

How can I practice gratitude?

If you are new to practicing gratitude, there are a few simple things that you can add to your everyday routine to help build up how you and gratitude can interact together.

The most important thing that you can do it’s beginning to look around you at all of the good that surrounds you. It can be straightforward things like great coffee beans and brew a nice warm cup of tea.

It could be that your socks are perfectly warm and fluffy. It could be for the people around you and the opportunities you have been presented with. You can attack gratitude as big or as small as you want.

Express that gratitude every single day. You can do this by saying thank you to the people around you or writing it down and keeping a gratitude journal.

A gratitude journal is a great way to monitor your progress, and if you have a day where you are struggling with things to be thankful for, you can open that up. And be reminded of everything that you are surrounded by.

Create a ritual that involves something that you are grateful for. It does not need to be a religious ritual, but just like some people say Grace before a meal, you can take a Pause before doing something you are grateful for.

Equally, if you are getting stressed out or you are about to say something that could be quite negative, pause for a moment and think about it before you speak. This can help you get further into practicing the rituals of gratitude.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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