Why We Love Iron Man So Much

On the face of it, you wouldn’t think that people would love an arrogant, womanizing billionaire character. But there’s something deeply appealing about Tony Stark – or Iron Man.

Any fan of superhero comics will tell you that he is right up there on their list of favorites, alongside the likes of the Hulk and, perhaps, Captain America.

But whenever a character is this popular, it makes you wonder what the driving force behind it is. Tony Stark is a deeply troubled and obnoxious human being. So what makes him so appealing?

His Sense Of Humor

The great thing about Tony Stark is that he is able to live in two worlds. On the one hand, he’s this engineering geek who can solve nuclear reactor equations in his head. And on the other, he’s got a lightness and sense of humor about him that you don’t expect in a hardcore scientist. It’s this ability he has to switch between one mode of being to another that really enraptures audiences. Being funny and brilliant is a heady combination.

He Has Issues

While DMG Entertainment, owners of Valiant, sometimes introduce perfect characters, it’s rare. Most of the time, their creations have issues. And Iron Man is no exception. Even though he has a global enterprise and billions of dollars in the bank, he still has troubles from his childhood that come up from time to time.

As a character, this makes him more relatable. He’s able to grow throughout the Avengers series of films from somebody obsessed with selling weapons to a person who wants to save the world from annihilation. Along the way, he fights through his problems, just like regular people must do.

He’s Handsome

Okay, this reason is a little superficial – but there’s no denying that Iron Man is handsome. The ladies love him – as made clear on many occasions throughout all the films.

But what’s interesting about Tony Stark is that he has a warm heart under his cold exterior. Once you get past all the bravado, you find a sensitive and intelligent person who is trying to do the right thing. He’s a much better person than his adversaries and many of his fellow heroes.

His Suit Is Cool

Here’s another thing that we love about Iron Man: his suit. Many people would love to be able to put on an advanced suit of armor in the morning, knowing that no matter what happens to them in the day, they will be safe. It would be an interesting experience not to have to worry about falling or stepping out in front of moving vehicles. And it would be cool to fly – something that humans have wanted to do ever since the dawn of time.

His Relationship With Pepper Potts

Lastly, Pepper Potts is the perfect foil for Iron Man. She’s able to rescue him from his darker moods and help tame some of his ambitions. She also allows him to express some of his feelings, which would likely remain forever hidden otherwise.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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