What You Need To Host A Fun Garden Party

For those who love hosting parties at home and often hold the occasion inside, why not host a party outside? The outdoor space is more freeing and social. It allows people to socialize easier and enjoy the fresh air whilst enjoying the occasion. If you are wondering how and why to host a fun garden party, keep reading.

garden partyHire a cook

Whether you are into cooking or not, the last thing you want is to be cooking whilst your guests are over. For an outdoors party, a BBQ is a good idea and you can enjoy BBQ catering who will cook up a feast for you. This means you can enjoy socializing with your guests and playing fun games whilst the delicious BBQ food is being prepared. You can rely on them to source the ingredients to. You can enjoy their ideas or offer your own. You could put on a spread of summery side dishes, meats, salads, and whatever you and your guests like.

A bar area

Any size garden can feature a bar area. Whether it be an entire outside bar or a small table with drinks on, a bar area allows guests to make or request a drink when they want one. It is also a great way to enhance the social aspect of your party. For children’s parties, a bar is a fun way for them to feel mature. While for an adult party, you could make cocktails or serve a summer punch from the comfort of your own garden.


This means flower arrangements that are cheerful, bright, and maybe a little thrown together. Think flowers or even just greenery of different heights arranged casually in mismatched mason jars and vases. Cover tables with bright, rough-hewn tablecloths and napkins. While you want to embrace the outdoors, you also want your guests to feel comfortable. The best way to do this is to create a “room” in your garden.

Lay down rugs and blankets on the ground. Put up an open tent or awning to create a shady spot (it’s not much fun to eat in the hot afternoon sun). String lights or light rows of tiki torches and candles to keep the space light after the sun sets. If you want a slightly more formal affair, you can set a dining table, but many guests will be just as happy sitting on pillows and cushions over rugs – people love the feel of a real picnic. A couple Bluetooth speakers scattered around the garden will keep the music going all day.

Games for everyone

If you’re inviting children to your garden party, make sure they will be entertained. Set aside an area of the garden with fun activities such as catch the butterfly and a paddling pool, or simply a coloring corner and some bubbles. Use the chalk to draw hopscotch on the paving or get into teams and play a game of frisbee. Or, you could play board games, hide and seek, or any game that you and your guests enjoy. Adults can join in too.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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