Vince Mira Discusses His New Album <em>El Radio</em> & The Big Release Party

Vince Mira is a singer-songwriter, performer, showman and so much more. He has a new album, “El Radio” hitting the airwaves right now. The guitarist is back with with original music produced by Can Can’s Chris Pink. Mira is well known for his voice’s unbelievable likeness to that of the legendary Johnny Cash. At age fifteen he became nationally recognized when he performed “Ring Of Fire” on the famed “Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The “El Radio” album release party will feature a fully produced video art installation, performances from a mariachi band, and as a bonus, all ticket buyers will receive a complimentary copy of the album and VIP ticket holders will receive a signed poster and access to a pre-show meet and greet with the artist.The grand event is this Friday, July 28, 2017 at FRED Wildlife Refuge. Doors open at 8pm. Get more info and tickets here. If you think you know Vince Mira, you better get down to this party and see what has to offer. He plans to blow your mind!

Vince Mira "El Radio" album art on equality365.comTell me about the new album?
“El Radio” was a long time in the making. It took about ten years. I started writing songs for it when I was sixteen. The last song on the album was actually written last year. It was a long process. It is completely different from what I have done before. It is really a departure for sure. I feel it is a good album. I am super excited about it.

You have had national media attention from appearing on “Good Morning America” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” performing Johnny Cash songs.  Was it scary to change everything and put out an album of your own original music?
I wouldn’t say it was scary but it was different. Doing all those Johnny Cash and other country songs was easy for me. I wouldn’t say I didn’t practice or anything but it was just easy. It was just something I have always been able to do. I did have original material on my first album. I wasn’t so concentrated and focused on writing original songs until after the first album. I got really into Bob Dylan. He is really one of the greatest songwriters in the world. Once I dug myself into that world, I started thinking that I wanted to be a great songwriter too. I really wanted to evolve and do my own thing. I slowly started leaving Johnny Cash and cover songs. It is exciting but also scary in a way.

How do you stay creative and motivated?
I just listen to anything and everything. I grew up on Spanish music but enjoyed listening to every time of music I could. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places. I wrote a ton of songs that didn’t make this album. As the years went by I grew up not only as a person but musically. That really affects your writing as well.

Vince Mira Album Release Party for "El Radio"Of all of the music you perform, what is your favorite song to perform live right now?
I really love performing this album, for sure. I still love all types of music but I feel this album is really me. This album really represents Vince Mira. I think everything before this was kind of a pit stop on the way here. I know I will keep growing and getting better but I am really enjoying this album. I have never had this much fun rehearsing and playing my own music. I am excited to show it to the world.

Have you started working on a new album?
Yes, totally. I have a lot of songs that didn’t make “El Radio” and am definitely moving some of them on to album number four. I have been thinking about it but right now I am focused on this release.

What have people said about “El Radio”?
I have been getting really good feedback on it, not only from close friends and local musicians but NPR, Stereo Gum and Flood Magazine have said great things. I am excited. It definitely makes you feel good.

Is there someone out there that you would really like to collaborate with?
I have always been a fan of Jack White and The White Stripes. Everything he plays is just super cool and everything he does is just really unique. If I had to pick someone, I think it would be really cool to work with Jack White.

How did your wife react when you gave her the song “True Love”?
She loved it. I actually wrote it as a poem first. I went on a run in the morning. As I was running these word just started coming into my mind. It was a long run, so I had it in my mind from beginning to end. I grabbed a pen and paper to write it all down as soon as I got back to my car. I showed it to her when I got home. She loved it because I am not really much of an emotional guy. It was definitely a surprise for her. She plays it all the time and tells people it is her song.

Is there anything you would like to tell people about the album release party at FRED Wildlife Refuge?
Definitely! It is July 28th at FRED Wildlife Refuge and it is going to be something new and definitely different from anything I have done before. It is going to be a big deal. We are inviting a lot of special guests. It is going to be awesome! I am going to go out on a limb and say that you will be impressed. It is going to be something special. Please come out and check it out!

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