Three Ways That You Could Mess Up Your Dream Job Before You Even Start Your First Day

Have you ever thought about your dream job? Have you asked yourself what you’d like to be doing in a few year’s time? Or do you have an ideal role that you want to take up in your current workplace? Whatever your situation might be, it’s never a bad idea to work towards your dream job. You could even start thinking about what your dream job is and how you can take advantage of opportunities to reach it.

But recruiting strategies are changing constantly and it’s becoming difficult to put yourself in front of a big brand name. In fact, recruitment practices are getting incredibly strict and it’s for someone to completely mess up before they even start their first day.

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at a couple of ways that you could screw up your big opportunity before you even start your first day.

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Having some kind of drugs in your system from the night before
Believe it or not, many employers will request that you take a drug test before you can work with them. This is especially important if your role is important or communicates with clients and customers. Unfortunately, even if you didn’t use any kind of drug, you might end up with a false positive that is difficult to disprove. Luckily, false positives can be prevented. In short, make absolutely sure that your system is clean before you decide to go for a drugs test and look at any potential medication that might cause a false positive.

Leaving all of your social media comments public
More and more companies are becoming tech-savvy to the point that they’ll find your social media accounts and look through your comments to see if you could be a troublemaker despite your interview or initial impressions. As such, it’s extremely important to either clean your social media profiles or make them private while you remove any comments that you don’t want your employer to see. Even if you haven’t explicitly shared your social media account with your employer, there’s always a chance that they’ll search it up themselves just to double-check the type of person that you are.

Show up late to your first day
The last thing you want to do is show up late on your first day to work. This is especially true for people that might have trouble getting to work or live far away, thus making travel times a little unpredictable. If it’s your first day at work and you’re required to come, make sure you make it in as easy as possible without wasting time. Nobody wants to see their new recruit show up late to work. Of course, if you have a legitimate excuse then make sure you try to get some proof. For instance, if your excuse for being late is due to public transport delays, then try to capture some evidence. This will make it easier to tell your manager and they’ll have a better understanding of the situation.

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