Susan Surftone Talks New Music, Elvis, Debbie Harry And The Beatles

Susan Surftone Talks New Music, Elvis, Debbie Harry And The Beatles. Surftone went to law school, became an FBI agent and now a recording artist, talk about an achiever. She talks about seeing Elvis at three years old and just being hooked on his music and style since. Her new single “Up Down And All Around” is released and ready for your listening pleasure. Take a listen right here.

Earle Dutton: Tell me a little a little about your new single?
Susan Surftone: I think it is a departure from what I usually do since I am every song. This is the first time for that. I think this album reflects more of the true me. It is a little rock’n roll. Even the photos are more of the true me. There has always been a little inner Elvis in me. I think it has finally gotten out. I think it is a good snapshot of who I am at this time in my life.

Susan Surftone on

Susan Surftone, recording artist and musician

What made you decide to actually sing on this one?
It was kind of a “now or never” moment. I was either going to do it now or it was never gonna happen. It was very similar to when I was playing in bands when I was twenty eight and working for the FBI. I am usually one to take that calculated leap when I reach one of those points.

How does it feel to be compared to Debbie Harry?
I like Debbie Harry. I have never met but I have always liked her music. I liked Blondie when they first came out. I think I was in law school at the time. They were playing up at a local place. It was right before “Parallel Lines” broke. I didn’t go see them and I have kicked myself ever since. I think their songwriting is great and I love her vocals. It is an honor to be compared to her.

Who were you musical influences when you were growing up?
My first one was Elvis Presley. My mother took me to see “Jailhouse Rock” when I was three years old. Something must have just clicked in my. I was a fan and completely hooked. I got one of his records when I was seven. I would run around the house with my collar up and play the guitar on a tennis racket. I just wanted to be Elvis Presley. Then The Beatles came to America in 1964. I loved George Harrison. He was the lead guitar player and quiet like me. I knew I really needed guitar lessons. I just wanted to be Elvis and George. I was very lucky that my mother was a rock’n roll fan even though she was from the big band era. There was a lot of musical encouragement at home. I got a great instructor and went from there.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
Well actually, Debbie Harry. I think we would sound good together. I also think there is a lot of musical compatibility. I also like Dwight Yoakum. I like his songs. I like what they are about. You have a little hint of rock’n roll in them. I like his message and his feel.

Don’t forget to learn more about Susan Surftone right here and check out her new single here.


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