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What is branding? As a small business, you may find yourself in competition with large corporations that have loyal customers and infinite marketing resources. Therefore, you must discover ways to distinguish yourself—for example, by implementing an effective brand-building approach of your own.

A brand is more than just a well-known company name and brand emblem that helps you stand out. Everyone who interacts with your business will form an impression of you based on their interactions with your brand. This includes both the impressions that you can control and the ones that cannot.

How can you build positive branding for your company?

Brand Identity

The imagery, language, and experience you use to communicate your brand identity to the public are all part of your brand identity. Your brand strategy will influence how you communicate your identity and align with your goal to have the maximum possible impact.

Your brand’s aspects of identity should be applied consistently across all channels of distribution. It is the process by which your company becomes recognizable.

Your brand imagery includes the colors you use, your logo, patterns and designs, marketing messaging, the graphic used in advertising, and packaging and products used to improve brand identity.


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Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is how you bring awareness to your brand and include all of your marketing and advertising activities, both direct and indirect. There are many different ways you can market your brand in 2021. Effective brand marketing can be achieved with the help of marketing experts such as Joey Armstrong to assist you in an effective campaign that is consistent and true to your brand values.

Marketing includes; your website and the user experience, SEO, social media postings, emails, and PPC (Pay Per Click), to name a few. These actions contribute to what will ultimately be part of one larger brand marketing campaign that needs to follow through on the same principles and messaging to enforce your brand.


Quality over quantity is a great way to support your branding message and company ethos. Put bluntly, if you sell products or services that are below what the consumer expects, then chances are this will reflect poorly on your company and result in you not only attracting new customers but losing the ones you have. And repeat or long-time customers and clients are the keys to successful branding. After all, if people keep coming back time and time again, this speaks volumes about you and your company and what new customers can expect from you.


Online reviews are prevalent. Many people look for and also leave reviews to alert others to both good and bad service. Any review that is left for you online will form part of your branding, and anything less than perfect will be a dent in your reputation and a chink meaning people will form reservations based on this feedback. As with the above point, you want to provide high-quality service and products to ensure that no one has any reason to complain, and you can support what you do and your branding with genuine customer reviews.

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Eric Andrews-Katz

Eric Andrews-Katz

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