Starla’s Starcast May 2017

Well it looks like Gemini is up to bat this go round. I would say pick a team but the Twins might choose different sides and then where would we be. Starla’s Starcast May 2017 is chalked full of info. There are a lot of planetary trends happening or about to happen that we won’t see again in our lifetimes. Get out and enjoy the weather but tune in to check your latest horoscope here.

Gemini Starlas StarcastGemini
May 21-June 20

The merry month of May is upon us. Well, you mostly. Mars is in your sign for the first time in two years, and your ambition, energy, and confidence know no bounds. In other words, you’re full of yourself. And why not? You’re the boss and you love it. In your agile, brilliant, smarty pants mind, it’s thumbs-up or thumbs-down, like the days of yore with the gladiators. Your minions—and that includes everyone but yourself–must grovel and pander for your approval. Best not let it go to your head.

Too late. It already has.

May 19th sparkles. Go forth and dance in its radiance. Belt out a song. If you can’t carry a tune, lip sync it. But who really gives a la-la?

Your ruler Mercury returns its full power by May 20th, just in time for the Sun’s move into Gemini on the 21st. The world is yours, at least until the new moon in Gemini on the 25th.  To get the most out of this lunar occasion, you may have to learn to communicate in a more positive way. Hint: don’t dominate the conversation; try listening—for a change– to what others have to say. Think of this as a birthday cake. Blow out all the candles, and your wishes will come true. Love and leisure should follow.

May 30th comes with romance and a social romp. Mars and Uranus are hosting this lovely day. You might plan a little trip over the Memorial Day weekend.  Say goodbye to May, and prepare to welcome June, which is packed with planetary activity.

Your planetary ruler Venus moves into Taurus and your 12th house of spirituality, secrets and fears on June 6th– D-Day–and stays through July 4th.  There’s a possibility you have a secret love—or several. Tsk, tsk, naughty one.

Mercury also enters Gemini on D-Day, where he will reside through June 21st. So you now have sun, Mars and Mercury in your own sign. That’s a lot of hot air. Used correctly, it can be powerful.

On June 9th, the full moon shines in optimistic Sag and your seventh house of relationships, opposing your sun sign.  Gemini the twin squabbles with himself, while Sagie the centaur shoots bow after fiery bow into the darkness, all the time aiming for truth.

This full moon can be deceptive and complicated, depending on your perspective.  It bounces between acceptance and denial. Between optimism and restlessness. Between words and action. It’s like a Hamlet moment: To speak or not to speak. And you know what happened to him. Of if you don’t, suffice it to say, it was not pretty/it didn’t end well. So mind your P’s and Q’s.

As you head into Mid-June, there’s good news and bad news. The good news? Jupiter goes direct on the 10th in Libra and your 5th house of frolic and true love.

The bad? [grimace] our dear leader’s 70th bday is June 14th. To celebrate, you could fire somebody. Too bad it can’t be him. On that same day Mercury squares Neptune, so expect our dear leader to spew even more lies. Better option: June 14th is also Flag Day, so grab a stick and wave something around, preferably not your underwear. That is, if you wear any.

On June 16th, Neptune the illusionist turns retrograde in Pisces and your 10th house of fame, fortune and career, where it will stay for five months. When your sought-after limelight beckons, don’t hide in the shadows. But don’t go all Sunset Boulevard-weird either.  Get real about the sacrifices you need to make if you want your career dreams to become realities/come true.

Cancer Starlas StarcastCancer
June 21-July 22

Chances are, you may have RGF–retrograde fatigue, or perhaps even. PTRF–post-traumatic retrograde fatigue.  If it had been possible, you should have stayed in your shell until May 18 or 20th, when Venus and Mercury returned to full speed ahead. There’s no nice way to say it. Before those two dates, life was a bitch and out of balance.  And you have deep feelings which can pull down into emotional quicksand or cause you to go to extremes. You could explode like a ballistic missile or resort to kinky sexual activities to satisfy your inner pervert.

Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto were all retrograde in April and part of May, so a slew of feminine energy was flooding the atmosphere. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. But you need masculine energy too. Together the two create the harmony and balance that supports us through life.

Jupiter goes direct on June 10th in your fourth house of home and family, but you will still have to deal with Saturn’s retrograde in your fifth house of true love and frolic until it goes direct on August 25th. Jupiter retro helps you recognize what may be out of control and how to fix it, while teacher Saturn overhauls your self-confidence and makes you take responsibility for your actions…

Pluto is still retro in Capricorn and your seventh house of relationships; he won’t be direct until September 28th, but he may not stir up too much trouble.  He just wants to transform whatever and whoever he touches.  Of course, once he makes up his mind, you won’t have a choice. Neptune the illusionist goes retro in your emotional cousin Pisces on June 16th.  His backward motion may actually help you find clarity.

With Mars in Gemini and your 12th house of secrets, hiding in your shell until you’re ready to share your thoughts and ideas with the world is actually a good idea. Save the presentation until Mars enters Cancer on June 4th for six weeks.

Saturn is discipline; Uranus is unpredictable, so they seldom get along. And that is why May 18th was special and quite rare–Saturn trined Uranus. And the two of them will do it again on November 11th.  This won’t happen again until 2047. So, we’ve got genius Uranus the maven of change and surprise, and rigid Saturn who would punish you for getting out of line. Uranus is in your 10th house of career and Saturn, in your sixth house of work. This bodes well for your career, Crabcake. .And an agent/partner is ready to assist.

The 19th will also be a banner day for you. Reach out and hug your family. Or if they live far way, invite friends to dinner and hug them all.

Venus will square Pluto on the 25th – they don’t always get along. However, they could spark a raw sexuality. But beware. It reeks of “Fatal Attraction,” so keep your bunny hidden. And resist the temptation of going on Tinder and Grindr, unless, as one astro sage put it, you want crazy sex with someone who is actually crazy.

Besides you’ll be busy dealing with the new moon in Gemini, and passionate and volatile Mars is tussling with Saturn discipline, who wants to add his two cents—better make that a quarter. There’s a plethora of dirty looks going down. So, if you have a whip, keep it handy.

You should have some fabulous career days. Venus is in your 10th house of fame and fortune.  And May 30th may have a surprise in store for you—and it’s about money. On the 31st, Mercury trines Pluto, which may open up an opportunity to talk/meet with power honchos.

When Mars moves into Cancer on June 4th to stay until July 20th, your life will go lickety-split. Action begets more action.  You’ll need to scurry to meet your professional deadlines but to you’ll want to cavort about in society with romantic interludes.

The Strawberry full moon in Sag on the 9th time means it’s time to make shortcake, cobbler and make jam, and Jupiter goes direct in Libra on the 10th. If you’ve been squabbling with your family or delaying renovations, you can make peace. If they’re reluctant, stuff them full of shortcake. And if you absolutely can’t stand them, sprinkle a little Visine in their coffee. That should keep them out of your hair—and hopefully your house–for days.

On June 16th, Neptune the illusionist turns retrograde in mutable Pisces and your 8th house of spirituality, sexual fantasy, and other people’s money, not necessarily in that order.  It will stay there for five months. You might ask yourself if you are a giver or a taker. Or not.  Longing may be involved, be it money or passion. Rumor has it that the 8th house rules things beyond your control, and it is the most obsessive house in your chart.  But it also has a healing effect. It’s time to spill the beans about what bothers you. Stop pursuing people who continually let you down. Unless, of course, you are descending a mountain together.

Leo Starlas StarcastLeo
July 23-August 22

Your career takes centerstage now that Venus and Mercury have regained their full power, which tales a couple of weeks after they go direct. For Venus, that was May 18th, and Mercury followed suit on the 20th.

In career matters, victory is eminent. Venus blesses the 19th and urges you to state your case, despite the folks who would like to sabotage your plans. Obviously, they have underestimated your leonine clout. Mars is now in Gemini and urges you to take a risk and explore new territory. He’s lighting up your 11th house of friends, associates, and networking possibilities. Your Leo charm opens many doors. People recognize a powerhouse when they see one. So tell them to follow you, or get out of the way

Uranus and Saturn are cheering you on. Uranus, Mr. Surprise, in Aries trined Professor Saturn in Sag on the 18th, a rare cosmic event. They will do it again on November 11th, but 30 years will pass before their next trine.

The new moon in Gemini, also in your 11th house, adds panache—as if you needed any more.  You may want to join new organizations or headline a charity event. Or just have a huge party for a few hundred of your nearest and dearest.

Think about upgrading your technology to tout your talents and circulate your new projects and ideas. If you’re an actor, you’re in great Leo company, such as Helen Mirren, Robert De Niro, Viola Davis, Robert Redford, and Angela Bassett, to name a few.

Of course, you want to know about romance. Venus is in Aries, another fire sign, is still in your ninth house, encouraging trips away from the hoi polloi. You may want to escape your entourage and relax in some sunny retreat where the air is fresh and company, fresher. If you’re in a relationship, Saturn may have added stress. He believes in separation. Don’t do anything rash. Wait and see how the wind blows during August’s lunar (August 7) and solar (August 21) eclipses.

June is a jungle of planetary action—well, you ARE a lion. On June 4th Mars enters Cancer and your 12th house of secrets and spirituality. Things are going on behind closed doors. On June 6th (D-Day), Venus moves into sensible Taurus and your 10th house of fame and fortune, and Mercury moves into Gemini and your 11th house of friends and associations. Keep mingling, and focus on your goals.

The Strawberry full moon beams in Sag on your fourth house of home and family on June 9th, and a day later lucky Jupiter goes direct in Libra and your third house of short trips and communication. Mercury cuddles with Jupiter on the 13th and scuffles with Neptune on the 14th, so communications may fuzzy and confusing.

Then comes June 16th, when Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces and your sixth house.  Oddly enough, this retrograde may clear up questions about your work and health. Your pets are in your sixth house as well. That arf-arf or meow-meow may actually mean something.

Virgo Starlas StarcastVirgo
August 23-September 22

Breathe a sigh of relief. You were hanging by a rope during your ruler Mercury’s retrograde in your eighth house of other people’s money.  He went direct on May 3 and reentered earthy Taurus and your ninth house of publishing and travel on the 16th. But his power and energy won’t be up to speed until May 20th. Then you can deal with the fallout from his retro turn.

On the 18th, Uranus trined Saturn in a rare astro aspect. They will do so again on November 11th, but won’t trine again until 2047. This special time favors real estate, whether you’re buying or selling. It’s the right time to dabble.

As May moves forward, excitement grows. With Mercury now in your earthy pal, Taurus, until June 4th, expect good news on May 19th. Tout your accomplishments on the 20th, and be ready for the accolades that come with the new moon in Gemini on the 25th.  Jupiter is in Libra and your second house of earned income and he’s overseeing the offers as they come rolling in.

Fiery Mars plans to abscond with the planetary welcome wagon and tangle with Saturn on the 29th. Try to stay out of his way on that day. Keep up the hard work you’re known for and ignore the warrior planet even though he’s storming through your 10th house of fame and fortune. He may huff and puff, but if you stay focused, he can’t stop the momentum building up in your career. For Virgo, May is the biggest month of 2017. You could even start doing business with foreign entities.

Before he moves into Cancer and your 11th house on June 4th, Mars starts behaving again and makes friendly overtures to Uranus, the planetary CEO of surprises, so schedule any talks about money on the 30th and not before then.

May was great for your career, but if you’re wondering about romance, June is the month for you, especially if you are single. .

As mentioned earlier, Mars enters Cancer and your 11th house of friends and associates on June 4th for a six-week stay. And on June 6th, Venus enters Taurus, your earthy pal, and settles in your 10th house of fame and fortune. Not only does she rule Taurus, but she is also in charge of love and finances. Could be you’ll meet someone with money and fall madly in love.  No promises; just possibilities. Also on June 6th, your ruler Mercury moves into Gemini, a sign that always has something to say. Virgos are brilliant communicators. Your only flaw?  You can dole out criticism, but you can’t always take it. But you already know that.

The moon waxes full in Sag on the ninth. It’s the Strawberry moon, so it’s off to a strawberry bed to pluck fresh fruit. Or you could just throw a quart of berries on your bed and your lover, then go a-picking. They will probably leave stains, but it’s for a good cause—you!

The 10th through the 12th has karmic vibes. You could run into—or over—people from your past lives. You may get what you deserve, and that’s all we can say at this time.

June 13th, Mercury makes out with Jupiter, but on June 14th, Mercury squares Neptune.  The first aspect invites social banter. The latter invites distortion and confusion, causing sticky situations. Fibbing and drinking are not encouraged.

Now comes the 16th when Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces and your seventh house. You’re probably saying “uh-oh,” but you would be wrong. This combination may bring clarity to relationships.  Perhaps a breakthrough in therapy sessions. Or a collaborative burst of creativity. Or if you have a skeleton in your closet, time to bring it out. Or as some PR folks call it, the old bare and share.

Libra Starlas StarcastLibra
September 23-October 22

Lucky Jupiter is still in the home sign, and lover-ly Venus is in Aries and your seventh house of relationships. And it calls to you . . . l’amour, l’amour.  And money and more money.

Venus, your ruling planet, has been withholding from you because she was in retrograde. This caused you to be over-critical of yourself, and you tried to control everyone in your life. Thank goodness her retro ended on April 15th. Still, it took until May 18th for the love goddess to come to her airy senses and recoup her full harmonious power.  Now you’re back to a mirror-mirror mood with no poison apple in sight. Yes, it’s true love.

With yourself.

Mercury was also retrograde until May 3rd. He has since moved into Taurus and your eighth house of other people’s money, but he won’t be back to his airy self until May 20th.  Mars is now in Gemini, and he’s urging you to expand your realm.  You sometimes agonize over decisions. You tend to weigh the options over and over and over. So much so that Mars may decide to spank your gluteus maximus.

An amazing aspect unfolded on the 18th. Uranus trined Saturn, which benefits home, property, real estate and partnerships–romantic or business. Both planets move slowly, so their vibes will linger. They will do it again on November 11th. That’s their last trine until 2047.

Hopefully you’ll kick up your heels on the 19th.  With Venus and Jupiter throwing kisses to each other across the Cosmos, it’s the perfect day to let your emotions run wild. And that calls for champagne—Cristal, of course. Only the best for luxury-loving Libra. And while you’re at it, take a chance on love.  You’re happy, so why not make someone else happy?  Of course, they will have to be beautiful and mannerly.  No cave person for you, unless you are willing to give them a make-over.

Despite the positive possibilities of the new moon in Gemini on the 25th, it could be a bad day for love and money. Venus squares Pluto, and it will take a few days to recover from that, most likely until the end of the month.

If you’re thinking of traveling, do so before June 4th, while Mars is still in Gemini and your ninth house of long distance travel. You could use a break from all that talk about money. Choose an exotic location that is beautiful but has all the amenities.  Roughing it is not your style. You want to mingle with a chic crowd–people who reek of elegance and bask in the lap of luxury.

Passion turns sweet when Venus makes out with Uranus on June 3rd. Three days later she moves into Taurus and your eighth house of other people’s money and torrents of passion. A financial boost is possible through a partner. Sex can be intense, but since both Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus, it shouldn’t be a problem.

On the same day—June 6th, Mercury moves into Gemini. It’s another ninth house boon. The full moon in Sag on June 9th may kick up some angst, since Saturn in Sag puts up obstacles. He will get his comeuppance on the 15th, when Sun in Gemini opposes him. Anyway, Libra goes direct in your first house on the 10th and changes the emphasis to hopes and dreams.

Mercury can’t make up his mind. On the 13th, he trines lucky Jupiter, and then he turns around on the 14th and squares Neptune. The God of the seas could care less. He’s raising his trident and going retrograde in Pisces and your sixth house on the 16th. The next five months could overflow with creativity or connect with your personal demons. It’s up for grabs.

Scorpio Starlas StarcastScorpio
October 23-November 21

Emotions will be up and down this month. Mercury went direct, and reentered earthy Taurus on the 16th. Since then he’s been trying to clear the air, but he won’t recoup his full power until May 20th. That’s when the sun moves into Gemini, and heighten your restless nature. You seldom stay on one channel; you surf until you find something that doesn’t bore you.  And you can be quite cynical. Your passions engage quickly, but it often takes a miracle to sustain them.

One of your rulers—you have two—Mars, in your eighth house of other people’s money and intense passion, is encouraging you to spend beyond your means. This is about money, not orgasms. And Saturn in your second house of earned income seems to have frozen your finances, or at least, he has been sitting on your earning power for the last two and half years during his tour in Sagittarius.  It seems that stodgy Saturn is against instant gratification. But come December 19th, he’ll be out of your hair.  It will be a ‘good riddance” day for you.

Meanwhile, Uranus and Saturn had get-along moment on the 18th in a remarkable and very rare trine. They will do it again on November 11th. Then they’re going their own ways until 2047, when they will trine again. You may unaware power brokers have their eyes on you. You will see evidence of that during eclipse season in August—especially after the total solar eclipse in Leo on August 21st.

Although the new moon in Gemini might usher in extra income, your temper will be pushed to the limit. You’ll be brooding and seething. Which is quite normal for you. Hopefully, logic will prevail and prevent any homicide you might be considering. (Have you tried a dart board?).  While collaboration and comprise might avoid a misunderstanding, you are loath to do so. Maybe you should disappear until the end of the month, hoping the harpies will give up.

If you decide to go underground on the 27th & 28th, you could spend the time shaping a new project.  Go somewhere near the water or find a cottage in the woods that’s close to a lake. It needn’t be a Thoreau moment. But tranquility and the beauty of nature would welcome you. Romance could blossom at this time. In fact, you might invite a romantic interest to join you. You could always tie him to a tree if he gets on your nerves. After you can apply duct tape to his mouth, of course.

Contracts may need to be signed at the end of May. Your other ruler Pluto in practical Capricorn could endow your intuition.

On June 4th, your ruler Mars enters Cancer and your ninth house of publishing and long-distance traveling. June 6 (D-Day) will be a busy day. Venus the love goddess enters Taurus and your seventh house, and Mercury enters Gemini and your eighth house of other people’s money and torrents of passion. You’re probably getting the picture.

The full moon in Sag beams on the 9th, Cole Porter’s birthday. It’s the Strawberry full moon, so perhaps you can pick fruit while singing “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” followed by “You’re the Top”

Jupiter goes direct in Libra and your 12th house of meditation and secrets on June 10th.  Maybe you could share one of yours during a hush-hush business meeting. Mercury flirts with Jupiter on the 13th, and then slaps Neptune around on the 14th. It’s also our dear leader’s birthday. With any luck, Mercury will slap him around.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for. Another retrograde. This time Neptune goes retro in your cousin Pisces and your 5th house. Let the frolicking begin.

Sagittarius Starlas StarcastSagittarius
November 22-December 21

May keeps you busy. Venus went direct in Aries on April 15th and Mercury went direct in Taurus on May 3rd. But they were depleted of their powers and influence, so they didn’t reach their full throttle until May 18th (Venus) and May 20th (Mercury). You survived March and April, two of the most difficult months of 2017.

Mars is in your opposite sign Gemini, and this aggravates your anxiety and temper. You are bound to lose it at least once in the last half of May. Thing is, after you explode, you forget all about it. No pouting or brooding. That may not be the case for those around you. If your cheerful nature doesn’t deflect their ire, tell them to hit the road.

Mercury is in sensible Taurus and your sixth house, so you should be coming up with some excellent ideas. Your enthusiasm is hard to resist, and it attracts others on May 19th.  However. the new moon, also in your opposite sign Gemini, may bring up some actions that you would rather not relive. And with Mars in your opposing sign at the same time, relationship tensions are apt to erupt, both in romance and business.

Sagies wear their hearts on their sleeves. They love to argue—or should we say debate—and relish the chance to challenge others. It’s not mean-spirited, but it’s certainly lively. That’s why they make great defense lawyers and marvelous actors. They are always onstage.

When it comes to partnerships, feisty Mars in Gemini and your seventh house of relationships is not the easiest transit to live with. And he won’t move on until June 4th. He’s igniting partnerships disputes, while dealing you the losing hand .You’re going to have to fake complicity—for now.

With Jupiter’s assistance, the new moon in Gemini might serve a purpose. The lucky planet may help you smooth out the wrinkles. He’s your ruling planet. And he loves to help people. But if he’s involved, money should follow.

After the full moon and if you’re in a committed relationship, there’s a good chance you could find yourself engaged or married. You could also connect with a better business partner. A new moon, even with its flaws, always opens a new door. Be it a new partner or project, go for it and don’t look back.

If you’re single, the partnership BS won’t affect you at all. Venus is in Aries and your fifth house of frolic and true love.  And if you have children, prepare for a tickle fest of laughter and fun.

Single or involved, May 30th will radiate joy and love. Mars and Uranus have demanded it. And Venus and Uranus will join in. What a wonderful way to end the month.

June is busting loose with planetary action. Venus moves into Taurus and your sixth house of work and health on the 6th (D-Day) where she resides through July 4th. The same day (D-Day), Mercury enters Gemini and your seventh house of relationships, where he will stay through June 21st. The Strawberry full moon appears June 9th in your optimistic home sign.  And lucky Jupiter goes direct on the 10th in Libra and blesses your11th house of friends and associates.

Mercury can’t make up his mind. On the 13th, he trines Jupiter, then he turns around on the 14th and squares Neptune. Either way it’s a lot of hot air.

On June 16th, Neptune the illusionist turns retrograde in Pisces and your fourth house of home and family, where he will stay for five months. You might think family life would be muddled and confusing. Like Sporting Life’s song in “Porgy and Bess,”—“It ain’t necessarily so.”

Capricorn Starlas StarcastCapricorn
December 22-January 19

In May, Jupiter reigns over your 10th house of fame and fortune. And you deserve every accolade and benefit it offers. There may be a slight tendency to become over-confident and arrogant. So don’t destroy that stellar reputation by doing so.

As ever, you are incredibly busy at work and new opportunities keep coming. Mars breathes fire into Gemini and your sixth house of work. And with Pluto the transformer overseeing your birth sign and your first house—which he will do until 2023—he takes away what you don’t need. You can’t fight him; you will lose any war you wage against him. But he has the power to change your life from inside out, so have faith and venture forth. FYI: Pluto is in retrograde until September 28th and you will feel his impact in your personal life.

In astro chat, you may not like being compared to a goat. But these agile darlings can climb mountains all the way to the top. Goats are hopping their way to popularity due to Facebook videos. And there is even such a thing as goat yoga. The goats bleep while they hop on your back. As yet there is no name for that position. Maybe it will catch on in Switzerland.

Uranus the revolutionary trined your ruler, Saturn the traditionalist, on May 18th. This is a rare event and nigh on impossible. While Saturn circles the earth in 29 years, it takes Uranus 84 years to do the same. They will trine once more on November 11th, and then it will be 30 more years before it happens again. Saturn is in optimistic Sagittarius and your 12th house of spirituality and secrets, while Uranus is in fiery Aries and your fourth house of home and family.

On the 19th Jupiter in Libra and your tenth house of career and success opposes Venus in Aries and your fourth house of home and family. It’s a winning combination that propels you into the limelight, which is good for business and your ego. However, a few days later on the 25th, Venus opposes Pluto, which is not a winning combo. Try not to show your disappointment by tensing up. Luckily, the new moon beams in Gemini on the same day, adding more projects to your workload. You’ll be too busy to make a fuss. Try working from home, where hopefully, there will be fewer interruptions. Think of it as a glass half full.  And do take a break once in a while. It’s good for the soul, especially when it involves a vintage wine.

Mars move into Cancer and your seventh house of relationships on June 4th.  And on the 6th, Venus moves into earthy Taurus and your fifth house of frolic and true love. And that is definitely a winning combination.  That same day, Mercury moves into Gemini and your sixth house of work. You know what that means.

Then the full moon joins Mercury in Gemini on the 9th. And a day later on the 10th, Libra goes direct in your 10th house of fame and fortune. More business, more money, more photo ops. You can smile all the way to the bank.

Mercury trines good-luck Jupiter on the 13th, and the next day, the airy intellectual squares Neptune, who is so flaky, he barely notices. And the day after that (the 15th), the Gemini Sun opposes your ruler Saturn in 12th house. And the day after that (the 16th). Neptune goes retrograde in emotional Pisces in your third house of short trips and communication. When you hear the word “retrograde,” you immediately go into defense mode.  Not so fast, Capie. This retro may bring out the truth and nothing but the true. No problem, unless you have something to hide.

Do you?

Aquarius Starlas StarcastAquarius
January 20-February 18

Last month, your hands were tied and the planetary waiting game was frustrating, if not intolerable. But now that love goddess Venus and airy Mercury have ended their retrogrades and revived their energy levels, surely the month of May belongs to Aquarius. Things have settled down at home, and communication is back on target, new ideas are flourishing, and with Mars in your fifth house, true love is just a frolic away.

On the 19th, lucky Jupiter in Libra and your ninth house of publishing and long distance travel, and the financial whiz Venus in your 3rd house of short trips and communication are overflowing with razzle dazzle.

Now add the Sun in Gemini and your fifth house on the 20th, your brilliance, spontaneity, and charm are turning you into a star. Of course, you always knew this was your destiny, but it was nice to let your followers know. If your friends are jealous, be gentle with them. They can’t help it if you are smarter than they are. A few nods and uh-huhs should reassure them.

2017 is your year to shine. Opportunities are not only knocking, they’re lining up at your door and innovative theories are merrily tripping off your tongue.

Your two planetary rulers, Uranus and Saturn showed off for you on the 18th. They are working together in a rare trine. It’s the perfect time to show off your brilliance. Uranus encourages genius, risk-taking and rebellion, and then adds a few surprises. Sometimes he causes chaos and runs political interference—please help us, airy one–but he’s always looking to the future.  Saturn encourages caution, stability and structure. They will trine again on November 11th. Then they will go back to their regular orbs until 2047, when they will trine again.

You’re in the mood for love, and Mars plans to add sexy sizzle to your persona, whether you are single or attached. The new moon in Gemini fans the flames of romance, while Jupiter watches over you and directs happiness your way.  You’re sure to turn heads.

May 30th will be fabulous for you. Mars and Uranus are planning a get-together in your honor and their sparks will fly.

June is all planetary hustle and bustle. Mars moved into Cancer and your sixth house of work on June 4th. And Venus moves into Taurus and your fourth house of home and family on the 6th (D-Day) where she remains through July 4th. The same day (D-Day), Mercury enters Gemini and your fifth house of fun, frolic and true love, where he will stay through June 21st. The Strawberry full moon appears June 9th in 11th house of friends and associates. And Jupiter, gift giver, goes direct on the 10th in Libra and your nine house of international travel and publishing.

Mercury can’t make up his mind where to be. On the 13th, he trines Jupiter, then he turns around on the 14th and squares Neptune, the illusionist.

On June 16th, Neptune goes retrograde in emotional Pisces and your second house of earned money, where he will stay for five months. Your first thought is that your finances will be awry. Well, maybe they will, or maybe they won’t.   Either way, the Cosmos advices, it’s a chance to get real about finances. And stop shopping as an escape mechanism. You’ll just have to return what you buy. Of course, you might exchange it for another frippery. So you’ll have to go back again. This could go on and on. Better yet, find a creative way to increase your income. Robbing a bank is probably out.

Pisces Starlas StarcastPisces
February 19-March 20

Last month was one of the worst you have experienced. As an emotional waste basket, you’ve survived many a bad patch. But this time, both money houses were under siege, and you’re still dealing with the fallout. Several planets were in retrograde mood, and one thing after another after another went south and so did your emotions. So when May arrived, you felt like singing the Sondheim song, “I’m still here.”

The Sun in earthy Taurus and your third house of communication urges you to speak out about whatever is bothering you. If you can’t find a willing audience, tell it to a pet. And no blurting without taking a breath—it’s not a verbal race.  Whatever you do, don’t launch a pity party. Get out the cannabis gummies and chill out. Hopefully, AG Jeff Sessions won’t get wind of it.

Now that Mercury the thinker and Venus the lover are direct and have recouped their energy, you can move forward with your goals. That is, if you have any. You don’t have to achieve them all at once.

For the last five years—it feels like 50—you’ve been on a financial roller coaster. On the 18th, two big league planets, Saturn and Uranus, trined each other on your behalf. Saturn is in your 10th house of fame, fortune, and recognition, and Uranus in your second house of money. They can make a difference.

Professor Saturn has been schooling you in structure and persistence for the last three years, and you are about to graduate with honors in December.  Now here comes that wild and crazy planet Uranus. He’s adding innovation to your training. These two seldom come together, but they will do so again on November 11th. After that, you’ll have to wait until 2047.

Venus in Aries and your second house of income makes you impulsive and foolish with your finances. Luckily, Mercury is in Taurus and your third house of short trips and communication. He’s on hand to ground you. Mars is in Gemini and your fourth house of home and family, where he will remain until June 4th. And he’s kicking around a few dustballs, which should encourage you to do your spring housecleaning or rearrange the furniture which always cheers you up. Invite friends for dinner; then you’ll have to clean and dust.

Although the gay icon Quentin Crisp once advised his fans not to worry about cleaning, He said that after five or ten years, it won’t bother you.

The new moon on the 25th beams in Gemini and your fourth house of home and family may bring changes. Hopefully, they will be positive. New moons always bring new opportunities.

If you need money for your projects, reach out to one of your planetary rulers good-luck Jupiter, who’s in Libra and your eighth house of other people’s money and unleashed passion. But the world’s oldest profession is probably not an option.

On Tuesday, May 30th, Mars will reach out to your Uranus, the master of surprises, who is basking in your second house of earned income.  If the end of the month brings obstacles, knock them down. But gently, sweet Pisces. Gently.

Jupiter in Libra will rendezvous with the Sun in Gemini on June 3rd. As they put their airy signs together, a new source of money could find its way to you.  On June 4th, Mars enters your compatible cousin Cancer and your fifth house of fun, frolic and true love. This could be the start of something big. Maybe you can write about it.

And Venus moves into grounded Taurus on the 6th (D-Day) where she remains through July 4th. The same day, Mercury enters Gemini and your fourth house of home and family, where he will stay through June 21st. The Strawberry full moon appears June 9th in your10th house of fame and fortune –woohoo! And your ruler Jupiter goes direct on the 10th in Libra and your eighth house of money and sex. All better to please you, sensuous Pisces.

Mercury can’t make up his mind where he should be. On the 13th, he trines Jupiter, then he turns around on the 14th and squares Neptune, the illusionist.

On June 16th, your other planetary ruler Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces and your first house, where he will stay for five months. Look deep into your soul and see the truth that is waiting there. You are psychic, Pisces, so don’t deceive yourself and subvert this moment. You have a wonderful chance to clarify the meaning in your life. As Sondheim lyrics confirm, “Good times and bum times. I’ve seen them all, and, my dear, I’m still here.”

And so are you.

Aries Starlas StarcastAries
March 21-April 19


You have been through two difficult months, especially where money is concerned.  You’ll feel like singing the Money song from “Cabaret.” Wave goodbye to delays and look to the future. Now that Mercury and Venus have settled down after their retrogrades, you can move ahead with important projects that have been simmering on the back burner, although if you are signing papers, it’s best to wait until June 3rd.  If you’ve been lusting after new electronics, it’s safe to buy them now.

With your planetary ruler Mars in airy Gemini, you no longer feel smothered by Taurus vibes. In fact, you should feel lighthearted and breezy. And once the sun enters Gemini on May 20th, the focus is communication.

On May 18th, cautious Saturn in Sag trined unpredictable and genius Uranus in Aries for the first time in 13 years. They’ll do it again on November 11th.  After that, then they won’t trine again for 30 years, Saturn is the teacher; Uranus is the innovator. Together they spark a wonderful burst of creativity. Saturn has goals; Uranus has ideas. Together they can make order out of chaos.

Mr. Unpredictable Uranus entered your homesign in March 2010 and plans to stay there for another year or so. FYI: His visit to Aries won’t happen again in your lifetime; it takes him 84 years to make his planetary rounds. He’s a rabble-rouser, a whirlwind of energy, spinning around in your sunsign. You can’t ignore him, you can’t slow him down, and you can’t stop him. The more you resist, the more he whirls, so don’t even try. On a positive note, he’s sparking a personal revolution of change and freedom and hopefully, creativity.  On a negative note, you may have to deal with a bit of turmoil and tumult. At least it won’t be boring—the bane of your existence.

Meanwhile, Venus nestles in your sign all of May, and she has a magical rendezvous/interlude with Jupiter on the 19th.  It’s a day to indulge without over-indulging. Which could be a problem for bold Rams.  But a fantastic problem!

The new moon in Gemini on the 25th emphasizes the importance of diplomacy—no Ramrodding, please —in all communications and discussions. Just gird your loins (if that is possible) and get through it. If there’s discord, speak softly and forget about your stick—for now.

The new moon also stirs up your restless nature. If you’ve been thinking about travel, late May or early June would be a good time to do so. Grab your partner—if you have one—and head for the hills—aka a mountain top or somewhere the view is spectacular. Rekindle your love as you admire the vista. If you’ve never made love among the clouds, try it. And if you have done so, do it again. Of course, if you’re surrounded by snow, your tush may freeze. Think how much fun you can have thawing it out.

May 28th, Mars faces off against Saturn—roadblocks and obstacles galore. Good thing it only lasts a day or two. But Mars will have a sweet moment with unpredictable Uranus on the 30th. Spontaneity beckons. And so does romance.  Don’t sit home and fume over times you didn’t get your way.  Buy a new outfit—man and woman, the latest trend is the romper.  Whatever! Just get out and bask in your popularity, especially if you are single. Mr. Right Now could come along.

Time for a few musical comedy metaphors. June is busting out all over—a nod to Rodgers and Hammerstein–with planetary action. Your ruler Mars enters emotional Cancer on the 4th and it’s not the smoothest transition.

D-Day, June 6th, is busy, Venus enters earthy Taurus, and Mercury enters airhead Gemini. On the 9th, you could celebrate Cole Porter’s 126th birthday in a delightful, delicious, and delovely way. On the same day, the Strawberry full moon beams in cheerful Sagittarius and brings a positive vibe—you may want to sing Stephen Sondheim’s “Being Alive.”. And when Jupiter goes direct on the 10th and relationship obstacles should fade away.

The 14th is Flag Day and Chicken Dance Day, if you want to wave something patriotic, or pluck a chicken (Boa, anyone?). We like to end on a happy note—sort of.  Now back up one day to June 13th, when Mercury trines lucky Jupiter then turns around to square Neptune–happy talk meet confusion.  The 13th is Axe-Throwing Day, but quell your Lucretia Borgia instincts. Look for a tree, but not a giant redwood.  Even Paul Bunyan and Babe couldn’t survive that.


Taurus Starlas StarcastTaurus
April 20-May 20

You’ve been limping through the Cosmos and you’ve about had it. But after surviving March and April, May should better and June, even more so. You may be worried about money—for good reason. Mars in Gemini, your second house of earned income, may tempt you to be extravagant. You do love luxury. Hopefully, this spending spree will come to an end early June. Saturn has been on the case as well, in your eighth house of other people’s money, and he plans to stay there until December of this year. After that, he won’t be back for almost 30 years.

Mercury reentered your homesign on May 16th. Take a deep breath—sighing loudly, of course.  Venus, your planetary ruler is direct, and you’re finally out of the don’t-do-it-yet zone. The thinker met the lover, ready to make out.

On May 18th, cautious Saturn trined unpredictable, genius Uranus for the first time in 13 years. They’ll do it again on November 11th. This favors innovation, risk-taking, personal and lifestyle reinvention, new social trends, great strides in science, space, and medicine, lines of credit, venture capital and inheritance. Make the most of this. It will be four decades before they trine again.

As for romance, your planetary ruler, Venus the love goddess, tours Aries all of May. If you’re single, friends may play Cupid and try to set you up with someone new. Don’t say no. From D-day to July 4th, you are even hotter than usual—and we aren’t talking about the weather. You are the consummate sexy beast. And in fairy tales, the sexy beast turns into a sexy prince. Just saying’.

On the 19th, Venus wants you to lighten up. So go out on a whim, and let it all hang out. Or should we be more delicate.

The new moon in Gemini on the 25th is a mixed bag. Venus will square Pluto, which may force a transformation in your love life and/or finances. And there may be tears, possibly caused by a failure to communicate. But you can do something about that. The good news is that a new moon brings new beginnings. One cycle ends, and another begins. So off with the old, on with the new. With this new moon in your second house of money, it’s the perfect time for a fresh start.  .

Mercury will be conjunct Uranus at the same time–thinker meets genius, a wonderful combo. The new moon also smiles at imaginative Neptune. You could dream up a new way to make money. Jupiter wants to help; so does Pluto. They may not be as close to the new moon as Mercury and Neptune, but their rings are in the right place.

Around the 28th, Mercury sends Neptune a pm about true love. Then on the 30th Mars and Uranus finagle more ideas about increasing your cash flow. Of course, it’s supposed to be a surprise, so don’t post it on Facebook.

June is packed with planetary activity. Your planetary ruler Venus moves into your sign on D-Day and blesses your life through July 4th. The same day, Mercury enters Gemini and your second house and earned income, where he will reside through June 21st. The full moon appears June 9th in happy-but-irresponsible Sagittarius.  And lucky Jupiter goes direct on the 10th in Libra and your 8th house of other people’s money.

On June 16th, Neptune the illusionist turns retrograde in Pisces and your 11th house of friends, associates and social life, where it will stay for five months. With King Neptune retro, you might think life would be muddled and confusing.  In fact, it’s just the opposite. There’s more clarity and perspective. So think not what others can do for you, but what you can do for others. Or is it the other way around?  To be safe, do both.

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