Starla’s Starcast March 2017

Starla’s Starcast for March 2017 is full of surprises and curve balls (can’t believe I made a sportsball reference). There are some new moons, bossy planetary rulers and we haven’t even mentioned when things go retrograde in the night. Starla’s here to inform and help. There is a lot of advice here if you pay attention. We start out with Pisces, our birthday babies, and travel through the skies from there…

February 19-March 20

Pisces Starlas StarcastOn St. Patrick’s Day, Saturn bickers with the Sun, which may launch a bout of depression. Don’t be so susceptible. Have a chat with yourself. In instead falling for emotional doom and gloom, remind yourself to stay positive. Yes, Venus is retrograde in your second house of earned income. And yes, Mercury will go retrograde in your third house on April 9th till May 3rd. And yes, others tend to think you are an emotional wreck. But you can have the last laugh. Because when they are drawing conclusions, you are scheming to go forward. Keep in mind that Albert Einstein was a Pisces who struggled with math as a child. If you focus and pay attention to your P’s and Q’s, there’s a good chance you could leave those naysayers in the dust.

The universe wants to help you discover new ideas and creative ways to excel. The new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces last month will be supportive for the next six months. That’s what solar eclipses are supposed to do. Sages of yore have always known this. And since you are the oldest soul of the Zodiac, somewhere inside that wisdom-brain of yours, you know this to be true. And dreamy Neptune, one of your sign’s rulers wants to encourage you, as does your other ruler Jupiter, now in your eighth house of intuition and other people’s resources. You have guardian angels guiding and looking out for you. Just as others may have sacrificed to help you, you have sacrificed to help others. You have learned to transcend your own pain in order to move forward. Plus you are clairvoyant, if you can overcome your fluctuating emotions. You have the ability to take on other’s pain. Think of those times you have spoken to someone with a migraine, only to transfer their pain to yourself.

The new moon in Aries and your second house of earned income on March 27th could attract new money, and if you’re self-employed, new business. Stay away from addictive medications unless it’s prescribed; ditto for addictive relationships. Keep the faith. A new path beckons, and you should take it. Like Robert Frost said, “and that has made all the difference.”

March 21-April 19

Aries Starlas StarcastHopefully, you survived the Worm Moon on March 12th, even if it was a doozy. Wasn’t it? Blame Professor Saturn, but the good Professor wanted to prepare you for the friendly new moon on March 27th and Mercury’s lovely trine with the Professor on the 29th. Around the same time, Jupiter may tangle with Pluto and oppose unpredictable Uranus. Opinions are ricocheting off each other. Don’t let your need for action get out of control. By the 24th, you are oozing your old charm and charisma, and resistance has diminished. The new moon on the 27th bodes well for your income. If you’re self-employed, you might consider raising your fees. But keep in mind that Venus is still retrograde in your sign until April 15th. Because of this, relationships can blow hot and cold. Try to harness that impulsive nature of yours until after the new moon.

Watch yourself on St. Patrick’s Day, when Saturn refuses to play nice with the Sun. And don’t even think about making major changes to your appearance. With Uranus, Mercury, Venus, the new moon, and Sun all in Aries, the solar system sparks moments of clairvoyance. Pay attention to your dreams but don’t rush to conclusions. Like the song says, things could go your way “with a little bit of blooming luck.” But remember not to be greedy. Put your ducks in a row before April 9th, when Mercury will go retrograde for three-plus weeks. If you’re tempted to reunite with a former flame, don’t go overboard. Think before you leap. And be sparing with those pheromones. By the end of March, your ruler Mars moves into practical Taurus and Pluto the transformer beams down on your 10th house of fame and fortune, especially on April 6th. Here’s an insider tip: The new moon on April 26th will shine on you. This will be one of 2017’s best gifts.

April 20-May 20

Taurus Starlas StarcastSt. Paddy’ Day this year may lack Irish charm. Saturn is stirring up trouble that will affect your social expenses. Stop and think before you spend money running from one event to another. You also need to use caution in your romantic escapades. At the end of March, five planets are in your 12th house of secrets. Find a quiet place where you won’t be bothered, so you can think about you really want in life. Then make a detailed plan without being distracted by others. And be good to yourself. Now that Mars has moved into your home sign, use that innate stubborn streak of yours to your advantage. Venus, your planetary ruler, may be retrograde (until April 15), but with Mars making a six-week sojourn in your home sign, your style and creativity reach a high. Make the most of it, because on April 9, Mercury goes retrograde and you know how he can muck up things. By the new moon on the 27th, you may need a break. Do it in style. Break out the Cristal and the Godivas. It’s time to imbibe–you’ve been saving them for a special day. Your planetary ruler, Venus is in Aries, while Aries’ planetary ruler Mars is in Taurus. One more thing: You’ll have an opportunity to speak out by the 29th.

May 21-June 20

Gemini Starlas StarcastFor the past couple of months—ever since the eclipse on February 26th, your career has been the dominating force in your planetary life. And mid-March may have you feeling like a pack mule, weighted down by a load of emotions and frustrations, as you try to navigate a steep and narrow trail up a mountain cliff where one slip of a hoof could send you plummeting downward . . . well, whatever. Saturn is trying to teach you how to navigate a tricky terrain. Pay attention and don’t despair. With all that hot air you’re capable of spouting, you can talk yourself out of a sticky situation and take flight. Why trap yourself in one personality, when you choose from so many? Besides, you can put almost everything behind you by the time the new moon peeks out of the clouds on March 27th. It’s time to socialize and show off that glorious repartee you’re rumored to possess. Of course you probably started the rumor. So what? It takes more than an overwrought metaphor to keep you down. Besides, a new path is about to emerge, and you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunities that the social whirl is about to present. You’re wily and witty and have a lot of big ideas. You can recognize an opportunity and pounce on it ahead of others, yet still be ready to cavort at a moment’s notice. You truly have the ability to talk out of both sides of your mouth. And you will have a quorum of planets in your 11th house of friendship, so there’s fun to be had, as well as a wealth of networking. It’s hurling you forward.

With Venus in retrograde, it may not be the best time to pursue a new love interest. But who says you can’t try a sample or two, or maybe even three. As April begins, you will need to gird your loins, because another Mercury retrograde is about to begin on April 9th and slow everything down. And since Mercury is your ruling planet, you may be more affected than other signs. You probably know the drill. Step back, take a deep breath, and concentrate on charting a course. You have help. Mars is in your 12th house, working behind the scenes to help you reflect on your past and plan your future. Look ahead to April 21st in particular, when Mars enters your home sign and Venus will be direct. Ooh-la-la, you will be sending sparks of sexual charm out into the universe. And others will be hard put to keep up with you. Until then, try to be patient. But nothing will stop you from fantasizing. One caution—stay away from Botox or a facelift right now. Surgery could wrong. Gargoyles may look fantastic on buildings but not on your neck.

June 21-July 22

Cancer Starlas StarcastSaturn and the Sun are in conflict on March 17th, and your communication skills take a hit. Same thing on the 24th. But don’t give up or throw an emotional tantrum. If you have been pondering a family situation, don’t make any decisions until Venus goes direct on April 15th, and it would be even better to wait a bit longer.

The Venus retrograde doesn’t bode well for true love, so romance may not go as well as you hoped. Hang on until fiery and passionate Mars enters your home sign on June 4th—you won’t be sorry. Despite that hard shell of yours, you have a tender soul. If you’re overwhelmed by circumstance, hide out in that safety shell until the new moon in Aries on March 27th. That’s when La Luna offers a glimmer of good news. Mars and Neptune will also be in cahoots to favor traveling, and bossy Saturn will be in a good mood for a change.

You have been dealing with Saturn the teacher for a couple of years now, and have another year to go before its influence wanes. Nevertheless, with Venus in your 10th house of career, your diligence and hard work have impressed the movers and shakers. At the same time, Pluto the transformer and Uranus the master of surprises can’t seem to get along. Competitors may be ruthless, but along with the new moon which sparks fresh energy, you have a planetary posse on your side. This may portend a new path in your professional life. But don’t shy away from a little fun. Mars moved into your 11th house of people and friends on March 9th and plans to stay there until April 21, so by all means, embrace mirth and merriment.

July 23-August 22

Leo Starlas StarcastMid-March, you may face ups and down and you should be on alert for either. Although you pride yourself on getting your own way, St, Patrick’s Day may be better for drinking rather than roaring and pushing people around. Don’t get your fur all a-huff. Surely your flashy and charismatic ego can wait a few days until the planetary climate is more favorable to your wheeling and dealing. By March 25th, when Venus and the Sun are conjunct, inspiration will be second nature to you. And by the new moon on the 27th, you will be aching for adventure and travel. Can you say international?

Mars moved into your 10th house of fame and fortune on March 9th where he will stay until April 21st. Put a gold star on your calendar. This is the warrior planet’s first visit to your 10th house in two years. He will encourage you to be even more daring and enterprising. And that’s saying a lot since those attributes come with Leo territory. This is one of the best times of 2017 in terms of your career, and it won’t happen again until early 2019. The new moon also favors publishing and broadcasting, and since you’re a natural showoff, prospects are favorable. Buy you will face two planetary road blocks and/or delays. Venus is in retrograde until April 15th, and Mercury goes retro on April 9th until May 3rd. So it’s no time to bask on your laurels, despite your tendency to laze around and pose for admirers. (You want them to wait on you as well). Better behave, you furry piece of baggage. And in case you’re wondering—and of course you are–romance will improve when the Sun enters fiery Aries, your planetary cousin. Just one more thing: Money may come your way at the end of March. Refrain from spending it on your lavish life style until you have the cash in hand.

August 23-September 22

Virgo Starlas StarcastYou may still be feeling the vibes of February 26th’s new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces, for eclipses continue to radiate and influence for six months. They usually force change, whether you like it or not. But most often, this is a positive result. For Virgo, it impacts relationships and bring positive results. Despite the fact that the sun in Pisces favors healing and peace-making, you may disagree come March 17th, when Saturn and the Sun create havoc in your well-organized life. No need to panic and unleash that critical tongue or yours. Their planetary tiff should be short-lived, as should your own disagreements. A day or two after St. Patrick’s Day, finances may take a fortuitous and unexpected turn. By the new moon in Aries and your eighth house on March 27th, the universe will begin to favor negotiations and contracts. This is especially true for shared property. This new moon focuses on joint finances, as posse of planets is moving into your eighth house. If you are sell-employed, make sure your CPA is leveling with you. Saturn may try to interfere. No problem. Virgos excel at money management. But you may not be prepared for the influence of unpredictable Uranus conjunct your planetary ruler Mercury. Uranus loves to spring surprises, and you never know if it’s going to be good or not so good.

You may be feeling the vibes of February’s new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces, for eclipses continue to radiate and influence for six months. They usually force change whether you like it or not. But most often this is a positive result. For Virgos, it impacts relationships in helpful way. Despite the fact that the Sun in Pisces favors healing and peace-making, you may disagree come March 17th, when Saturn and the Sun create havoc in your well—organized life. No need to panic and unleash that critical tongue of yours. Their planetary tiff should be short-lived, as should your own disagreements. A day or day after St. Patrick’s Day, finances make take a fortuitous and unexpected turn. By the new moon in Aries and your eighth house on March 27th, universe will begin to favor negotiations and contracts. This is especially true for shared property. This new moon focuses on joint finances as a posse of planets is moving into that eighth house. If you are self-employed, make sure your CPA is leveling with you. Saturn may try to interfere. No problem. Virgos excel at money management. But you may not be prepared for unpredictable Uranus conjunct your planetary ruler Mercury. Uranus loves to spring surprises and you never if it’s going to be good or not so good.

The problem is that Venus is now retrograde in your second house of personal finances/earned income, which may cause delays in this area. So use caution and make sure no one tries to steal your identity and a rack up a pile of bills in your name. Along with this turn of events, Mars goes into Taurus, so you could be interested in international travel and business. For a change, by the end of March Pluto supports this idea, whether you travel or start working on an international project. Since Virgos excel in writing and publishing, opportunities may arise via the Internet without traveling.

You probably already know this, but Mercury, your planetary ruler, is going retrograde on April 9th until May 3rd. So do not sign any papers during this time. In fact, you should wait an extra week or two, just to be safe. On a romantic note, Venus and Mars are having a sweet moment. It’s like they’re role-playing, taking on the other one’s persona. Astro folks call this a “mutual reception.” Venus is in Aries, Mars’s home sign, while Mars is in Taurus, Venus’ home sign. It couldn’t happen to a nicer couple, at least, as far as you are concerned.

September 23-October 22

Libra Starlas StarcastWork and then work again. Your planetary ruler, Venus, went retrograde in Aries on March 4th until April 15th. So squash those romantic fantasies and concentrate on the here and now. If you’re lucky, you’ll survive the planetary angst on March 17th. A lover of beauty and harmony such as yourself doesn’t always do well under siege by planetary discord. But face it; you will feel this retrograde more than other signs. The emphasis is on your seventh house of partnerships, both personal and professional. If one or the other, or both, is rushing you along, you may want to step back and consider your commitment. You do represent the scales of justice, thanks to ancient goddesses. However, you also have trouble with making decisions. This indecisiveness will serve you well during Venus’ retrograde. It’s even more important, because Mercury is going retrograde on April 9th. So it behooves you to delay important decisions in life and love.

In matters of money and business, use these retrogrades to go over the details of your associations. Use reason and follow your instincts when negotiating. Saturn will be on hand to make sure you go by the book. Still, you have a bit of leeway—Jupiter is still residing in your sign. Yes, he’s giddy over opportunity, but even his go-for-it personality has paused in protection.

In matters of appearance, you demand perfection in yourself and others. So now would not be a good time to have a face lift or liposuction or even a new regime of cosmetics or hair style/color. Also, with Venus retro until April 15th and Mercury in limbo until April 21, you should not sign papers until a couple of weeks after these planets go direct.

You like being in a close relationship, and when the new moon beams on March 27th, your instincts should kick in to help you decide. Love them or leave them? Fix it or run away? To be committed or not to be? These are the questions. Uranus urges you to seek excitement. And if you’ve reached that bored moment of your liaison, maybe you can do something naughty to recapture the sexual bliss that first drew you to your lover; And if you’re into bondage, use silk velvet to further titillate the senses, unless you lover is the rough-and-tough sort. Keep in mind that reciprocation may be required.

October 23-November 21

Scorpio Starlas StarcastIf you’ve frolicked your way to mid-March, it’s time to settle down, especially when Saturn squares the Sun on the 17th. You need be sure of the facts as you continue through March. With power struggles heading your way, be on your best behavior. Brood before or after, but not during. As much as you like to be in control, you may have to relinquish the lead. Blame Mars, one of your sign’s rulers, when he invades Taurus earlier this month. You’ll have to deal with him until April 21st. Don’t go negative; it’s not a forever situation. The emphasis is on partnerships, either a love interest or a business relationship—or both. The more you accept this, the smoother things will go. In fact, it might be a relief. Meanwhile, Saturn is in your second house of earned income and has been trying to teach you how to better handle money. You’re not the easiest pupil, and he can be tough. But he will be out of your hair by the end of 2017. Also, Venus is in retrograde, and Mercury will follow suit on April 9th until May 3rd. As perceptive as you are, by now you realize that during these retros, you should not sign anything. You have been known to procrastinate. While that can sometimes be a problem, it’s the perfect solution for the next six weeks or so.

By the new moon in Aries on March 27th, you are going to be very busy. And there’s a possibility that a new endeavor will come your way. At the same time, Pluto the transformer, your other planetary ruler, will be at odds with unpredictable Uranus and airy Mercury. Don’t let them shove you into a corner. It’s not the time to rush things. If the endeavor excites you—a must for Scorpio—mull it over carefully. The new moon encourages athletic activity. After all, you are astro’s sexy beast, so let that passionate panache shine and sparkle. It will ease your stress and show off your well-toned body. Cupid has great plans for your love life, if you will only be patient. That’s not your usual modus operandi. You prefer to pounce, but if you are looking for a meaningful relationship, you should be careful where you land.

November 22-December 21

Sagittarius Starlas StarcastYou love adventure, but there are a few hurdles to jump over before you turn into Marco Polo. Responsibility calls, and pressures mount by St. Patrick’s Day and latch onto cheer. You may have a difficult night, but by morning, you will wake up singing. There is a bit of confusion circling your love life. You may not be able to make heads or tails out of it. So don’t try. Wait a day or two and let your imagination reign. Be willing to take a risk, but that’s never been a problem for you, has it, Sagie. Just be ready to follow through on ideas before Mercury goes retrograde on April 9th until May 3; especially with Venus in limbo until April 15th. Because of this, you need to get as much done as possible before April 9th. Mars went into Taurus on March 9th, so he and Venus want you to focus on work. Put your best foot forward. Sorry about the cliché, but it’s applicable in the here and now, especially with all the new responsibilities headed your way. Changes are afoot as well, and you can’t outrun them.

With Mercury’s retrograde on deck, don’t sign contracts during this time or buy any new electronics. Wait a few weeks after he goes direct. It’s protocol for retrograde periods. The new moon on March 27th has you cheering. Since it’s in your fifth house, love and creativity may just around the corner. But what corner? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Join the social whirl and open your heart to the possibilities. The meek may inherit the earth, but the bold will find true love. And it might even last.

December 22-January 19

Capricorn Starlas StarcastDon’t’ get yourself in a tizzy mid-March. Fretting will be a waste of time for enterprising Capie. You’ll run around like a chicken with its cut off and it’s not a pretty sight. With Venus retrograde in Aries until April 15th, you should consider your career options then wait to implement them. That goes for your home and family issues as well. There’s another reason for waiting. Mercury will retrograde on April 9th until May 3rd. Remember the rule: Don’t sign any papers until a couple of weeks after Mercury goes direct. It will save you the trouble of renegotiating, which can be a pain in the “you-know-what.” You will need to be organized; no problem for earthy Capricorn.

Chances are, you’ve been dealing with various workmen on the home front—and visitors and their pets as well. With Mars in Taurus and your house of true love, romance may blossom. Circulate and be merry, but don’t be in a hurry to buy the ring. Just enjoy the ride. Time to get serious when Venus and Mercury go retrograde. Once the new moon in Aries appears on March 27th, .concentrate on your future, rather than dwelling on the past. And that includes your old sweetheart, who may turn up hoping to rekindle the relationship. The new moon may channel a message from the firmament, but you are the one who has to live with any decisions you make. Mars encourages creativity, so before you go half-cocked over love, open yourself to new ideas that will enhance your reputation as an entrepreneur. Love can wait until after April’s new moon on the 26th.

January 20-February 18

Aquarius Starlas StarcastVenus went retrograde in Aries on March 4th, and this is bound to affect you, since she rules both your ninth house of legal affairs and your fourth house of family and property. Don’t assume that people understand what you are talking about. You are highly intelligent, and you may overestimate other’s ability to understand you. You may be unintentionally distorting the very thing you are trying to communicate. You’re apt to throw up your hands in frustration. Keep in mind that not everyone is the genius you consider yourself to be. With Mars in Taurus and your fourth house of home and family, you may be thinking about renovating. Don’t do it! Not until Venus goes direct on April 15th. And to be safe, you should wait a couple more weeks after that. Even that time is not a certainty, since Mercury is going retrograde on April 9 until May 3rd. That throws a definite yellow light of caution on your plans.

Luckily, the new moon in Aries on March 27th comes with a slew of planets in Aries and your third house–Venus, Mercury, the sun and Uranus—sparking opportunity, spontaneity, and good times. Of course, you should be reminded that Venus has stalled, and Mercury will soon do the same. Your mind may move like lightening, but your body shouldn’t be so eager to follow. That goes for romance as well. New relationships aren’t favored but if you are already committed to someone, you have a better chance of making your relationship work. Use reason not passion to reevaluate your situation. That’s what you are supposed to do when planets retrograde. By the end of May, the heavens will bless romance and profits, and you’ll be glad you didn’t rush ahead.

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