Starla’s Starcast June 2017

Happy Birthday to all of our caring Cancer brothers and sisters out there. It looks like you have some interesting times in your near future but you know you can handle it. The Buck Moon is heading our way. The Buck Moon was actually named by Native Americans since male deer (bucks) start growing their antlers in July for the upcoming mating season. It is also known as a Thunder Moon and Sturgeon Moon. Keep reading because Starla has all sorts of info for everyone under the stars. This Starcast runs June 15th through July 15th. Happy Pride Month!

Cancer Starlas StarcastCancer
June 21-July 22

Chances are, early June brought forth some touch-and-go moments; a lot was going on behind the scenes. Was your mid-month a little dreary? Probably… Saturn opposed the Sun on June 15th and the big bad wolf may have tried to blow your 12th house down. As a result, you’ve probably been a bit off-kilter, dealing with a few problems. It behooves you to wait until after the 17th to launch major projects. Come June 21st, the Summer Solstice, when the Sun and Mercury enter your emotional home sign, life will get better and better. The new moon on the 23rd also bodes well for you. Others will applaud and/or join your efforts for the future. You’re an entrepreneur in the making. Think big and pay attention to your dreams. Because, as Cinderella sang, “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” Meanwhile, Uranus may spring a huge surprise. Of course, you won’t see it coming. It wouldn’t be a surprise then, would it?

Feisty Mars has moved into your Sun sign for the first time in two years, and he’s the go-for-it-planet. So you should heed his example. Don’t be a wussy. He’ll be there until July 20th, and he’s focusing on your career, He’s giving you a push, and like the knights of old, he’s arming you with a protective shield as you take leaps and bounds. So be a spunky little crab. You’re almost invincible, no matter the obstacle…almost.

You are in control, a wannabe dominatrix in the making when it comes to achievement. Unlike your fantasies, you don’t even have to crack a whip to get your own way. Of course, if it titillates you, go ahead.

Your social life should be booming, thanks to sensuous Venus in Taurus, and love may blossom as well. Make the most of the goddess planet’s visit; she will move into Gemini on July 4th. But on or around the 19th, Neptune and Uranus will throw kisses to her, and someone may do the same to you. Then on the 24th, Venus pays its forward by throwing kisses to Pluto, so the air is heavy with seduction and love. Make the most of it, because on the 25th, Mars fights Jupiter, but later in the day the fickle fire planet trines imaginative Neptune. There’s a flurry of planetary action in the following week. It behooves you to follow your instincts and trust your gut.

The home front is cheerful, thanks to Jupiter in your fourth house, also good for buying and/or selling real estate. You’re on the way to the sweet smell of success. Unlike the 1957 film and the 2002 musical, you have a happy ending. The world is your oyster. Don’t eat it. It’s only a metaphor. Live it!

July will bring a few volatile moments and arguments. But it’s also an opportunity to clear the air and go forward. On July 9th, the full moon, called the Buck Moon, in Capricorn will help you sort through any chaos. Pluto the transformer is conjunct this full moon, and urges you to get rid of things—even people you don’t need. Later in the month, the Sun moves into Leo and your second house of earned income, but that’s another story.

Leo Starlas StarcastLeo
July 23-August 22

You’ve been gadding about, you charming so-and-so, rubbing shoulders—and goodness knows what else—with what the Brits call “the ton.” Translation: society’s in-crowd where you can be naughty as long as you’re not caught. With Venus now in your 10th house of fame and fortune, you are charming your way into bigwig social circles–dressed to the nines, with no faux-pas in sight.

But there were other days that did not go well. Mid-month was such. If you had a cat fight, hiss and hide. Your feelings may be hurt, which can be devastating to proud Leo. But rather than launch a vicious attack, wait until the 18th or after to exchange words. Maybe if you make an effort to listen, your adversary will do the same. Hopefully, by the new moon on June 23rd, you can work things out.

When the Sun and Mercury join Mars in your 12th house on June 21 (Mars landed there on June 6th), it would be best to seek privacy and use the time for creativity and contemplation. As much as you adore the spotlight, this is no time to strut your stuff. You may not realize it, you sleek show-off, but there are times that even YOU need planetary R&R. You can strategize and welcome new visions, but keep them to yourself until after the new moon on June 23rd. If the full moon on June 9th had you down, this new moon will bring you back up.

A heavy-duty atmosphere of love rears its head on June 24th, when the goddess planet, Venus, trines intensely emotional Pluto. But it’s a quickie and may not last the day. So don’t rush in unless you’re ready to rush out.

You are never afraid to take a risk, but timing is important. Romance has a better chance in July once Mars moves into your home sign on July 20th. So you need to be ready to rock n’ roll. Same goes when the Sun, your planetary ruler, moves into your home sign on July 23. Release your creativity and let it shine. It will be bright and even brighter by August when two eclipses occur. Preview: they will be positive for you.

Virgo Starlas StarcastVirgo
August 23-September 22

The first half of June may have been topsy turvy–up and down, etc., etc., etc. Know that you were not alone; most astro signs experienced this. And June 18th could have been very difficult. If you were snapping at others, blame Saturn and your ruler Mercury for your mood—they just had to oppose each other. As a CBS sage quipped: “Nothing’s ever as bad as it turns out.”

Here’s a better idea. Look to the future—just three days forward. June 21st brings light and hope–and an improved social life. You will feel and interact in a much more diplomatic way. And the world will breathe a sigh of relief–earthy Virgos don’t beat around the bush when they have something to say.

The new moon in Cancer on June 23 highlights projects and ideas in a positive way. However, Saturn the teacher is currently in your fourth house (and has been since December 2014), so you may still be dealing with home and family issues. Luckily, Saturn will award you a diploma in December of this year. He’s taught you all he can.

The new moon on the 23rd joins Mars and Venus in Cancer. When the warrior and the goddess join forces with La Luna in your 11th house, expect your social life to soar. Party after party, networking bashes, fancy dinners and festive wingdings. You could actually meet people with a like mind, especially when it comes to passion—both personally and professionally.

As June ends and July begins, diplomacy is a must. If you have to deal with provoking people who insist on arguing with you, summon your willpower—though it may be difficult—and resist the urge to swat them NCIS-Leroy-Jethro-Gibbs way. It’s quick and effective.

Your health and finances improve in July, but love may be bittersweet after the 20th. You may disagree more than usual. But true love will find a way to bridge this impasse.

Libra Starlas StarcastLibra
September 23-October 22

Hopefully, you survived the planetary shenanigans mid-June and you’re ready to flit and flutter —Libra-style–toward your ambitions. Fiery Mars is now in your 10th house of fame and fortune where he will stay until July 20th, and lucky Jupiter has gone direct in your home sign, where he will stay until October 10th. You do have to beware of the negative vibe on June 17th and a few days after, which puts a damper on your ambitions. Just be patient until new moon beams in your 10th house of career on the 23rd.

Now that Jupiter has ended his retrograde, you need to make the most of his blessings, before he leaves your Sun sign. This is a time to turn dreams into realities. Imagination reigns, and you have the attention of the universe. VIPs will notice you. You could find true love. Or if you already have done so, your love may be, as the Gershwin song puts it, “here to stay.” It doesn’t hurt that your planetary ruler Venus, the goddess of love, is lending her support.

Complacency is not allowed. You can’t just plop on your chaise lounge sipping Cristal and nibbling Godiva. You must seek out, as well as be on alert for, opportunities. Jupiter endows your self-confidence with enthusiasm and optimism. You will be able to overcome challenging problems that previously seemed insurmountable. But you must not let this make you overly self-important and extravagant.

The new moon on the 23rd makes the spotlight on your career even brighter—it’s the only new moon that will do so this year. With the Sun, Mars, Mercury and the new moon all in your 10th house of fame and fortune, things will fall into place and new ideas will flourish.

As July begins, you may experience some agitation on the 2nd, when Mars opposes Pluto. These two are both very willful, so when they clash, even heaven holds its breath.

Love is always important to a Libra, and even more so in July. With Mars in your 10th house of fame and fortune, you will be attracted to power and prestigious people. But if they’re no good in bed, kick them to the curb.

Scorpio Starlas StarcastScorpio
October 23-November 21

You survived the mid-June chaos, when Saturn opposed the Sun. And now, on the 18th, Saturn wants you to face up to any monetary problems you might have. But he doesn’t want you to brood. As if he could stop you. Brood is one of your middle names (the other is sex). So brood you will. Hopefully not for long, as the Sun moves into your ninth house of travel and publishing on the 21st. This is also the Summer Solstice, so you might be tempted to romp in the nude on some foreign shore. Only you can decide if you want to display your wares. On the 24th, Venus trines Pluto, one of your planetary rulers (Mars is the other). Yes, Scorpie darling, you have two rulers. But what is most important here, is that you have a chance to take a fresh look at your involvements.

With Jupiter now direct in your 12th house, you can focus your brooding on your spiritual side and make a plan to rid yourself of those self-destructive tendencies. Fear and guilt, for instance. As the brilliant Japanese actor and author Yukio Mishima suggested, “Fear is the living death.” Of course, he committed seppuku, a Samurai suicide ritual, in the town square. So you might not want to follow his example. Thankfully, there are other options. Like not giving in to self-destructive impulses.

Unfortunately, money is a bit problematic this month. But as the ancient leader Clovis was reputed to utter, “It’s only money.” Of course, he said the same thing about wine. Anyway, money will come and go during June, but Jupiter will work behind the scenes to ease the situation.

Your other ruler Mars has moved into your ninth house of travel where he will remain until July 20th. So it’s no surprise you want to travel. You may do so at the request of your boss, which would most certainly help solve financial problems. Besides, there’s a gang of four in your ninth house of travel, once the new moon on June 23rd joins the Sun, Mars, and Mercury. If you do take a trip, you may be in for a surprise or two, courtesy of Uranus’s harmonious placement. There may also be romance involved, courtesy of Venus and Mars, who together give off the sparks of love and lust. Remember, try to be flexible, even though you tend to be rigid. That will make all the difference.

As you enter July, the planets go a bit berserk, but the full moon in Capricorn on July 9th comes to the rescue. And Pluto encourages you to throw out the old, both possessions and emotions, to make room for the new. The follow week is much calmer. Look to the stars and make a wish on the brightest one.

While your libido was the headliner in June, July is focused on your career, especially from the 22nd onward. At least, that is what you should focus on. Your ruler Mars will also move into your 10th house of career on the 20th. The Sun follows suit on the 22nd (this year), and he loves being there. Venus moves into your eighth house of passion on July 6th. Sexual chemistry abounds, both physically and mentally, as you rediscover your erogenous zones. And once you cross the equator, it’s up to you to locate Shangri-La.

Sagittarius Starlas StarcastSagittarius
November 22-December 21

You are a joyful sign, so don’t let mid-June confusion spoil that. You’ll need to be patient, which is not always easy for spontaneous Sagie. But with Saturn monitoring your home sign, it may not be so difficult except on the 18th, when gloom and doom dominate the day. With Mercury and Venus’s retrogrades behind you, it’s time to move forward and focus on significant relationships–personal or professional, maybe both. Your sign’s ruler Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, has turned direct and is basking in your 11th house of friends and hopes. Although you’re getting mixed messages, you need to think about what you really want in goals and partnerships—for both business and love. Ask yourself what works and what doesn’t work. If you need to talk, then talk. That’s never been a problem for chatty Sagie. To listen without interrupting HAS been a problem.

With Saturn in the home sign, you’ve been working very hard to live up to his requirements. And it hasn’t always been easy. There were times he had you pulling out your hair and swearing like a sailor. But he’s moving out of your sign on December 20th and won’t be back until 2044. So hang on until December. Think of his moving on as an early holiday gift.

The friendly new moon on June 23rd joins Mars, Mercury, and the Sun in your eighth house of other people’s money. New moons bring new opportunities and new spurts of energy, and the eighth house focuses on money that comes from outside sources.

Financial agreements may come to a head at the end of June. Blame Mars’s opposition to Pluto in your second house of earned income. If worse comes to worse, discussions will implode around July 2nd. You have to stand your ground, amiably if possible.

Venus moves into Gemini and your seventh house of relationships on July 4th. But later that day, Mercury squares unpredictable Uranus, a bad break for communication. The next day the Sun and Neptune stir up creative juices, but it’s hard to determine the result. And later that day, the Sun squares over-the-top Jupiter. Luckily the full moon—the Buck Moon–in Capricorn on July 9th stabilizes the planetary atmosphere. He may be an old goat, but he’s not easily distraction from his mission, even if he chews up whatever gets in his way.

Capricorn Starlas StarcastCapricorn
December 22-January 19

If things got out of whack Mid-June, you can handle it. The 17th may test your patience, as relationships could go on the fritz. And whatever you do, don’t sign any agreements. Carry on with your work. When the new moon beams in your seventh house of partnerships, let others speak first and don’t rush to judgment or let your innate stubbornness get in the way. Take time to ponder the situation so you can bring new ideas to the table. Jupiter is now direct again in your 10th house of fame and fortune, where he has been since September 2016. Your reputation has soared since then, and you will remain in his favor until October 10th of this year. Hopefully, you worked hard and garnered accolades for your achievements. But of course, you think you deserve more. And you may be right. You will be hobnobbing with the rich and powerful, which should bring huge rewards.

The warrior planet Mars entered your seventh house where he will stay until July 20th. With the new moon, Mercury, and the Sun all in your seventh house of partnerships, personal and professional issues may arise, causing disagreements and conflicts. You may be forced to acknowledge (to yourself only) that you are not always in control. At least not this month, and maybe not until after the third week of July. But you are clever enough to smile and bide your time. After all, you are a master manipulator. Besides, Uranus has a few tricks in mind. And he loves to spring surprises.

The most worrisome planetary action involves Pluto, who is transiting your Sun sign of Capricorn during a major transformation of your life. With Mars opposing Pluto on July 2nd, an upheaval is possible. It will be important—EXTREMELY IMPORTANT–to temper your aggression at this time.

Now for some good news. Venus is in your fifth house of fun and true love, and will remain there through July 4th. So your fireworks needs to happen before then. If you are in a serious relationship, marriage could be just around the corner. If you are already married, you will be even more adored. And if you are not, you could meet your soulmate. But like Cinderella, you have a deadline of July 4th before your coach turns into a pumpkin. If that does happen, guess you’ll have to make a pie. Before you start baking, you might want to wait until the full moon beams in stable Capricorn on July 9th. Maybe your prince or princess will still appear, and you can offer them a big slice. Of l’amour, of course.

Aquarius Starlas StarcastAquarius
January 20-February 18

Thank goodness, you survived the stressful antics of Mid-June. Saturn’s opposition to the Sun may have caused a parting of the ways with someone close to you. And there’s one more day you need to know about–June 18th, when Mercury opposes Saturn, one of your planetary rulers. Your other ruler is Uranus. What a wild concept—rigid Saturn and unpredictable Uranus. It’s a wonder you know whether you’re coming or going. But you do, and quite brilliantly. With the Sun in your airy cousin Gemini and the fifth house of love and fun until June 21st, you have a few days left to frolic—the Summer Solstice being one of them. Then comes the Sun in Cancer, the emotional crab, in your sixth house of work, which may stress you. You tend to avoid intense emotions whenever possible; however, you are likeable and good-natured most of the time.

You will be highly creative at the end of this month, gung-ho to bust down anything or anyone who gets in your way. Except that may not work out so well. Granted, you are a Brainiac, innovative with a Mensa mind. But you tend to believe that your brilliance entitles you to expect others to grant your requests without question. This month, you may have to consider the suggestions of lesser beings. Luckily, Venus may smooth out that uppity attitude. You are actually a great humanitarian who cares deeply about others, although you sometimes prefer to deal with a group, rather than an individual. But the cosmos wants you to focus less on self-interest and more on others. The universe doesn’t want you to turn into a cold, insensitive introvert.

The new moon on the 23rd beams in Cancer and your sixth house of work and health. Hopefully, you are successful with both. Mars is already in your sixth house and will remain until July 20th. Mercury and the Sun are there as well. So the workplace is going to be very busy. If you are applying for a job, doors will open. Temporary employment could evolve into a permanent position. There are infinite possibilities As an Aquarius, you are out of this world. Don’t neglect your health, but don’t imagine any ailments.

July brings a desire for intimacy. The full moon in Capricorn on July 9th encourages behind-the scenes- contemplations. Maybe you have a secret love. Maybe you’ll meet your Prince Charming. After all, your sister Aquarius Amal Clooney did.

Pisces Starlas StarcastPisces
February 19-March 20

Forget about the first 15 days of June, whether they were great or ghastly. On the 16th, Neptune, one of your planetary rulers, went retrograde in Pisces and your first house, where he will stay for five months. This brings moments of truth, so look deep into your soul. Neptune has a tendency to blur an image. If at first you don’t see anything, keep looking. Your psychic abilities will eventually uncover the messages. And be aware: You may not like what you find. But if you heed Neptune’s offerings, you will be better for it. And remember, no rushing into things during a retrograde, especially when your planetary ruler is involved.

Ignore the astro tension on the 18th. Let it roll off your back. Instead, think about Venus, the love goddess, who is making whoopee in your third house of short trips and communication until July 4th. Hopefully you won’t just talk about love.

On June 21st, the Sun enters Cancer, your fellow water sign and your fifth house of fun and true love. By the new moon in Cancer on the 23rd, you have four planets in your emotional fifth house—the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and the new moon. Emotions don’t frighten you—you live with them daily; in fact, you’ve learned to embrace them, which is part of your charm. Thanks to the cluster of planets in your fifth house, your popularity soars, and your social life overflows with invitations and entertainments. You might even meet “the one.”

This might be a good time to take a vacation, but probably not to Cuba. Or maybe you could stay home to relax and pamper yourself with delicious snacks and a vintage Beaujolais, which you would, of course, share with dear friends. But if you decide to travel, pick a place near a body of water. And we don’t mean your bloated ex.

Your creative juices overflow with imagination. Not that you needed any help in that area. You tend to be a dreamer. While most folks count sheep to sleep, you win millions from Lotto and plan its distribution in detail. You may have discovered and can spend hours cruising the items.

You will attract plenty of favorable attention this month, and it could benefit your finances, which would lighten your spirits and cause a huge celebration at your bank. Speaking of money, Jupiter, your other planetary ruler, is now direct in your eighth house of passion and other people’s money—an irresistible combination.

Despite its retrograde, Neptune will shower you with razzle dazzle near the end of June. You might even be able to astro-project to a fabulous destination. At least, that would save you plane fare.

In July, try to focus on your work, especially during the last half of the month. Write down your ideas, even if they seem silly. Maybe you could keep a tape recorder by your bed. Opportunities arrive, so your financial situation should improve. Just don’t spend it before you have it, fishy darling. You know what happens then, so there’s no need to mention it now.

Aries Starlas StarcastAries
March 21-April 19

Mid-June was no fun at all. Now everyone is cranky, even your sweetheart. Then along comes the 18th, when others disagree with your concepts. Don’t let it rattle you and don’t waiver; you’re right on the money. With fiery Mars now in Cancer and your fourth house of home and family, there may be some flare-ups that expose things that need to change. Before you fly off the handle, feisty one, give it some thought, which won’t be easy to maintain, given your short attention span.

By the new moon on the 23rd, you’ll be surrounded by four planets, all in your fourth house of home and family: the new moon, Mars, Mercury, and the Sun. They all can’t be wrong. So get off your high horse and do what’s needed. As the cliché says, “Home is where the heart is.”

Your health may be more vulnerable after the 21st, in particular your energy level. Or, you may have pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve fixing up your home. Or worked yourself into a hissy fit, if you hired someone else to do it. You probably need fresh air, a better diet, more sleep, and a lot of laughter. Be careful with your heart, Other than that, you’re in perfect health.

Jupiter has gone direct again in Libra and your seventh house of relationships. This could mean the marriage of true minds, as the Bard’s sonnet said, be it romance or business. But is it love? You decide, bossy pants. Actually you may have to wait until August to fire the big guns.

As July begins, leftover stress and power struggles may play out at home. But when your ruler Mars moves into majestic Leo on July 20th, your life becomes one big party, whether you are throwing a soiree or attending one. After all, you’ve been sprucing up your home, so it’s time to hold an open house, with you centerstage, of course–especially when it comes time for photo-ops. Otherwise, you’ll have to resort to photo bombing.

Taurus Starlas StarcastTaurus:
April 20-May 20

Your planetary ruler Venus entered your Sun sign on June 6th, enhancing your charm, which in turn attracts admirers. She’s also in charge of money matters. But like every other astro sign, Venus runs into trouble in mid-June. Blame Saturn—he just had to oppose the Sun. You’re obviously unhappy about this–financial security is extremely important to you. And insecurity brings out the worst in you. Can you say Scrooge?

Neptune throws in his two cents on the 16th, urging you to be realistic—such an unrefined word. But you do need to take control, if you haven’t done so already. And don’t sign any contracts yet. By this time, Mars has moved into Cancer where he’ll stay until July 20th. The Sun and Mercury join him on the 21st, and the new moon does the same on the 23rd. You now have a quartet of planets in Cancer and your third house of neighbors and communication. So you may want to reach out. You might even make a few demands. New contracts may relate to writing, public speaking, broadcasting, telecommunications, and social media, etc. Best not to sign anything until the 23rd or soon after.

Now that Jupiter is direct again in your sixth house of work and health, you can start clearing away the planetary debris left over from the mid-June debacles. It may be easier than you think. Since Venus is in the homesign through July 4th, you should spiff up your appearance. Just make sure everything flatters you. If you’re thinking of romance, June 23rd bodes well, according to Mars and Venus. And if you fancy a short trip to show off your new look, June 24th to June 27th would be a good time.

As July begins, your impulses may go wild. Don’t let them. Enthusiasm and charm, yes. Spur-of-the-moment compulsions, no. Your ego should never rule your finances. These urges should settle down once the full moon beams in stabile Capricorn on July 9th and your ninth house of long-distant travel, publishing and philosophy. You’ll have to wait until August for the full moon/lunar eclipse to shine on your 10th house of fame and fortune. So cool your horns, sweet bull, before you see red.

Gemini Starlas StarcastGemini
May 21-June 20

It’s covfefe time, airheads—at least to our dear leader. And mid-June will find everyone dealing with a Saturn covfefe. And whatever that means, it wasn’t pretty. So it’s certainly not time to play follow the leader. Be careful what you agree to now, lest you have to squirm out of it later on.

But it’s your birthday month which means a celebration. It can be simple or plush; it doesn’t matter. What does is your enjoyment. Jupiter has ended his retrograde and is now direct in your fifth house of fun and frolic, creativity and true love, but not necessarily in that order. Mars has moved into Cancer, where the Sun and your ruler Mercury join him on the 21st and the new moon follows suit on the 23rd. All four are in Cancer and your second house of money. So things are definitely looking up. But you still need to focus on what you want. And that may require some serious thought. Your mind may go lickety-split, but as a rule, your business should not.

If you’re hanging on to grudges, let them go; they will just get in your way. Too much baggage always weighs you down and takes up too much room in your psyche.

The new moon helps stabilize your affairs in an effort to woo Lady Luck. Hopefully, she won’t resist. Meanwhile, Jupiter keeps dropping clues in your fifth house of fun, creativity and true love. As for cash flow, the new moon favors an increase, and unpredictable Uranus may surprise you with good news. He’s not a trustworthy planet; he thrives on spontaneity, be it good news or bad. However, cosmos rumors are predicting a positive outcome.

Mars in the second hours is all about money—making, spending, saving, and investing it. And the warrior planet makes nice with retrograde Neptune on June 26th, which enhances your image and attracts more money.

As for love, lucky Jupiter is doing his best to help. And he may succeed before he moves out of Libra and into Scorpio on October 10th. That means you must circulat–never a problem for you. Even when you stand perfectly still, you broadcast those vibes.

July favors prosperity, especially before the ninth and after the 23rd. And Venus favors romance once when she moves into Gemini on July 5th. With her in your sign, you’re a beacon for love. Just enjoy yourself. Cupid won’t be able to resist your joie de’ livre.



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