Starla’s Starcast July 21st to August 21, 2017

Starla’s Info About August 21, 2017

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse will darken the heavens all the way from Oregon to South Carolina, a rare and spectacular sight. Every astrological sign will be impacted by the eclipse, each one differently.

In a total solar eclipse, the moon covers the sun, and day becomes night. It will touch no other land mass other than the continental United States. Astro-physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson playfully calls it “’Mmmmmurica’s Eclipse.” Although the moon is 1/400th the size of the sun, it is 400 times closer, so they cancel out,

The best place to see the solar eclipse in its totality is Madras, Oregon, (population 6,553), 285.3 miles from Seattle, but hotel and motel rooms are already reserved. The spectacle will begin at 9:06am, reach its totality from 10:19am to 10:21am, and end at 11:41am. At its apex, the moon will completely cover the disk of the sun for two minutes and 40 seconds.

The total phase of this solar eclipse won’t be visible in Seattle, but it can be observed here as a partial eclipse. The sun will disappear behind the moon, turning daylight into twilight, the temperature will drop rapidly, and massive streamers of light will streak through the sky around the silhouette of the moon. During totality, the area inside the moon’s shadow is cloaked in twilight — a strange and fascinating feeling to experience in the middle of the day.

Just before and just after totality, observers will see a cloak of darkness moving toward them across the landscape, and then moving away. BUT REMEMBER: Looking directly at the sun, even when it is partially covered by the moon, can cause serious eye damage or blindness. NEVER look at a partial solar eclipse without proper eye protection. FYI: A total solar eclipse won’t be visible in the U.S. again until 2024, but it won’t be traveling over the Northwest.

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Leo starla's starcast on equality365.comLeo
July 23-August 22

Take a bow, because everything’s coming up Leo. That is, in favor of Leo. And if you have been doing your astro homework, you have prepared yourself. When feisty Mars moves into fiery Leo on July 20th to stay there until September 5th, you will be in a place you love—the spotlight. The Sun enters Leo two days later. You’ll turn into a fireball of energy, moving faster and faster with exhilarating joy that will inspire others. No more cajoling or compromising to get your own way. People will eagerly listen to you, agree with you and follow your lead. And there’s more. The new moon beams in your home sign on the 23rd. (Just take care on the 24th, when Saturn slaps Venus around.)

You don’t have to reach for the moon: it is reaching for you. And the possibilities are endless. Unless, of course, you decide to rest on your laurels—yes, there are lazy Leos, which, darling beasties, would be a huge faux pas. Decide what you want and go after it; success is within reach.

Not only will you have the new moon in Leo on the 23rd, but the Sun, Mars, and Mercury as well. Mars will have great influence on this new moon–energy, action, sex, sports, anger, and war. Then Uranus throws his unpredictability into the ring to ignite tension–explosive, maybe even dangerous.

Maintain your self-possession and keep your wits about you. Your charm and confidence can handle whatever comes along, as long as you don’t let the attention go to your head.

New moons designate the end of one cycle and herald the beginning of another. Simply put, a fresh start. You can throw out the old habits and usher in the new. The vibes of this moon will linger until the August 21st new moon/total solar eclipse, also in your home sign.

Mercury moves into Virgo and your second house of earned income on July 25th, and the Sun conjuncts Mars in Leo on the 27th. Good for money; great for passion.

As July ends, the love goddess and money magnet Venus enters into Cancer and your twelfth house of secrets and spirituality. You could fondle your gold bullion, while you duet with your sweetheart to a rare Cole Porter tune, “Why Don’t We Try Staying Home?” Just add candlelight and champagne to embellish the evening.

August begins with Uranus going retrograde in Aries on the 3rd, which lasts until January 2, 2018. Its impact comes with astro mumble-jumble about a fixed star named Regulus, cataclysm, and a warning that Andromeda Galaxy is on a collision course with the Milky Way (never mind that the collision won’t happen for another four billion years.) What does it all add up to? Karma, and a chance to come to terms with your past lives.

Now for the big news. Two of August’s astro events will be powerful and impact your life. There are two eclipses ahead; August 7th for the full moon/lunar eclipse in Aquarius and your seventh house, and August 21st for the powerful new moon/total solar eclipse in Leo. Yes, there are two consecutive months with new moons in your sign. And you don’t want to miss either one of them. New moons stir up new energies which create new opportunities, which is even better when the moon is in your home sign. And because Mercury is going retrograde in early August (the 12th) in Virgo and your second house of earned income, decisions must be made before he does so. In fact, before August begins. So don’t dawdle.

With the lunar eclipse occurring in your seventh house, partnerships may be tested Best scenario: If your relationship is strong, don’t worry. Worst scenario, you may have to compromise and negotiate, your own needs balanced against another’s. Some things will be easy, others not so. Jupiter squares Pluto at the same time. Folks could be ruthless to reach their aspirations, and you have to deal with them. Unless, of course, you are the greedy, ruthless one.

However, Pluto is also making friendly overtures to the Sun at the same time. You can clear the emotional baggage out of your life. This lunar eclipse marks a turning point, and the universe will share some hidden clues. They may seem threatening at first, but over time, your life will be the better for it. For you, dear pussycat, it means being willing to suspend your ego to embrace future possibilities.

Mercury’s in that way again. Yes, he’s gone retrograde in your second house of earned income. Your email could go down. So could your server. Or your hard drive could crash. So back up everything, just in case. Communications about money may be late or go astray. You have to grin and bear it for three weeks. He won’t be direct until September 5th

Sound the trumpets to announce the even bigger news, which is astro-licious for you. The new moon/total solar eclipse is in Leo on August 21st. The Great American Total Solar Eclipse, as it’s being called, will occur in your home sign. It’s a doozy. It’s friendly, but will have a huge impact on your life. It’s a much more powerful new moon in Leo than you experienced in July—at least three times as potent. Change is in the air. You will be in the limelight, which proud Leos adore. But with the solar eclipse comes an opportunity for personal development–if you are willing to take a good look at yourself and your weaknesses. Yes, even you have them, but so does every sign. And you must l also acknowledge your strengths—although you do have a tendency to flaunt them. However, an honest appraisal of your character and traits can lead to self-enrichment and herald glorious new horizons. Fie on self-gratification. Say goodbye to arrogance, and hello to epiphanies.

Both physical and psychological, the total solar eclipse is more inspirational than a Tony Robbins rally. They can inspire, motivate or pressure; possibilities are amazing. A total solar eclipse has a cycle of six months, and with it in your first house, you can be a star. I know you think you are already one. But wouldn’t you like to shine even brighter? You can stand the world on its ear. But do it with grace and dazzling humility.

virgo starla's starcast on equality365.comVirgo
August 23-September 22

Take a deep breath, Virgo. You’re in for an astrological hullabaloo, since Mars roared into Leo and your twelfth house on July 20th. Behind-the scenes, there’s oodles of activity. The Sun joined Mars on the 23rd. but you’ll need to use caution on the 24th when loving Venus tangles with restrictive Saturn. Then Mercury enters your home sign on the 25th, enhancing your eye for details and analysis.

The atmosphere around you will be seething with emotion when the Sun conjuncts Mars in Leo and your twelfth house. You may be all hot and bothered over something and aching to pounce. This Sun/Mars combo loves to chase and conquer, and then move on. But you are the practical earthy type, so the combustion may be short-lived or put to good use. You would be better off nurturing a hidden talent, which in turn would boost your self-esteem.

The new moon on the 23rd joins Mars in your twelfth house of the three “S’s”–secrets, seclusion, and spirituality. So don’t spill any secrets or blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Your keen, critical nature may mean well, but never dish it out unless you can take it in return. With your twelfth house highlighted, some wheeling and dealing may be going on behind the scenes. It’s all for your benefit; just wait and watch so you can make the right decision.

Your ruler Mercury moves into your homesign on the 25th, so that may speed things up for you. Besides, your career should be going well, thanks to Venus in your tenth house until July 30th. On that day, Venus and Uranus make nice, so you may benefit, either financially or prestigiously.

Note to earthy gods and goddesses, you should take a well-deserved break at the end of July. Take Thomas Hardy’s advice and stay “Far From the Madding Crowd.” As the hardest worker in the astro universe, you deserve one. Surely, a quiet little giggle can’t hurt.

Venus goes into compatible Cancer on July 31st, which bodes well for romance. No one should ever think Virgos are not romantic. They have been known to woo with poetry and panache to sweep a perspective lover off his/her feet.

August begins with Uranus going retrograde in Aries on the 3rd, which lasts until January 2, 2018. You should be quivering, since this puts an emphasis on your mysterious eighth house which equates other people’s money, obsessive passion, taxes, debts, and loss. Astro folks sometimes call it the “house of others,” Uranus is always unpredictable, and you will have 155 days to experience his shenanigans before he turns direct. So quiver on, earthy one.

On August 4th, Jupiter squares Pluto, sparking creative differences, and perhaps an intense showdown over money, power, and love. Jupiter expands; Pluto transforms. Take the high road and maintain a balance. Lasting success is built on integrity–not corruption and greed.

Mark your calendar for August 7th and the full moon/lunar eclipse in Aquarius and your sixth house of work and health. Changes may abound, and emotional energy surges. You need to take a look at you routines, both at work and in matters of health. Like most Virgos, you are probably putting in over 40 hours a week, and as a result, you could be neglecting your health. However, probably not, Virgos tend to be hypochondriacs.

A head’s up: Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde on August 12th until September 5th. Time to revisit ideas and work on ongoing projects. Or rekindle your feelings for a former flame.

Now comes the big gun—a new moon/total solar eclipse on August 21st in Leo and your twelfth house of secrets and seclusion. It’s powerful—with the energies of three new moons–and for you, all about the marriage of psychological development and spiritual growth. You may have to face some of your fears–for your own good. Secrets may be revealed—or not. Better to own up, whether it’s good or bad. Repression can lead to deception, and it’s all downhill from there. So take care of your inner self, if you want your soul to soar. Whatever you do now will set the scene for the next six months. That’s how long the vibes of a total solar eclipses linger.

libra starla's starcast on equality365.comLibra
September 23-October 22

You need to be more decisive, and stop diddle-daddling around. It’s time to focus on your career. Mars has been breathing fire in your tenth house of fame and fortune since June 4th. Hopefully you’ve made the most of his visit, because he’s about to move on to your eleventh house of friends, associations and opportunity on the 20th. As Martha Stewart might say, “That’s a good thing.” But there’s another reason to take action now. Mercury the messenger will go retrograde on August 12th, so you need to make your moves before then. The sooner, the better.

The sun joins Mars in your eleventh house on July 22nd, and your social whirl begins. Plus there’s also a new moon/lunar eclipse in the same house on the 23rd. You’re already a social darling, but now you’re royalty. Hostesses will base their successes on whether you attend their parties.

But friendships may be tested, because others envy your popularity. If this occurs, and there’s a good chance it will, you need to be diplomatic, which comes naturally to elegant Libra. You’ll also need to weather a small glitch on the 24th, when your ruler, Venus, takes a hit from Saturn. Stay on the high road and don’t obsess over it.

Meanwhile, there’s a planetary party in friendly Leo and your eleventh house—the Sun, new moon, Mars, and Mercury. You’re probably meeting a horde of new people who acknowledge your talents and want to open doors for you. Your ruler Venus promises romance galore, while Mars plans to liven up your sex life. The last week of July, Uranus the unpredictable will join forces with Venus the goddess of love to shower you with her bling.

Your planetary ruler Venus moves into emotional and cozy Cancer on July 31st. affecting money, relationships, self-esteem and security. Since she’s positioned in your tenth house, you’ll be oozing charm and can easily schmooze VIPs to advance your career and increase your income.

Come August 3rd, Uranus goes retrograde in Aries and your seventh house of relationships and won’t be direct until January 2, 2018. Tempers may flair, as impatience and independence surface. Can you say restless? This will affect your partnerships, both business and personal. It will also be a challenge to maintain your cool, because changes are eminent. Don’t be a bossy pants, and don’t let others boss you. That could bring on a migraine (Well, Aries does rule the head.). This could also ignite your entrepreneurial abilities. With unpredictable Uranus, you never know what will happen. It can be joyful; it can be sad; it can be mad. But it will never be boring.

There’s another planetary cross to bear on August 4th, when Jupiter in Libra and your first house of self squares Pluto in Capricorn and your fourth house of home and family. Optimism goes up against the pushy/ruthless transformer. Think of it as a nurturing gesture.

The first eclipse in August is a full moon/lunar eclipse on August 7th in Aquarius and your fifth house of creativity, true love and frolic. Your love affair may be tested, but if it’s true, you have nothing to worry about. Or you may visualize a new creation of some sort, or you may overdo the bubbly at a posh party and dance on the furniture. Just don’t scratch the Chippendale—unless, of course, you’re dancing in Trump Tower and Chippendale’s a gilded knockoff.

You should think ahead, since Mercury is going retrograde in Virgo and your twelfth house. Pay attention to your dreams; he may send you a message. Although you may feel as if you’re all alone in the world, it’s actually a time of spirituality and increased sensitivity.

Breaking News: There’s another new moon in Leo on August 21st, and it comes with a total solar eclipse three times as powerful as July’s new moon. It’s happening in your eleventh house of friends, wishes, and good will. Think about what you can do to make the world a better place (We are not talking about violence.) Ask yourself how you can make a difference? A total solar eclipse creates a sizzling atmosphere. Wear your heart on your sleeve and say what you’ve been thinking. The eclipse double dares you.

scorpio starla's starcast on equality365.comScorpio
October 23-November 21

Your ruler Mars enters Leo and your tenth house of fame and fortune on July 20th for a sojourn until September 5th. This is big, as he won’t be back in Leo until late spring of 2019. So the here and now is going to be marvelous for your professional interests, you sexy stinger. The Sun follows suit on the 23rd, and right after the Sun, the new moon also beams brightly in Leo. All three are in your tenth house. Here’s a metaphor: Pretend you are singer, Simon just hit the golden buzzer. Buzzer, not shower, you naughty thing.

Originality sets you apart from wannabes, but you can expect a bit of melee along the way. It would be a waste of time, especially when the Sun conjuncts Mars on the 27th.

Venus enters Cancer and your ninth house of travel, philosophy, and publishing on the 31st. Better stop and think before you book a flight. You may be much too busy to travel. Wise decision, since there are two important eclipses in August which will enhance your energy, passion, and charisma.

On August 3rd, Uranus goes retrograde in Aries and your sixth house of work, daily routines, and health, and it won’t be direct until January 2, 2018. He’s Mr. Unpredictable may lob a few curve balls at you, taking advantage of your restlessness and tendency to favor an unconventional lifestyle. And you need to stop procrastinating—it’s a lose-lose situation. If you’re going to be a professional predator—and I say that in the nicest way–you need to know when to pounce.

When Jupiter in Libra and your twelfth house of secrets squares Pluto in Capricorn and your third house of communication on the 4th, there may be some closed-door meetings, etc.—without YOU!. Think of it as the McConnell Syndrome, and act accordingly.

You’re getting mooned on the 7th. A full moon/lunar eclipse shines down in Aquarius and your 4th house of home and family. There may be some emotional agitation—family dramas, home repairs, sibling skirmishes, coveting cousins, or pushy seniors. You can make a run from it, but most likely you can’t escape this denouement. Try not to get into a spat with your neighbors. Or you could show off your gracious manners and allow a chosen few into your inner psychological space. It’s a conundrum. Space out or more space.

On August 12th Mercury the messenger is going retrograde in Virgo in your eleventh house of friends and associates until September 5th. This could cause problems, frustrations, and misunderstandings, Better to grin and bear it. Summon your patience—not easy for intense Scorp. Worst case scenario, you can go off and brood. Brooders can be sexy, but they can also be gloomy. And when a Scorpio is gloomy, people run for the hills. On a positive note, use the retro time to network or revamp your social connections. You could always unfriend people on Facebook.

But your astro aspects aren’t all bad. A new moon/total solar eclipse is scheduled to happen on August 21st. It’s being called the Great American Solar Eclipse. And it’s happening in Leo and your tenth house of fame and fortune. It’s the second new moon in Leo–the second one to do so in a month. But this new moon is three times more powerful than the one in July. There will be pressure to succeed, so you need to be on your toes. If you need an image, think of it as a career-changing ballet. Dance well and applause follows. Recognition leads can lead to stardom. Or you can fall back on your sneaky side and seek power behind the scenes. You have the hutzpah to become an elusive magnate whose underlings are moved around like pawns on a chess board. And you are their maniacal master.

sagittarius starla's starcast on equality365.comSagittarius
November 22-December 21

Mars moved into Leo and your ninth house of travel, philosophy, and publishing on July 20th. That should help ease your financial concerns. Two days later, the Sun enters Leo and your ninth house as well. So chances are, you’re yearning for adventure and excitement.

The new moon on July 23rd joins the Sun and Mars in your ninth house, another indication you should heads for parts unknown. Maybe you’re doing research for a book, or want to seek philosophical wisdom from Tibetan monks. You could contact Richard Gere, of course, but if he’s not picking up, you could sit down with a few existentialists—in Paris–and debate the meaning of life.

You’re such a happy sign, Sagie, and foreign shores are beckoning to you. Whether you’re running with the bulls in Spain, bear-sighting in Alaska, or bargaining in the markets in Morocco, people will enjoy your company. With the Sun conjunct Mars in Leo on the 27th, you are a sparkling ambassador of sunshine and joy.

If you’re still thinking about cash flow, you should celebrate when Venus moves into Cancer and your eighth house of other people’s money on the 31st. Money may be just around the corner, as well as a fascinating stranger who could entice you to join him in a mysterious and passionate interlude.

As August kicks off, Uranus goes retrograde in Aries and your fifth house of true love, creativity and frolic on the 3rd. This will last for 155 days, so you’ll have no choice but to deal with it. Nothing is ever certain when Mr. Unpredictable is retro. When he’s in fiery Aries and your fifth house, romance and creativity will be unconventional, erratic and spontaneous. Temper tantrums will abound, so you’ll need to find healthy outlets for your anger and frustration. One minute you reach Nirvana, and another you’re reaching for a drink. Choose your battles carefully. If retreat is called for, do it with diplomacy.

The very next day, Jupiter has a showdown with Pluto. Plans could go awry, especially if they’re about money or career matters. Try not to throw a hissy fit. Somehow, Sagies always wake up with a song in their heart, even if the night before was tumultuous.

Now it’s time to prepare yourself for a full moon/lunar eclipse in Aquarius and your third house of communication. Chances are everyone will start talking at once, as communication takes a dramatic turn. Meanwhile, email messages are coming from left and right, as you scramble to multitask. Your car could break down. Your neighbor could fuss about this or that. Expect change and last minute decisions. You may have to use those terrific acting skills that Sagies are born with to bring closure to past endeavors. But not to worry, the upcoming new moon/total solar eclipse will usher in new opportunities.

But before that happens, Mercury is going retrograde in practical Virgo and your tenth house of fame and fortune which could put the kibosh on a deal or promotion. Don’t sign any contracts or agreements during this time. In fact, you should not sign anything 10 days before or after a retrograde ends. It will be over September 5th, so wait until the 15th before you sign anything or embark on a new endeavor. Deal with things already in progress, communicate with clarity, and keep a copy of every email you send. And finally, hold off on buying electronics until Mercury goes direct.

Hark, here comes the astro coup d’etat: The new moon/total solar eclipse in Leo an in your 9th house on August 21st. If you weren’t convinced about foreign travel when July’s new moon beamed you should be now. The world is your teacher, so go forth and learn. If you’re a journalist, write. If you’re a philosopher, examine ethics and morality issues. The White House would be a good place to begin. This eclipse is powerful and phenomenal. Make the most of it, Sagie-Pooh.

capricorn starla's starcast on equality365.comCapricorn
December 22-January 19

If Mars has given you a rough time, rejoice. He moved into Leo on the 20th. Most likely he raised a ruckus in your seventh house of relationships. But you survived. Now he’s focusing on your eighth house of other people’s money, sexuality, and transformation.

When the Sun moves into Leo to join the warrior planet in your eighth house, transformation and change follow. With Mars involved, there may be conflicts over property and money—even sex. You need to fine-tune your strategies to deal with personal issues and intimacy. It’s a delicate task, deeply rooted in your psyche, but one that may better define your personal strengths and talents. Get busy, Capie, the clock is ticking.

The Sun in Leo conjuncts the new moon in Leo on July 23rd. As always, this can be a time of new beginnings. What you need combines with what you want to create a harmonious desire. Changes are eminent, whether they involve a relationship, money, or attitude. Emotions may overflow, with the Sun, Mars and Mercury all in your eighth house. Passion can be over-the-top. Of whom? It’s up to you.

When Mercury moves into Virgo and your ninth house on the 25th, new details may emerge, thanks to your analytical brilliance. Two days later, the Sun conjuncts Mars in Leo, and you can expect a surge in confidence and bravado. If someone fires a question, you fire back an answer.

As July ends, Venus, the goddess of love and finances, moves into emotional Cancer and your seventh house of relationships. This could prompt you to spend more time at home, cooing and cuddling your lover. Or you could sweeten a new business agreement with a partner. Use flattery wisely, as the object of your affection, or deal, could be just as cunning as you.

August begins with Uranus turning retrograde in Aries in your fourth house of home and family on the 3rd. Uranus delights in surprises, both favorable and unfavorable, and there’s nothing you can do about it. He’s full of fire, and he’s going to toy with you. He won’t be direct until January 2, 2018. Meanwhile, your home life will be topsy turvy, with possible temper tantrums, unexpected disruptions, hasty decisions and a lickety-split pace. Even you, stable one, could be out of control during this time. On a positive note, you should be stimulated and you won’t be bored. Maybe change, you adorably stubborn goat, is just what you need.

The day after Uranus retrogrades, Jupiter in Libra and your tenth house of career squares Pluto in Capricorn in your home sign. Jupiter in Libra likes harmony while Pluto uses turmoil as a tool to promote security and transform your social status. You feel ambitious and full of confidence which is great. But with this square, you should tread lightly and avoid exaggerating your importance and power to others, and especially to yourself. You’re apt to run into some narrow-minded twits. That would be most upsetting and lead to frustration. Finesse is called for, rather than pushing your opinions on others. Gently applied, Capie, gently applied.

August  7th brings the first of two eclipses this month. First there is the full moon/lunar eclipse in Aquarius, your second house of earned income. The universe is giving you a cosmic shove concerning your finances. It has to do with issues of power and possession. In other words, determining what is yours and what is theirs. Life can be a bit crazy during a full moon, but you should concentrate on finishing projects. This lunar eclipse invites originality, intelligence, vision and emotion. Go ahead and strut your stuff, but try not to flaunt it. There’s fine line between the two.

Before the second eclipse of the month, Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo and your ninth house of travel and philosophical curiosity. Virgo likes perfection and tends to criticize. Mercury rules over all communications and technology and moves like lightening Expect some errors and glitches as well as insights and variables. It fosters intuition. And it’s a time to reexamine rather than rush into something. Or you might put your foot in your mouth. Just remember this: Don’t start new projects during a retrograde.

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for: The new moon/solar eclipse on August 21st, when the Sun and moon become one. It is happening in your eighth house of other people’s money, sexual experimentation, and transformation. It opens new doors of opportunity. And since it’s in your eighth house, you probably won’t be paying for anything. If it’s a sexual liaison, it could ignite your kinky side—you certainly will be aroused–and promises to be unforgettable, whether it elicits pleasure, disappointment, or fear. Or a combination of all three. Intensity and titillation can be spiritual, physical, and impact your psyche—or not. To put a twist on Freud’s thoughts, sometimes sex is just sex.

aquarius starla's starcast on equality365.comAquarius
January 20-February 18

With so many astro-events in your opposing sign Leo and your seventh house during late July and August, relationships take on added importance. This trend began when feisty Mars entered Leo on the 20th, intensified when the Sun followed suit two days later, was full blown when the new moon beamed in Leo on the 23rd. It’s obvious you should be paying more attention to your partners, be they personal or professional. Admittedly, you can wander off alone and be content, since you prefer to avoid intimacy and confrontation. Instead you clam up until others throw hissy fits to get your attention. It’s not that you don’t care; you just get distracted by the wondrous possibilities of the universe.

On the 25th, Mercury moves on to prissy Virgo and your eighth house of other people’s money, sex, and transformation. Minor details will take on importance. Logic, precision, and structure might crowd into your free-thinking intellectual haven of curiosity. And others seem eager to criticize your ideas and actions. They may have lost sight of the big picture. But keep this in mind–yes, they can sometimes be whiny, but they’re good in a crisis.

There’s another big Leo moment when the Sun conjuncts Mars on the 27th. The atmosphere will crackle with spontaneity and uncontrolled energy. It can spark aggression and impatience. But sex will be wild and passionate (You’re may be fanning yourself at the thought.), and creativity can reach new heights. The secret to this rendezvous is to release your pent-up energy in a positive manner. Dance till you drop. Sing till you lose your voice. Work out until you’re too weary to cause trouble. Make love till you’re spent. And so forth.

Romance should be sweet, especially the last week of July, courtesy of Venus and Uranus. Schedule a weekend of love and laughter with your sweetheart. You won’t be sorry, and you might be satiated.

Venus moves into Cancer and your sixth house of work and health on the 31st . The love goddess nourishes and brings harmony. In Cancer, she’s more emotional and affectionate. But Venus can also turn you into a demanding baby, if you think your emotional needs are not being met. You may want to improve your work habits. And it wouldn’t hurt to schedule check-ups with your doctor and dentist. There’s a good chance you may do more socializing at work, but don’t flirt yourself in a sexual harassment suit. Because, if you’re not in a committed relationship, you may find yourself attracted to a colleague. Bottom line, Venus just wants you to be happy.

On August 3rd, surprise-a-minute Uranus turns retrograde in Aries and your third house of communication, learning, and neighbors. Major changes in your life may be afoot. A breakthrough could be eminent in the way you communicate. You may even experience flashes of ingenuity. You could get un-stuck from a situation. And risk may be an everyday event. Crazy ideas and unexpected events may not be so crazy after all. Plus, you’ve got 155 days to think about them.

Jupiter in Libra and your tenth house challenges Pluto in Capricorn in your 12th house on August 4th. This is one of the most powerful aspects in astrology. On the one hand you have expansion and harmony, while on the other, you have your deepest secrets and repressed emotions trying to overcome your inner demons, doubts and ghosts of the past. It’s a bit like Plato’s cave where experiences are nothing but shadows on a wall. And you are looking for the light.

The full moon/lunar eclipse shines in your own sign and your first house on August 7th. The Sun opposes the Moon. What you can expect is the unexpected and a flurry of unconventional behavior. And you’re at the helm of it. It’s both negative and positive. The negative could make you greedy, selfish, and ruthless, while the positive can lead to happiness and success. This will impact your closest relationships. You are encouraged to clear out your emotional baggage to make room for the future.

Just when you thought you could take a deep breath, Mercury the messenger goes retrograde in Virgo and your eighth house of other people’s money, sexual intensity, and philosophy of the spirit. Virgo wants perfection; Mercury wants to keep moving. And when he can’t, he rails at restrictions. But it can be a time of heightened inner awareness. The best way to deal with it is to review, reorganize and reflect. It’s also a good time to think outside the box, which comes naturally to Aquarians. Whatever you dream up, you must wait until Mercury goes direct on September 5th to follow through. And one more instruction: Don’t buy any electronics until a couple weeks after the retrograde ends.

Last, but by no means least, is the new moon/total solar eclipse on the 21st, another event in Leo and your seventh house. But this new moon is three times as powerful as the one in July. Your brilliance will shine, as this eclipse should be friendly. If you are in a committed, relationship, you could get engaged or married. A business arrangement could solidify. Your innovative theories will be well received by your partners. Best of all, smarty pants, the effects of a solar eclipse will linger on for six more months.

pisces starla's starcast on equality365.comPisces
February 19-March 20

You’re going to be busy, Pisces. The warrior Mars moved into Leo and your sixth house of work and health on the 20th to stay until September 5th. Mercury is already there. The Sun follows suit two days later, and the new moon beams—you guessed it—in your sixth house on the 23rd.

Your energy will be off the charts. Whether you work for someone or are self-employed, you’re sure to be more competitive, make more money, and enhance your reputation.

You may work in the entertainment industry, or some other part of the cultural arts. These wonderful workaday vibes will last until August 21st when a new moon/total solar eclipse takes place in Leo and your sixth house.

The universe wants to reward you for all your hard work. A very plum assignment could come along which bring even more accolades. And with all this action in your sixth house, you need to take good care of yourself and stay healthy.

However, you should keep a low profile on the 24th, when Venus in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius.

The next day, Mercury moves into Virgo and your seventh house of relationships. You’ll need to pay closer attention to details. Well, there are moments when you do have a hard time keeping both feet on the ground. That said, the Sun conjuncts Mars on the 27th—again in your sixth house of work and health.

Venus moves into Cancer and your fifth house of true love, creativity and frolic on the 31st. You can relax a bit. Maybe you could lure a new love interest into you bower with a trail of fancy chocolates and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut. Sounds yummy, you saucy minx.

Uh-oh, here comes trouble. Uranus goes retrograde in Aries and your second house of money on August 3rd and he’ll stay there until January 2, 2018. It’s enough to make you throw a huge fit with possible kicking and screaming included. He’s the planet of shocks and surprises, so you never know when or what he’s going to spring on you. And it will either be naughty or nice. Your finances could fluctuate. Payments could get lost or be late, or there could be a fat bonus added to your check. Uranus can be exhilarating and exciting. But nothing is guaranteed and change is certain.

If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. You will also have to deal with Jupiter in Libra and your eighth house of other people’s money and sex when he squares Pluto in Sagittarius and your tenth house of fame and fortune on the 4th. This is bound to be dynamic and stressful. Together, these two planets want you to succeed, but they have different approaches, Jupiter is the planet of expansion; while Pluto is the planet of power. He has a plan for you, and he will not waiver. He can be destructive in order to be instructive. An astro sage once remarked, “We are never the same once Pluto touches our lives.” The good news is this the last time these two will square each other this year. So, hallelujah.

The first August eclipse occurs on the 7th: A full moon/lunar eclipse in Aquarius and your twelfth house. For Pisces, it denotes a need for rest and spiritual renewal. You been so busy, you need some down-time, or your emotions will boil over. There may be some action going on behind-the-scenes, and it’s possible some well-kept secret will be exposed. Hopefully, it’s not one of yours.

On August 12th, Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo and your seventh house of relationships, where he will stay until September 5th. Don’t get married during a retrograde, don’t schedule surgery, and don’t sign any contracts. Unspoken rules and past issues may surface during a disagreement with your partner. If you weather this, you will grow even closer. If you don’t, there’s always the door. However, remember that making up can be sweet and sexy.

The new moon/solar eclipse (Sun conjunct Moon in Leo) in your sixth house of work is a powerful get-together. Take advantage of it, because it won’t happen again until late spring of 2024. All the same advantages apply from July’s new moon, but this one is three times as powerful, and its vibes will linger for six more months. So rise and shine, Pisces. This time you are swimming with the current, and your career should soar.

aries starla's starcast on equality365.comAries
March 21-April 19

Shout for joy, Aries. Your planetary ruler, Mars moved into Leo and your fifth house of true love, creativity and frolic on July 20th. Two days later, the Sun follows suit, and on the 23rd, the new moon also joins the merriment in your fifth house. And you are so ready for fun. You can entertain, or make the social rounds. Or both.

The new moon affirms your leadership skills. After all, Aries and Leo are both fire planets. This astro blaze will dazzle the universe. You’ll be competitive—you like to win. You aren’t afraid to go after what you want. In fact, you love action and ooze self-confidence. But be aware that Venus and Saturn are tangling on the 24th. Try not to get involved, no matter how much you love a ruckus. And don’t take things personally.

Mercury moves into Virgo and your sixth house of work and health on the 25th. You could get bogged down by details. Simple solution: Delegate the work to someone who’s known for being picky. Even if you’re deluged with work, keep going to the gym. You need to keep up your stamina.

More fifth house news. The Sun and Mars are conjunct on the 27th. You’re overflowing with charm and charisma. Your creativity abounds, and your love life lights up the universe. If you’re single, you could meet the love of your life, and if you’re already in a committed relationship, it gets even more committed. You may be thinking about a baby. Or maybe, your sweetie dresses in pinafores or lederhosen and likes be spanked.

Your popularity soars, and you are living life to its fullest. If you need a break from the social whirl, July 31st could be perfect. Venus the goddess of love moves into Cancer, who loves intimate evenings at home. Candlelight, fine wine and a gourmet dinner, followed by a lover’s frolic, followed by a scrumptious dessert, followed by—okay, you get the picture.

August 3rd brings a downer. Unpredictable Uranus goes retro in your home sign and your first house until January 2, 2018. Woe is you, fire-baby. (Yes, you are the baby of the Zodiac). Temper tantrums, rebellion, and impulsive behavior come to mind. And risk is your middle name. You may fly off the handle over the silliest thing. You may have to go the gym several times a day to work off your anger. If you misbehave too badly, your friends may stage an intervention. Bottom line, something’s gotta give. And it probably won’t be you.

The angst doesn’t ease. The day after the retrograde, Jupiter and Saturn go after each other. Jupiter’s in Libra and your seventh house of relationships, and Pluto’s in Capricorn and your tenth house of fame and fortune. What could go wrong? Jupiter will have a calming influence (He just wants you to be fashionable and fair.), while Pluto casts a spell on your social standing, power, and career. Hopefully, this aspect will be over soon after it begins. Cross your fingers.

To add to the planetary melee, on the 12th Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo and your sixth house of work and health. Don’t sign anything, don’t get married in Vegas, but do take care of your health. Just hang on. This will be over on September 5th.

At last, a reason to cheer. On August 21st, the Sun conjuncts the new moon in Leo and your fifth house. In fact, it’s a new moon/total solar eclipse, three times as powerful as the one in July. You can resume your quest for true love, embellish your creativity, and frolic to your heart’s content. Chances are you’re accumulating a summer of wonderful memories.

taurus starla's starcast on equality365.comTaurus
April 20-May 20

When feisty Mars entered Leo and your fourth house of home and family on the 20th, he may have set off some volatile emotions. Things aren’t about to settle down. The Sun enters Leo two days later. And on the 23rd, the new moon joins both Mars and the Sun in your fourth house. Like the song goes, “There’ll be some changes made.”

The bevy of planets in your fourth house puts July and August’s focus on your home and family. Romance will have to wait. Maybe you’re thinking of renovating. Maybe you’re thinking of buying more property. Or maybe you’re thinking of moving. There will be choices and opportunity. And once you make up your mind, you will stubbornly stick to your guns. Your planetary ruler Venus has nestled in your second house of earned income, so your coffers should be overflowing with cash and returns on your investments.

But Venus does run into a little trouble. She has a domestic scuffle with bossy Mars in your fourth house on the 24th. It will be irritating, but not earth shattering.

There’s a sigh of relief when Mercury moves into Virgo and your fifth house of true love, creativity, and frolic on the 25th. You two earth signs work well together. And you’re both thrifty.

When the Sun conjuncts Mars in Leo and your fourth house on the 27th, it’s another confirmation of your decision to dabble in real estate, either buying or selling.

Your ruler Venus enters emotional Cancer and your third house on July 31st, which highlights communication and your neighborhood. Everything should be “loverly” with a nod to Eliza Doolittle. Cuddling is encouraged as well. And because you are a sensual sign, you should be able to sneak in some sex.

Retrogrades can be a nuisance, and Uranus proves it when he goes retro in Aries and your twelfth house of secrets and spirituality on the 3rd. He is unpredictable, and you’re not thrilled about surprises. Too bad, earthy one; you can’t stop him. And you won’t know whether it’s favorable or unfavorable until it happens. He’s a bit like Shakespeare’s mischievous fairy Puck in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” His best of intentions, but they sometimes go awry.

Jupiter in Libra and your sixth house squares Pluto in Capricorn and your ninth house of foreign travel, philosophy, and publishing on the 4th. It’s a heavy duty aspect and will most likely cause tension at your job. Or you could fall down at work and have to cancel your travel plans.

Emotions run high during August 7th’s full moon/lunar eclipse in Aquarius and your tenth house of fame and fortune. Taurus and Aquarius are not bosom buddies. They have different agendas. But they might be willing to join forces for a meaningful humanitarian cause at a posh fundraiser, rubbing shoulders and who-knows-what with wealthy movers and shakers. It’s a good career move, and a tax deduction for you, honey bull.

Another retrograde is on the horizon. Mercury goes retro on August 12th in Virgo and your fifth house of true love, creativity and frolic. You could make your social rounds and talk about one of your favorite subjects—money. If you are an artist—many Taurus folks are–you could run into criticism from some know-it-all snob about your latest creation or performance. Sometimes you can’t avoid these types; they may be donating big bucks to the arts. Paste on that practiced smile and hope they run out of steam. Or pretend you have to tinkle and excuse yourself with a slight bow.

The event everyone’s been talking about is finally here. August 21st and the new moon/total solar eclipse in Leo and your fourth house of home and family. It’s obvious you should be looking into the possibilities of moving, buying or renovating. You’re adamant—mostly likely, stubborn–about the type of home life you desire. It must be comfortable, secure, and appealing. Same thing with family relationships. Tensions could run high during the eclipse and you may see red. Once you’ve had your say, you can invent a reason to get out of the house. You could drive around and look at the for-sale signs. Maybe stop in at an open house and channel your frustrations into the price of real estate..

gemini starla's starcast on equality365.comGemini
May 21-June 20

Everybody’s having twins these days. And since you have at least two personalities, you are in fashion. Life has been exhausting lately, and you need a change (Don’t you always?) On July 20th, Mars moved into Leo and your third house of communication, neighbors, and short trips. The Sun did the same two days later, and a new moon will shine in Leo on the 23rd. Some things are coming to an end, which usually happens during a full moon. And people can be emotional, but you’re able to let that roll off your back. Neighbors or partners may be especially grumpy on the 24th. Even you could get testy. Blame Venus and Saturn, who are opposing each other, and go about your business.

On July 25th, your ruling planet Mercury the Messenger enters Virgo and your fourth house of home and family. Others could run at the mouth in a critical diatribe. Just look them in face and say, “Get over it.” If that doesn’t shut them up, seek solitude and let that marvelous mind of yours relive some of your treasured memories. Or cozy up to the family raconteur and let her/him ramble.

Two days later, the Sun conjuncts Mars in Leo and your third house of communication and neighbors. Gemini actually co-rules the third house with Mercury, so you should be more articulate than usual. With Mars involved, discussions could evolve into arguments. Don’t take comments personally. There’s a tendency to be impatient or impulsive. If so, don’t run with scissors or play with knives. Unless you have honed the latter into an art. Then you can run away cutlery and join the circus.

Venus enters Cancer and your second house of earned income on July 31st, and she couldn’t be happier. There could be money issues, because you love to buy the latest technical gadgets. Venus also favors romance. Maybe you can combine the two.

Astro alert for August 3rd. Uranus is going retrograde in Aries and your eleventh house of friends and associates. You never know what he’s up to. One minute he’s plotting a coup; the next, he’s lavishing you with joy. So you can expect several ups and downs during his 155-day tenure. But you’re flexible. You’re an air sign, If you’re prone to headaches, he will give you one (Aries rules the head and face.). Impatience and anger are part of his entourage. Combined with Gemini’s airy brilliance, Uranus could spark breakthroughs or breakdowns. But he’s also the planet that sparks that “Aha!” moment Oprah espouses. When he transits your eleventh house, you may change directions without a moment’s notice. Your friends may think you’ve lost your way, but you may think you’ve found it. And perhaps you have.

Right after Uranus goes retro, Jupiter in Libra and your fifth house of true love, creativity and mirth squares off against Pluto in Capricorn and your eighth house of other people’s money, sexual passion, and transformation. This could be intense for your relationships, because Pluto rules the eighth house. And it’s his way or the highway. Jupiter wants harmony; Pluto wants change. Guess who wins.

August 7th marks the full moon/lunar eclipse in fellow air-sign, Aquarius and your ninth house of foreign travel, philosophy and publishing. You’ve worn yourself out pondering the meaning of life, and you’re hungry for adventure and fun. And along the way, you might experience the enlightenment you’ve been searching for.

Time for another retrograde. For this one, your planetary ruler Mercury is going retro in Virgo and your fourth house of home and family. There could be an upheaval of some kind. But your family is probably used to your eccentric theories, so they may just shrug their shoulders. It’s easier when they don’t gang up on you with criticism.

The whole country is excited by the new moon/total solar eclipse in Leo and your third house of communication and neighbors. It’s will be powerful and magnificent and won’t happen again until late spring in 2024. Thousands of amateur astronomers are making their way to prime viewing spots. Confusion comes with a new moon, but there’s also a fervor in the air that is infectious. A brainiac like you must be over the moon, pun intended.

cancer starla's starcast on equality365.comCancer
June 21-July 22

Mars entered Leo and your second house of money on July 20th. The Sun did the same two days later, and on the 23rd the new moon beamed brightly in Leo and your second house of money as well. With fiery Mars in your homesign—you’ve waited two years for this—everything’s fabulous. You’re full of vinegar and spice and ready for action, Money should roll in, and projects should roll out. Like Big Mama in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” you can spend and spend and spend. You’re leading with confidence, and relationships are blossoming. It’s the perfect time to ask for a raise.

On July 27th, The Sun conjuncts Mars in Leo and your second house of money. You can add to that secret stash you never tell anyone about. The Sun gives you charm and Mars gives you confidence. Then Venus moves into emotional Cancer and your first house on the 31st. What a wonderful way to end the month! The love goddess could teach you a few subtle moves to maximize your magnetism without looking needy. And there’s more romance ahead. Venus has settled in your sign through the 25th of next month.

August begins with a retrograde on the 3rd. Uranus goes retro in Aries and your tenth house of fame, fortune and career. He’s a wild and crazy planet, unpredictable and full of mischief. Your emotional intensity hits the Richter scale at 9.9. All those feelings are running wild internally, and sooner or later they will explode. That would not be good for your career. You could try hiding in your shell, but Uranus would just barge in. A breakthrough is possible. With the right moves from Uranus, you could take over the company. He dispenses flashes of ingenuity from out of nowhere. That’s his magic. So welcome the unknown. Take a risk. Be willing to blow it up and start all over again. Well, that’s going a bit too far. But you get the idea. As Auntie Mame advised, “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”

Following that planetary madness, Jupiter in Libra and your fourth house of home and family squares Pluto in Capricorn and your seventh house of relationships on the 4th. While Libra strives to be fair and fashionable, Pluto wreaks havoc wherever he goes. He’s determined to have his own way, and he never gives up. Evert. So there you have it. He will dally with your relationships as he sees fit. As a result, your home life could suffer and divide your family. A business partnership could go belly-up, and Pluto will claim it was a waste of your time. You never know what to expect. However, you should know that he never destroys that which is true. You will see profound changes in your relationship. And he may send someone into your life who reflects your flaws and weaknesses, so you can transform yourself. And if things take a tough turn, expansive Libra will soften the blow.

After that episode, Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo and you third house of communication and neighbors on the 12th. Although he’s a master of communication, your efforts could be ignored, rejected, or labeled spam in the cyber world. You may find yourself being brasher than usual—chalk that up to Virgo’s love of perfection and the need to criticize. You could go on the defensive. Or just “clam” up. Sorry Crabcakes, I couldn’t resist.

Now for glad tidings, on August 21st, a new moon/total solar eclipse takes place in Leo and your second house of money. This could invite prosperity or economic ruin. But Cancer is fairly cautious about finances, unless you over imbibe and decide to gamble away your life savings. That probably won’t happen. You’re more apt to hit win the lottery. Whatever occurs, this eclipse is a momentous occasion. You will never forget it, nor will anyone who has to listen to your tale. Over and over and over . . . .

To inquire about Starla doing an astro chart and/or a personal consultation for you or as a gift for a friend, please email her at starsviastarla  She also does gypsy readings—similar to Tarot, but using playing cards.


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