Starla’s Starcast January 2017

We are starting the new year out by introducing our newest column, Starla’s Starcast.  Starla’s Starcast January 2017 brings you an informative, fun and sometimes snarky look at what the stars have planned for you. Looks like the full moon/lunar eclipse later this month is going to shake things up for a lot of us. Check out your sign below…

Capricorn Starlas StarcastCapricorn
December 22-January 19

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is January’s full moon may have stirred up a problem with your partner or family. But the good news is that the Sun moves into your money house on the 19th. As the moon waxes, so does romance, your social life and your possible investors. Then, the new moon on January 27-28th shines a light on career advancement and maybe a raise. Do not wait too long to take advantage of these moon beams. Yes, Mercury’s retrograde is over, but he hooks up for a one night stand with Pluto on Jan 29th— the only time they get together this year. This may bring up deep issues. Be careful of tunnel vision. If your thinking is too rigid—you are known after all for being a stubborn goat–you could experience a surprise which forces you to rethink an idea, relationship or a project. The full moon/lunar eclipse on February 10th may raise a ruckus with finances. You can handle this; you have done so before. Keep in mind that persevering goats climb the highest mountains.

Aquarius Starlas StarcastAquarius
January 20-February 18

You may have wandered off to be alone during January’s full moon on the 12th. You probably needed me-time, especially if someone has been trying to be the boss of you. The new moon on January 27-28 falls in your sun sign, so earlier agitations will ease. You’ll feel calmer. Jupiter is lending you support, and come the 28th, Mars will do so as well. You may have been spending money right and left, but when Mars goes into Aries, your spendthrift should taper off, maybe even come to an end. And when the sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th, you will realize that somebody loves you. And that someone is YOU. The universe approves. Your self-confidence reaches a high. Pleasure and happiness abound. From the 19th on, lovers and beaus may line up at your door. Look out the peep hole, and don’t open it for just anyone. Hopefully, you’ve been setting up goals for 2017. Uranus and Saturn are working together to cheer you on. You may choose to change your appearance in some way, maybe a new hairstyle and wardrobe. Do this at the end of January-beginning of February. Forget about plastic surgery; you need to wait a few months. Besides, you need to prepare for the February 10th full moon/lunar eclipse. Changes are coming, and you want to be ready.

Pisces Starlas StarcastPisces
February 19-March 20

You are an adorable emotional wastebasket. That can work in your favor, especially with Mars and Venus in your Sun sign. You will be a charismatic and popular wastebasket. You social calendar is bulging at its seams. So what do you want? Love? Money? Success? Saturn the teacher is in your house of fame and fortune, so there’s been pressure pushing you forward. Hopefully you’ve learned some helpful lessons, because you are going to meet hordes of new people this year. If you are a writer, you are ripe for inspiration, perhaps in mid-January. Stay optimistic—no more pity parties for you, fishy-dear. The new moon in Aquarius on January 27-28 heightens your innate intuition. Look to the end of the month. Mars and Venus shower you –no, not a golden shower—with magic, making you nigh on irresistible. Romance should be terrific with a new interest. Ditto, if you’re already in a loving relationship. If you’ve been worried about money, a new creative project may come your way and ease your guilt about how much you’ve squandered on your pretty baubles. The full moon/lunar eclipse on February 10th occurs in your 6th house of work and health. There are bound to be dramas and changes in both. Luckily, you’re a mutable sign; your life has been full of changes. So don’t go mental and hike up your blood pressure. Your love life should be even better in February. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Aries Starlas StarcastAries
March 21-April 19

The new moon on January 27-28th shines down on your social life. On the same day, your ruling planet Mars moves into your first house. You will be on fire, but prone to impatience and explosive temper tantrums. Try to resist throwing hissy fits over petty annoyances. If you harness that flaming energy and charisma, you can accomplish projects faster than Harry Potter can wave his wand. Then brace yourself for the full moon/lunar eclipse in Leo on Feb. 10th, bringing drama and change. Emotions will be intense and volatile–family matters might be dicey–another reason to stay cool. Save that torch for the fire down below on Valentine’s Day.

Taurus Starlas StarcastTaurus
April 20-May 20

You survived Mercury’s retrograde which ended January 8th, and hopefully the full moon on the 12th wasn’t a downer. Nevertheless, if you’re in the process of negotiating a contract—just be sure the retro influences are over. It’s probably best to sign after the new moon on January 27-28th, when your career could get a well-earned boost. With Mars throwing kisses at your planetary ruler Venus, romance could heat up, especially around the 19th. Both the end of January and the first part of February continue to favor your work and career. The full moon/lunar eclipse on February 10th will shake up your fourth house of home and family. Be sure you get enough rest, and you will manage the extra stress just fine.

Gemini Starlas StarcastGemini
May 21-June 20

Uranus may have given you a run for your money during the first half of January. If so, it was probably unexpected, since Uranus is the master of surprises. Just hunker down and deal with it. You don’t want to lose the momentum of Mars in your 10th house of fame and fortune. The decisions you make will have an impact late February/early March. The new moon on January 27-28th in airy Aquarius may mean international dealings and/or travel. If you’re facing legal issues, there’s a good chance the outcome will be favorable. Saturn is still focused on your love life, so one more thing: Think before you speak, especially around February 10th. Mars and Saturn square off on January 19th, which causes frustration, especially for June Geminis like our Dear Leader-elect. Plus, he has serious Uranus problems; which makes him totally unpredictable and a born troublemaker. But we knew that, didn’t we? Poor Dear Leader. His inauguration could be fraught with difficulty. He should be careful where he puts those tiny little hands of his.

Cancer Starlas StarcastCancer
June 21-July 22

The full moon in Cancer might have taken a toll earlier in the month. But now it’s time to come out of your shell, Crabby-Cakes and focus on the positive. Mars, Neptune and Venus are still partying in Pisces. Mars splits on Jan. 28, but the other two continue to carouse, heating up romances until Feb. 3rd, when Venus slinks into Aries. It may be time to for you to think about taking that next step in your relationship, be it personal or professional. Take care of yourself. If you have been feeling sluggish, your health should improve around January 19th, and by Feb.7th, your energy and confidence will reboot. After January 28th, concentrate on your finances (as if they’re ever out of your mind). Make sure everything is in order. The lunar eclipse on February 10th takes place in your second house of money. This may force a new perspective on finances. The universe likes to keep you on your toes.

Leo Starlas StarcastLeo
July 23-August 22

Poor kitty-cat, is your mane drooping? Did some secret knock you off your throne? Cool your claws until the aftershock of the January 10th full moon wears off. In matters of love, wait until the 19th when the Sun moves into Aquarius, your seventh house of relationships. Time to set aside your self-loving persona and reach out to others. That way you can avoid accelerating conflicts with your partners, both at home and at work. The last week of January is favorable for meaningful relationships. Perhaps you’ll commit to a serious affair, or decide to marry. However, you need to brace yourself for the February 10th full moon/lunar eclipse, which takes place in your sign. Your self-image may need a do-over. And of course, you will be emotional. Join a gym or do a detox. Get out and about. Get rid of negative energy. If you’re single, you could meet someone special just in time for Valentine’s Day. And if you’re in a relationship, never mind, you already have.

Virgo Starlas StarcastVirgo
August 23-September 22

There may be some concerns about money, left over from earlier in the month. Your partner may offer to help. Don’t rush to refuse; think about it before you decide. Overall, with Jupiter in your money house, the first six months of 2017 should be prosperous. The weekend after the full moon could bring planetary bliss, thanks to Venus and Neptune conjunct in your seventh house of marriage and committed relationships. Mars is also lending his fiery vibes to heat up an affair. No question about it, you will feel cherished and loved. The new moon on January 27-28th may inspire you to explore new possibilities, perhaps a humanitarian cause or philosophical outlook. The full moon/lunar eclipse on Feb. 10 could cause your spirituality to go topsy-turvy. And friendships may be tested. All eclipses like to stir things up.

Libra Starlas StarcastLibra
September 23-October 22

There’s a good chance you have a planetary hangover as the result of the full moon. Blame Uranus and Pluto; they are acting out. Could be your partner, lover or business associate will spring a surprise, and if it’s unwelcome, you will just have to cope. The favorable Mars and Venus action in your sixth house will benefit your work, plus your family may also be on your mind. Oh well, you love beautiful things, and that includes yourself. If you’re already working out at the gym regularly, bravo. If you’re not, you should be. Think of all the gorgeous bodies to gaze upon, while you strut your own. You want to look your best when the new moon moves into your 5th house of true love, creativity and frolicking on January 27-28th. At the same time, Mars will also move into your 7th house, and Venus will join him on February 3rd. Whee! A new love may appear, or you and your partner will snuggle and coo. So, break out the champagne, Cristal might be just the ticket, only the best for Libras. On Feb 6th, Jupiter goes retrograde in your sign. Oh, that “R-word!” No need to panic. This gives you a chance to review opportunities that came up during the previous three months. You may discover a project or idea you missed the first time around. Luckily, Mercury will move into Aquarius, your airy cousin, on February 7th, which will encourage you to think outside the box. The full moon/lunar eclipse on Feb. 10 ignites drama and possible changes. Make sure your computers are backed up. And stay optimistic. After all, lucky Jupiter is basking in your sun sign till next October.

Scorpio Starlas StarcastScorpio
October 23-November 21

If you survive January 12th’s full moon, rest of the month should be a piece of cake. Mars and Venus are canoodling in Pisces in your fifth house, while Neptune adds glitter and imagination. And it’s all about romance. The new moon on January 27-28th has you thinking about changes or renovations in your home. Or just toss out the clutter. At the same time, Mars moves into Aries, and his main squeeze Venus joins him on Feb. 3rd. The beginning of February is a good time to launch new ventures. But do so before the 6th, when Jupiter goes retro in your house of finances. The full moon/lunar eclipse on February 10th could cause shakeups in your career. Don’t even think of traveling. By Valentine’s, your sexy charisma is sending out come-hither sparks. It wouldn’t hurt to show your sensitive side while you open that box of Godiva’s. A nibble here . . . a nibble there . . .

Sagittarius Starlas StarcastSagittarius
November 22-December 21

The full moon on January 12th may have delivered some unexpected expenses, and you’re still wrapping your head around that. You’d like to run off to some tropical paradise and leave your responsibilities behind. Uranus is in your second house of money, while Pluto homesteads in your 8th house of other people’s money. Meanwhile, Mars, let’s call him Big Red, is traveling through your fourth house of home and family until the 28th. This should be a positive influence. The new moon on the 27-28th bodes well for you. At the same time Big Red moves into your 5th house of love and creativity. You might want to take a weekend trip or throw a party; you are a dynamic host/hostess. Play devil’s advocate and think of all the arguments you can stir up. Romance will be favorable all through February, so Valentine’s promises passions galore. The full moon/lunar eclipse on February 10th is a doozy. It questions your spirituality and warns you to be careful. Nix travel; nix daredevil stunts. Remind yourself, life is a precious thing.

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Starla Smith

Starla Smith

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