Starla’s Starcast February 2017

Starla’s Starcast for February 2017 is very detailed and occasionally sassy. Looks like Starla has been dancing around in the star dust once again. Check it out and see what the new moon and solar eclipse have in store for you. Remember, for every force in the universe there is a counter force, balance and unbalance, love and disdain, wealth and poverty. We live in very interesting times indeed. See what Starla says about you:

January 20-February 18

Aquarius Starlas StarcastYou’re an airy sweetheart whose planetary ruler Uranus is blessing you with innovative ideas and stirring up change, creativity and mischief. Your former ruler Saturn is helping out by building your confidence. Mars and Venus are aiding and abetting you as well, especially your need for adventure and travel. You love the spotlight and can charm your way through any awkward situation. It’s time to flex your brilliance, and you don’t mind telling everyone about it. Mid-February you declare your intentions, and you refuse to be held back. February 21st bodes well for travel and networking.

When the new moon/solar eclipse lands in Pisces and your second house of money, you should settle down. Although you sometimes fly by the seat of your pants, this month, your energy has focus and a decisive flight plan. Along the way, you love to tell people how smart you are; on the oft chance they have forgotten. No one seems to mind, because at heart you are a true humanitarian. Uranus takes the high road and relies on Mercury to secure your reputation as a genius. When Descartes said, “I think therefore I am,” he must have had you in mind. You are able to direct the future. And this month, people are listening. Mars and Venus adore you, so they want others to follow suit. Under their watch, romance can blossom with the right chemistry. It’s a good thing you can keep up, but that was never in question. Don’t procrastinate.

February 21st and February 23rd are terrific days for you. Mercury is in your sun sign, and Jupiter embraces him fondly on behalf of your finances and love life. Two days later, on February 23rd, Saturn embraces Mercury and inspires a friend to reach out and touch someone. Guess what? It’s you, Brainiac. Now comes the new moon/solar eclipse in your next-door neighbor, Pisces. Opportunity not only knocks, it walks through walls to offer you a chance to make more money. All you have to do is let the universe know you are serious—and determined. You can ask for a raise and/or a promotion. Voila, it’s yours. But you will probably have to deal with the far-away planet, gassy Neptune, who wants to inspire but may cause confusion. It’s a good idea to consult with another Brainiac who is more grounded than you. Try not to wander off alone. Aim for the stars, but watch out for those fast-moving comets.

Venus goes retrograde on March 5th and Mars shifts gears on March 10th. So your home front may be more stressful. Take a tip from Scarlett. Think about it tomorrow, and in this case tomorrow mean sometime after April 15th.

February 19-March 20

Pisces Starlas StarcastBy the time the Sun enters your sign on the 19th, there have been conversations on the QT that you may not know about. No need to be paranoid. The Sun increases your confidence. However, you tend to worry too much about money, causing your fears to grow out of proportion. Decisions you make now set the stage for developments in the professional arena, so prepare to take on more responsibility and new challenges. Watch out, Mars opposing tyrannical Pluto on the 22nd acts as a warning for you. Step away from people who attempt to control you. They may think you’re a wimp. You need to acknowledge your successes; this would do wonders for your self-esteem. Concentrate on bringing joy into your life. It’s a lot more fun than working yourself into a frenzy. Chances are, you’ve been inundated with work, so it’s understandable if you want to take a moment or two to catch your breath. You are getting closer to your birthday, a perfect time to think about what you hope to achieve by this time next year. Saturn the teacher has been in your 10th house of career giving your private lessons for the last two years, and there’s one more year to go.

Over the past several months, you have faced some heavy expenses. Venus in Aries is not always financially favorable, nor is fiery Mars–also in Aries–especially the way you enjoy spending. But Jupiter, the good-luck planet, has a plan, which will kick in sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, burn off that nervous nelly routine with physical activity. You need to do more than go back and forth between your chaise lounge and your secret chocolate stash.

The universe has two spectacular days for you, Jupiter makes friendly overtures to Mercury on the 21st. On the 23rd, Saturn steps in to focus on career matters and spread stability. Your sensitive psyche is whispering, “It’s about time,”

Neptune sometimes causes confusion, but he is one of your planetary rulers. (Luckily, the other is Jupiter). When dealing with trident carrier, keep at least one foot on the ground. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. You are blessed with a natural curiosity. So forget about those times your mother sent you outside in freezing weather because you uttered one too many “whys.” On the 26th, Mars and Uranus sweet talk in your second house of earned income. Yes, Uranus brings unexpected surprises, but you are used to roller coaster vibes. You lived through the same aspect in early February. This time, these two planets could surprise you with money, but keep the possibility hush-hush.

You have a big heart. You love people. But you also need alone time to deal with your emotions. Neptune may be an illusionist, but he also inspires creativity, and he’s spending the next nine years in your sign. The solar eclipse on February 26th in your sign is a big deal. Mercury is also moving into Pisces, so it’s going to be very fishy—but in a good way–with the sun, moon, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron, the wounded warrior, crowded together in your home sign. Look for new paths to emerge, bringing opportunity and security. Unfortunately, Venus goes retro on March 5th and casts a shadow on your communication skills. You have a tendency to start a sentence in your mind then finish it out loud. You may know what you mean, but others are saying “Huh?” Little do they know what a sassy-pants you can be. They’re going to find out after April 15th, when Venus goes direct.

March 21-April 19

Aries Starlas StarcastWith your fiery planetary ruler Mars and seductive Venus both cavorting in your sun sign, you are irresistible. At least until Mars acts up on March 9th, right after Venus goes retrograde on March 5th. That could throw you off your warrior stride and slow down your romantic relationship as well as your cash flow. Until then, frolic to your heart (and loin’s) content. You will be the charisma-kid. So don’t be afraid to speak your mind– as if fear could ever shut you up. One other piece of advice, quell your impulsive nature for a couple of months—don’t run to your spa for a body wax or a Brazilian. Ouch!

Unpredictable Uranus is still on your side along with Jupiter in your seventh house of relationships. When the spotlight shines on you on the 21st, make yourself heard, but avoid confrontations. Better take the fifth on George Washington’s birthday (the 22). Make a cherry pie, and save your sassy-ass rhetoric for the 23rd when Mercury and Saturn are throwing kisses at each other. Show the universe you can keep your cool during the new moon/solar eclipse in your 12th house of privacy and secrets on the 26th–just seclude yourself and think about what you desire in life. It won’t be easy because Mars and Uranus are planning to launch a missile. The following day will be far better. Trust me. Your sparkle isn’t gone. You will be surrounded by adoring admirers. You just need to recharge for the next razzle dazzle moment.

April 20-May 20

Taurus Starlas StarcastVenus and Mars are hiding in your privates—that, Bull Baby, is your 12th house. They don’t want you to spill the beans about what you are up to. You can spring a surprise at the end of February. Besides, the sun enters Pisces on the 19th, which should encourage you to show off your networking skills. Mercury favors the 21st and Saturn seconds the motion on the 23rd. The right people will be watching.

The Pisces new moon/solar eclipse on the 26th encourages socializing and discovery. New moons can open doors, so don’t be afraid to go forth and delight. Dreamy Neptune will add to the magic. Fiery Mars joins unpredictable Uranus on the same day to hike up the heat on your Bunsen burner. Look for a charitable cause and add your support. Remember to give without expectation–good works brings great karma. It’s never too early to prepare for your next reincarnation. As Tinker Bell says, “you just have to believe.”

On March 5th, your ruling planet Venus goes retrograde until April 15th. So share your innovative ideas before that happens. You’ll need to be patient for the next two months. Since you are a sensuous soul, you may be tempted to cheat on your sweetheart during this time. One word: DON’T! Chances are that you’ll get caught. Lust but don’t leap. With the new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces on Feb. 26th, you could be invited to a marvelous party or get a hard-to-get-ticket for a concert or sports event.

May 21-June 20

Gemini Starlas StarcastLet’s hear it for your ninth house–you should think about traveling in February. In case you’re seeking out foreign shores, be sure you can get back into the country. If you choose to stay in the colonies, the 16th favors new ideas, and the 19th favors your career. Those two dates can work together for your success. Thank Saturn and get busy personally and professionally. Seek out knowledge. If you’re surrounded by manipulators, don’t be tricked into taking sides in a controversial debate. You have better things to do. Concentrate on consummation. Your ideas, that is. Keep your passions second. Strut your creative stuff, savor the flexibility of freedom, and think big, especially during the new moon/solar eclipse on February 26th. You’re very convincing when you’re on a roll, or should we say “role.” Open yourself to possibilities. As Malcolm Forbes once advised, “You’re never too old to learn something new.”

Stay optimistic. Pushy Mars has been pressuring you to succeed. You aced it, but it wasn’t always easy. That should change now that Mars has entered your career house. He plans to stay until March 9th. So socialize, socialize, and socialize some more. You are known for your quick wit, intelligence and conversational skills. You can talk your way in and out of anything. When one of your many personalities peters out, just switch to another. On a positive note, you’re seldom boring. Just keep circulating. Or you could say something outrageous, like POTUS does. Or like him, throw a hissy fit. For the record, he’s not a stellar example of Gemini finesse.

The new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces and your 10th house of fame and fortune should do marvelous things for your career. If so, it will be an amazing opportunity that favors change. If you’re already famous, the eclipse could make you even more so. The spotlight is shining on you. And Neptune the illusionist will be conjunct with the powerful new moon/solar eclipse.

Luck comes your way on the 21st of February, courtesy of Mercury and Jupiter. And on the 23rd Saturn showers Mercury with a dash of security and certainty. Your communication skills are off the grid. If you’re a writer, send off that novel, script or screenplay. If you’re an actor, strut your stuff at auditions or hang out where directors and producers congregate. And if you’re a computer whiz, tweet the universe, hash tag Bill Gates.

Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, Mars and Venus are almost on top of each other, and still radiating romantic vibes. Make the most of their coital charms, because the March 5th Venus retrograde will put an end to it. Just one more bit of advice– don’t let a friend sabotage your ambition.

June 21-July 22

Cancer Starlas StarcastTravel, money and career are forefront in February. Though you tend to play it safe, you might dabble a little. Stop that inner fretting and try to have an adventure. You don’t have climb Mount Everest or go sky-diving, Take tango lessons or look for a new investment, or check out a new restaurant. If domestic bliss hits a snag, don’t withdraw as you often do. Just listen and mull it over. By the end of the month, Uranus makes a favorable pass to good-luck Jupiter. The week of the 21st brings ups and downs. There will be Ups on the 21st, downs on the 22nd thanks to Pluto’s fracas with Mars. Don’t panic. The new moon/solar eclipse in your planetary cousin Pisces on the 26th should sort things out.

With Mars homesteading in your 10th house of honors and success, you may be entering a new cycle of achievement. Jupiter is in your fourth house of home and family, so real estate could make you a tidy profit. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, financial success is within reach. Venus adds charisma and Uranus promises a surprise, which thankfully will be stabilized by Saturn. Their cooperation is rare. It won’t happen again for 40 years.

July 23-August 22

Leo Starlas StarcastLove is in the air. Venus and Mars are heating things up in fiery Aries. In other words, there’s a fire down below, if you already have a partner, bravo to you. Things are probably getting more serious. And if you are single, you could meet “the one.” However, there is a deadline. Venus goes retro on March 5th and Mars moves on come March 9th.

Mid-February favors opportunities, and when the sun moves into Pisces, finances and alliances are highlighted. There’s a big emphasis on relationships, especially on February 21st. You are opening yourself to new ways of thinking, both personally and professionally. It could even be that, as the late Peter Allen sang, “Everything old is new again.” So “Get out your white suit, your tap shoes and tails.” Whatever.

By the new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces on the 26th, you may need to have that heart-to-heart chat. It could be the M-word—marriage. ‘Cause changes are a ‘coming. Luckily, going forward, eclipses will occur in your planetary sign or in your opposing sign Libra, at least for the next two years. This will be fortuitous for all fire and air signs.

Since the sun is your ruler, the new moon/solar eclipse in your eighth house of other people’s money on February 26th could bring changes in your finances. Maybe you’ll win the lottery, gain an inheritance, or win a law suit. This eclipse is especially favorable to artistic types. Neptune is hovering over you, so you need to be diligent. Don’t let your “lazy Leo” mode take over. Mercury in Pisces encourages you to pay down your debt. Once he moves into Aries on March 13th, your earnings should increase. You’ll be tempted to take more financial risks. If you follow your instincts rather than your appetites, you’re more likely to be successful.

You may have an impulse to travel. Go for it. But be prepared for an unpredictable event. That doesn’t mean it will be negative. You’re a Leo—you love drama.

August 23-September 22

Virgo Starlas StarcastYou are practical and have a head for detail. Still, you still can spot an opportunity and seize the day. That’s a given, since Mercury is your planetary ruler. Pay attention to possibilities. You are going to be busy once the sun enters Pisces, your seventh house of relationships on the 19th. If you have a lover, you may become engaged. (Of course, you’re a Virgo, so you will be a master at planning your wedding.)

You can be critical—that’s Virgo’s nature–which is a blessing when you are pursuing and negotiating a contract. It may not as helpful in a personal relationship. You’ll just have to train your partner when it comes to these matters. Keep that in mind on the 22nd.

Overall, partnerships are favorable, as is learning new ideas. You thrive on this, and you are willing to work hard in whatever you tackle. You are the stuff pioneers are made of. My participle may dangle, but not your resolve. Make the most of the 20th and 21st, when Jupiter shines a light on Mercury. It’s a great day for wheeling and dealing.

Another great day is the 23rd, when Mercury and Saturn work together in your best interests, whether it’s business or love. After all, Saturn is the ruler of your fifth house of romance and creativity. Speaking of love, if you are trying to get pregnant, the 23rd is also a great day for breeding. Or maybe you and your partner will decide to adopt.

You may be concerned about the money going out—aren’t you always? But be assured, it will be coming in as well. There’s more good news for you earthy gods and goddesses. The new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces on the 26th may inspire you to make a commitment in love or business, maybe both. It’s also a great day for forgiving past hurts and embracing the future. Plus decisions will be a breeze. There is a slight tickle, Uranus and Mars may spring a surprise. It could be fabulous (or not). Don’t launch a pity party just yet. An eclipse always brings changes, while a new moon throws open a door, which is all the better to keep you from stagnating.

When Venus goes retrograde on March 5th, stay focused and don’t be reckless. Double check your accounting and expenditures. And wait until Venus goes direct on April 15th to make any major purchases. On March 1st and 2nd, the sun hitches a ride with Neptune, and on the 3rd and 4th, Mercury does the same. You and your sweetheart should be happy and enjoying an active social life.

September 23-October 22

Libra Starlas StarcastJupiter the good-luck planet has been in your sign sun for several months now. But on February 6th, it went retrograde, so you may be dealing with fallout. This will go on until June 8th, so you’ll have to make the best of it. You know the drill: Work on projects you’ve already started.

Venus and Mars are making out in hot-blooded Aries, which adds sizzle to your relationships. Naked cherubs are loading their quivers and aiming at your heart (Or is it your loins?). So don your elegant duds and circulate, because those adorable little cupids will stop flying on March 5th, when your ruler Venus goes retrograde until April 15th. This may affect your confidence, don’t panic. After the sun enters Pisces on the February 19th, the pace at work speeds up. You’re an air sign; you can go with the flow, unless you have one of your indecisive spells. On the 21st Mercury and Jupiter wave cheerfully to each other, a favorable moment for you. However, the 22nd is not as cheery. Pluto and Mars are going at each other, and tempers are short. Mars may bring up a problem, while Pluto is determined to transform the situation. Then on the 27th, Mars opposes Jupiter in your sun sign and Uranus takes offense. It could be a wild ride, so take Bette Davis’ advice and fasten your seat belt. The day before this happens on the 26th, a new moon/solar eclipse takes place in Pisces, heightening your sensitivity. Mercury is also going into Pisces, where it already crowded with a slew of planets in your sixth house of work and health. Neptune adds imagination, but don’t let him confuse you and your nosy colleagues.

October 23-November 21

Scorpio Starlas StarcastVenus and Mars are apt to stimulate your creativity this month. And when the sun goes into sensitive and sensuous Pisces on February 19th, it could tickle your fancy, or should we say fantasies? You might to decide to throw a cocktail party for a few intimate pals. February 21 and 23 may bring good news about your finances, thanks to Jupiter and Saturn’s relationship with Mercury, who is in your eighth house of other people’s money. Money could come in many forms, ranging from investments or loans to tax refunds or an inheritance.

These same days favor a lovely dinner with a friend or a chic party or a night of club-hopping—but only in the trendy places where you can rub shoulders—or other parts—with the “in crowd.” If you need privacy, find a dark corner to share with a foxy friend or sit by yourself and channel your voyeuristic tendencies. If you get bored, you could always slum your way through a dive bar. Besides, you might find inspiration for that novel you’re planning to write.

Your ruling planet Mars makes himself at home in your sixth house of work until March 9th. And because Jupiter is in your 12th house, your future may be discussed behind closed doors. But beware of February 22nd. Mars and Pluto are on the warpath, and they’re trying to drag you into their spat. Hopefully, they won’t succeed. The powerful new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces on the 26th could benefit both your private and professional lives. If you’re in line for a raise or promotion, it could happen around that time. If not, you’re still in the running, according to the galaxy.

Venus is also there, as is Uranus. Look for Mars and Uranus to get cozy on the day of the 26th. But the two aspects aren’t connected. It’s like this: You know there’s going to be a fire, but you don’t know when and where it will ignite. Face it. You can’t control this turn of events, so just sit back and enjoy it. Or deal with it, if necessary. You may be accident-prone. If you’re driving, use caution. If you’re in the dark, clear the clutter to avoid tripping or falling. And if a co-worker goes off on you, choose your response carefully.

The new moon/solar eclipse could bring good news, even great news: perhaps a new love interest; a new project at work; a creative inspiration; a wish come true; or a winter getaway. Neptune could conjure an illusion. But your cynical side should see through it. Just don’t brood about it. With four planets in your compatible planetary cousin Pisces and your house of true love, romance beckons. You will be smitten, but don’t rush your relationship. Think of it as an orgasm. The longer your savor it, the better it feels. And remember, whatever happens during the new moon on the 26th, February 27th promises to steer you in a new direction. Mars moves into your 7th house of relationships on March 10th for a month-long stay. This can incite power struggles. With Venus retrograde until April 15th, it may seem like your love affair has stalled. Don’t jump to conclusions. No one is perfect all the time. Not even you.

November 22-December 21

Sagittarius Starlas StarcastWith your ruler Jupiter retrograde, it’s important to follow through with plans. People should be eager to cooperate, given that your ideas are fresh and innovative. Share your thoughts, but don’t make promises you can’t keep. Above all, let that good-natured Sagittarius persona of yours carve out a path on which to strut your stuff. You’ll be nigh on irresistible. Mars and Venus encourage your social whirl and fuel your romantic life with passion and charm. Have a good time while you’re at it. Laugh and be merry. Rumor has it that you have been known to start each day with a song. Who cares if you’re off-key?

When the sun enters Pisces and your fourth house on the 19th, turn some of your attention to home and family. There are decisions to be made by the end of February. But save some energy for travel. You are like the great explorers of the world. And wherever you go, you make friends. It comes naturally to you, even more so since your planetary ruler is basking in your 11th house of friends, hopes, and dreams. This is a very lovely trio to have on your side.

Your powers of persuasion are amazing. If you happen to be a lawyer, you can sway the court with your eloquent rhetoric. And if you are an actor, you will light up the stage with your performance. Now that Mercury is moving forward, sign those agreements you’ve been holding out on. The best days to do so are February 21st or the 23rd. The same two days can boost your career. But act before Venus turns retrograde on March 5th. Otherwise, you must wait until after April 15th, when the love goddess goes direct. Mercury moves into your house of true love on the 13th. This will make you more impulsive maybe to an extreme. You still believe in love-at-first-sight, so you leap before you look. It could be fun, even if it’s fizzles out.

With Uranus in your sun sign, you can expect the unexpected. If it’s new lover, Mars and Venus in your fifth house of true love will inject pizazz into your romance. But don’t let your bluntness muck up your chances. You might want to twitter a bit, or jazz up your Facebook profile. On the 26th, Mars and Uranus are going to meet up in Aries, your 5th house of true love. Their actions could be good or bad. There’s no way to tell without seeing the rest of your astro chart. But since you are a fire sign, the odds are in your favor. On the same day, the new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces occurs in your fourth house of home and family. This could mean a move or home improvement project. Just be aware that Neptune might cause water damage of some kind. Be sure your home insurance is up to date. There may be changes to deal with, but overall, the code word for you is happy, happy, happy.

December 22-January 19

Capricorn Starlas StarcastYou should be thinking about money. (Not that you ever really stop thinking about it.) February brings an opportunity to make an obscene amount. When the sun enters Pisces and your third house on the 19th, communication reigns, all the better to have your way. You could face a toxic square between demanding Mars and inflexible Pluto on the 22nd. The worst thing you could do is force your hand, especially in the home arena. Instead of manipulation, try diplomacy, even if you have to fake it. This should be easy-peasy for a clever entrepreneur such as yourself. Be direct. Your candor is very disarming when it’s shrewdly applied.

Mars continues to make noise through March 9th. Venus adds her two cents, and then throws a wrench into the plan by going retrograde on March 5th. So it behooves you to get as much done as possible in February. Keep in mind that Venus rules your house of honors and achievement, so plan accordingly when submitting a proposal. You could face additional challenges in March and April. But savvy business maven that you are, jumping hurdles sweetens the victory. If everything works out, you will show a huge profit by the end of February. Plus, it will enhance your reputation and as well as your influence.

Venus just entered your home sector and will remain there until June 6th. She joins her lover Mars, and together they give off sexy sparks. February 21 favors important meetings, thanks to Mercury and Jupiter. And February 23rd favors negotiations when Mercury and Saturn take your side. Contract signed, sealed and delivered.

The new moon and solar eclipse join forces on February 26th in your third house, so a short trip is a possibility. Pick a place near water, frozen or otherwise. That will make Neptune giddy, and in turn, he will stimulate your imagination, especially if it involves writing or designing. Be sure you go over any agreements you are asked to sign. But you already know that. Through most of February, Jupiter in your 10th house of prestige highlights your professional achievements, while Venus and Mars do the same for your fourth house of home. Maybe you should throw an elegant party for a select group of guests. Just don’t have it on the 27th, when another round of toxic aspects comes your way. Since Venus goes retrograde on March 5th, you should avoid make snap judgments. Things are not always as they seem. At least not until the love goddess goes direct on April 15th.


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