Review: When Wicked is Wonderful!

The Broadway at the Paramount production of Wicked the Musical is the amazing and delightful  reimagining of the misunderstood wicked witch of OZ.

Alyssa Fox and Carrie St. Louis (Photo by Joan Marcus 2015)

While “Wicked” is a longstanding Broadway smash this was my first time to see the show. Being a reader I have read the book but please don’t hold that against me. Despite the popularity of this show it was a surprise how many people around us thought this show was actually written by L. Frank Baum the author of The Wizard of Oz.

When you walk in and see the opening stage set you know you immediately you are in for a treat. I was mesmerized from the opening sequence. The music exploded around the walls of the theatre, vibrating through the Paramount.

This story is very personal search for the meaning of, and our perception on the concepts of good and evil. You will enjoy how this great cast use their gifts to make their art real to the viewer and it will leave you more than satisfied!

Alyssa Fox’s (Elphaba) voice is stunning. She belts out every line full of angst, pain, joy and disbelief. She truly brings Elphaba to life right on stage. Fox’s rendition of Defying Gravity took the prize. Carrie St. Louis (Glinda) is not to be missed either. She presents Glinda as self-centered, clueless, popular and strangely lovable at times.

The story has some surprising and enjoyable plot twists and turns. The sets are beautiful and interesting, and the experience is colorful and entertaining.

In my opinion this production of Wicked the Musical is definitely not one to miss!

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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