Review: The Jinkx & DeLa Holiday Special: A New Definition Of Ho Ho Ho

The Jinkx & Dela Holiday Special
The Neptune Theatre
December 21-26, 2021
Get tickets and more info here

Well, it’s that time of year again. You can tell it’s the holidays when the myriads of seasonal specials flood the television, computer and phone screens across the world. This year you can celebrate the holidays with Seattle’s own Jinkx Monsoon and BenDeLa Creme. These two talented RuPaul alumni have created their own version of a holiday special, and as the two travel across the world doing updated live performances, the original is being released in theatres, Blu-ray and Digital formats.

Dela and Jinkx decide to put on a holiday special. Neither one can agree on how to present, since they both have extremely opposite experiences with the holidays. Dela wants a “Christmas” special reminiscent of the perfect holidays she had with her grandmother (the spirit of her grandmother is voiced by Drag legend, Varla Jean Merman). Dela, as her created persona perpetuates, is consistently peppy, upbeat, and trying to help Jinkx find the meaning of the season.

Jinkx brings the booze, the boy (‘Naked Guy’ is a reoccurring character, played by local talent Jordan Iosha Taylor), and the bawdy. Her character awakens from a binger to find Dela has taken over the script for their show. Jinkx wanted a “Holiday” special, and wanted to bring her own version of ‘fun’ to the presentation.

The Jinkx and Dela Holiday Special is a fun way to kill an hour and a half, and celebrate the holidays with a twist. Both performers sing for the show. Dela greats the audience with “That Kind of Holiday Show” that explains what she would like to have happen. Jinkx brings up her own memories with “No One Played Santa For Me,” that recalls her sad and depressive holidays. Jinkx performs more songs than Dela including: “A Gay in a Stranger” and “Passive Aggressive Christmas,” that are not only hysterical and bawdy, but showcase Jinkx’s talents. It could be said that Jinkx is the definite star of the show, leaving Dela to play the “straight man” opposite Jinkx’s over-the-top comedy, vocal talents and true art expression of “female impersonation.”

For fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race that have had no other exposure to Jinkx Monsoon (winner of Season Five) or BenDeLa Creme (Season 6 and All Stars Season 3), both performers stay loyal to their brands and bring their personal styles to the performance. For those that have followed each performer since their appearances on ‘Drag Race,’ it clearly appears that Jinkx has finely tuned and perfected her craft, growing into a megastar performer, while Dela remains consistent with her perkiness and art form.

The Jinkx and Dela Holiday Special is being released on Blu-ray and most digital formats including: Amazon Prime, iTunes, Apple TV and others. It will be available on DVD and Blu-ray from the official site: The duo will be performing a version of their holiday special live throughout the world. Their show will be in Seattle (The Neptune Theatre) from December 21 – 26th.

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Eric Andrews-Katz

Eric Andrews-Katz

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