Review: Teatro Zinzanni – Love, Chaos & Dinner Dazzles

Frank Ferrante as Caesar in Teatro Zinzanni's Love, Chaos & Dinner

Frank Ferrante as Caesar in Teatro Zinzanni’s Love, Chaos & Dinner

Teatro Zinzanni ‘s Love Chaos & Dinner runs through June 30, 2019 at the Spiegeltent located at 14200 NE 145th Street, Woodinville, WA 98072. Get tickets and info here.

The very words themselves summon exotic images – Teatro Zinzanni. The beloved dinner theatre returns to the Seattle area, setting up an easy-to-find, permanent home right near the Chateau Ste Michelle Winery in Woodinville, Washington. Parking is free, and the incredible, magical world of Teatro Zinzanni waits inside the infamous, velveteen Spiegeltent.

Upon arriving, the guests are greeted at the tent’s door. Colorful costumes, sparkly hats, and masks are lined up for trying on and (of course) purchase. The bar is well stocked and offers themed-inspired cocktails furthering the submission into the night’s pleasurable chaos. When they are ready, the guests can check in at the podium and be directed to their assigned seating within the glorious Spiegeltent. The band on the rear dais is already playing and ready to welcome you for the night of entertainment.

There are two sets of seating: the outer ring and the inside ring*. While there are no bad seats in this tent (the show’s characters interact and perform throughout the entire tent), the inside ring is (of course) closer to the center and the action. At their table, the guests will find water bottles, glasses and a salad – a Romaine Lettuce and Baby Spinach bed, with olives, watermelon radish, cucumber, and seasonal vegetables. Other appetizer and starters can be purchased from a side menu. Without realizing it has started, the show’s characters begin moving about the tent, maneuvering around the tables, and playfully interacting with the audience. (*While the inside ring seating may be desired for its proximity, the tables are set very close together. You WILL get to know your neighbors. Even the cast and crew had difficulty navigating through the narrow channels between tables, and several ‘accidents’ occurred that were not part of the entertainment).

Elena Gatilova spinning at Teatro Zinzanni's Love, Chaos & Dinner

Elena Gatilova spinning at Teatro Zinzanni’s Love, Chaos & Dinner

The lights dim and Love, Chaos & Dinner begins. The Caesar (played brilliantly by Frank Ferrante) returns to the Seattle spotlight as the beloved Master of Ceremonies and welcomes us to the night of pleasure. Love is in the air as “Lady Rizzo” (Amelia Zirin-Brown) sings in a fabulous sultry rockin’ blues voice. Throughout the evening, the guests are entertained, thrown into awe, and blown away by the living cirques, comedy and cabaret that erupt around them. The only things missing from this performance is the tease of Domitil Aillot. Due to a recent injury, Mr. Aillot is a non-performing member of the troupe, and we the audience (while glad to see he is recovering) are sad to miss his incredible act. Mr. Aillot takes his sensual balancing and dancing to a higher level giving it an art form onto itself. While Ms. Dreya Weber is absent entirely from this performance, she is Co-Director/choreographer of this incarnation. The audience will still miss her salacious act taking burlesque to an aerial ballet art form. But while we miss these two performances (offering both of them our best wishes), the audience is given one Hell-of-a-Show!

Joe De Paul and Tim Tyler team up for comedy as Mr. De Paul throw Ping-Pong balls at Mr. Tyler (who catches them in his mouth). Mr. Tyler juggles several in the air using only his mouth as a prop. Elena Gatilova performs an aerial ballet using nothing but a hoop at the center of the tent, hanging high over the audience; it is breathtakingly beautiful. The team Duo Rose (Samuel and Sylvia) performs together, hanging from a trapeze bar and using their bodies as instruments of contortion and flight. Kelly Britt is a new addition to the show. Her soprano voice is strong as she belts out the classic “Glitter and Be Gay” from Candide, or the beautiful “Flower Duet” from the opera Lakmé. Another new (and very welcomed) team for Teatro Zinzanni is the “Anastasini Brothers”. These two handsome men play, bounce, spin, and balance each other at an incredibly rapid pace. Their bodies fly through the air at a breakneck speed positively amazing the spellbound audience.

Dinner is served during the course of the show. A delicious menu (designed by James Beard award-winning Chef Jason Wilson) is prepared to tempt your taste buds. Grilled Tomato and Smoked Pepper Bisque is offered to start your pallet watering. Four options are offered for the main course – your choice of: Grilled Spiced Yellow-fin Tuna, Grilled Washington Sirloin, Goat Cheese Ravioli, or Curried Cauliflower Steak – each served with a different set of seasonal vegetables. Mixing and matching options are offered (on a separate menu) for an added price. To help enhance the meal, guests can ask for either a wine flight tasting or a ‘sparkling wine’ flight (a new addition) tasting; these procured selections are paired to bring out the fullest flavors of the meal. For dessert, the guests are treated to a delicious lemon curd tartlet with fresh berries and mint.

Teatro Zinzanni recently celebrated its 20th year of amazing their audiences. Love Chaos & Dinner is just another reason why this unique troupe has several homes (Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle) and is still thriving at all three. No matter what age you are (although it can be a long evening for the younger audience members) you are sure to be delighted by this magically delightful and enchanting evening of love, chaos, a great show, and a delicious dinner.

Welcome Home to the Pacific Northwest, Teatro Zinzanni!

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