Practical Ways To Make Extra Income During The Pandemic


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The current pandemic is adversely affecting households financially. The people most affected by this change might be those who face job uncertainty and lay-offs. Mostly, these people work in everyday sectors. As small businesses, shops, and restaurants close their doors, income loss is becoming more real.

People are now more than ever looking for new ways to make an extra income. Fortunately, there are several opportunities to make money. There is now some sort of equality as people engage in business opportunities they previously wouldn’t have.

If you’re one of those looking for income opportunities, you’ve come to the right place. Here are ideas to get you started.

Capitalize on Businesses Enhanced by the Pandemic

If you look around keenly, you’ll notice that some businesses are thriving despite the pandemic. A good example is distillers selling hand sanitizers and textile manufacturers producing masks. If you think these are way beyond what you can do, don’t lose hope. Consider the following:

  • Cleaning services: You can make good money by offering cleaning services during this pandemic. As people become more conscious about sanitization, tailor your services to capitalizing on sanitary services. As more places reopen for business, the demand for janitorial service will be high.
  • E-learning- if you’re good at tutoring, take advantage of the situation to offer the service online.
  • Entertainment: as more people spend their time indoors with their families, they need entertainment. If you have an entertainment app idea, you can enter the market and make good money.
  • Logistics: the pandemic has disrupted the supply chain. This is an opportunity for you to solve the resulting problem.

Offer Childcare Services

Parents are now trying to balance working and taking care of their children at home. This provides an excellent opportunity to make an income by offering childcare services.

Your options are several when it comes to offering the services. First, you can convert your home into a daycare center. Parents can drop off their children in the morning and pick them in the evening. For this option, ensure you first obtain the necessary licenses and insurance.

Alternatively, you can go to your clients’ homes, where you can tutor the children while the parents work around the house. With this kind of arrangement, you won’t have to be concerned with licenses.

Run Errands for Others

Some people are too busy trying to make ends meet that they don’t have enough time to run their errands. If you have a car, you can find driving work where you fetch essential items for clients. You may also operate your vehicle as a cab. Sign up with online apps like Uber or Lyft or a food delivery service like Doordash.

Online Work

The internet has a plethora of work you can do from your home’s comfort to make a decent income. The opportunities are unlimited, from freelance writing and editing to graphic design, online surveys, and transcription.

The good thing is that this sector is opening up in a big way as people shift their businesses online. With a smartphone or laptop and reliable internet connection, there’s no limit to the much you can do.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic may have closed some job opportunities, but it has opened up others in different sectors. Don’t wallow in the misery of a job loss or salary cut. If you’re keen enough, there’s so much you can do with yourself to make extra cash.

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