Popular Appliances That You Need In Your Kitchen

Each kitchen will be laid out and equipped differently depending on the person that uses it. They are often full of a selection of different tools and appliances, each to help aid with cooking and creating a variety of meals. The most commonly found appliances in people’s kitchens are ovens, toasters, and microwaves. However, over the years people will add and upgrade their inventory to help speed up or increase the ease of what they are making. If you are wondering what you could add to your collection, here is a list of popular kitchen appliances and how they could benefit you.

#1 Air fryers

We all know deep frying food isn’t the best thing for our bodies and long-term health, but for a lot of us, the food you can create is tasty and easy to make in this way. Luckily there is an alternative option by just investing in an air fryer. Not only are they healthier by not drowning your food in oil, but you can also experiment with different foods, making them perfectly crispy or re-creating some of your favorite comfort and takeout food. For example, you could try making sweet potato fries in the air fryer.

#2 Food processors

One of the best multi-tools available to add to your kitchen arsenal is a food processor. With this appliance you can chop, blend, mix, puree, and even grate many different foods in a matter of seconds, making food prep and cooking a lot less time-consuming and tedious as well as much more enjoyable.

#3 Waffle iron and toastie makers

Perfect for if you fancy a cheat day breakfast or a nice warm filling snack. These two appliances are very similar and work by squishing your ingredients between two hot plates to cook your food. The main difference is that waffle irons are textured to create deep holes in the batter, whereas a toastie maker is smooth to flatten the bread together.

#4 Hand blender

If you have a large family, are batch cooking, or just making a particularly large soup, investing in a hand blender will be a great benefit for you. Rather than having to pour your soup into a food processor in batches, you can easily just blend the contents of your pot to the exact consistency that you prefer. It will also save you time and effort washing up as the end of a hand blender is often detachable and you just have one small blending end to clean, as opposed to the many parts that come with a food processor.

#5 Slow cookers

For anyone with limited time, or those of us who would rather just reduce the amount of time we spend in the kitchen, purchasing a slow cooker is a must. In most cases all you need to do is just prep your ingredients and throw them into your slow cooker, turning it on and leaving it for the specified amount of time. Not only is your food cooked and hot with minimal effort, but you only have 1 pot to wash up too.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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