Pink Beautiful Trauma Tour Review And Photo Gallery

If I were to sum up my Pink Beautiful Trauma Tour review in one word, I would have to say spectacular. If you couldn’t spend Mother’s Day with your actual Mom, then the second best thing was to spend with another amazing mother, namely Pink. P!NK or Pink, however you like to spell it, means talent. She is a world-renowned artist, aerialist and awesome mom.

Pink dazzled Seattle’s Key Arena this past Sunday (Mother’s Day) with her voice, talent and brazen daredevil aerial show. The show opened with the performer swinging, and singing, from a giant chandelier above the stage with her dancers below. She sang from every position you can imagine even completely upside down. This is the point where you think it might be forgivable for a singer to lip-sync but she was belting out the tunes like these feats required no effort at all.

She covers music from her entire catalog while opening the show with “Let’s Get This Party Started” hanging from the chandelier. The show continues with amazing costume changes and dance moves. You can see the energy and even laughter from Pink and her dances. They are having a great time on stage and it is completely contagious.

This tour might be in support of her latest album “Beautiful Trauma” but it is so much more than that. She enthralled the crowd with her ballads as well as all her upbeat favorites. Pink is truly a not-to-miss talent. Her live shows are amazing.

I won’t reveal ALL of her show secrets here… Get your tickets now.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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2 Replies to “Pink Beautiful Trauma Tour Review And Photo Gallery”

  1. Can says:

    What time did Pink start her portion of the concert? Asking if to gauge time I need to be in venue by…

    1. Earle Dutton says:

      I would check online or with the venue. She came out on time in Seattle but I don’t have times for all locations.

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