‘Passing Ellenville’ a Documentary About Transgender Life in a Very Small Town

Passing Ellenville: In these changing times all of us have our stories, our coming out, staying in, crossing over, being straight or even undecided. This short work is one quick glimpse behind the curtain of two people coming to terms with their gender identities and the life struggles surrounding this process.

This 16 minute film reveals our brothers and sisters who are openly, quietly living out loud in a small rural community. James is in his transition from female to male. Ashlee is transitioning from male to female. Both have their own challenges and have supportive families or surrogate families in this small community. Worries of violence and safety, acceptance and rejection are all a part of this short look into their lives.

James and Ashlee have dreams and aspirations but the challenges of the economics of small town life make them a distant and possibly unattainable goal. Ashlee dreams of escape and a better life outside of Ellenville. James digs in and gives back to the community to make it a better place for everyone.

‘Passing Ellenville’ is just that, a small passing glimpse as we move by, not unlike looking in a window at a passing light as one drives down the road at night. And isn’t that the nature of life. ‘Passing Ellenville’ is co-directed by writer Gene Fischer and cinematographer Sam Centore. This amazing documentary is traveling the independent film festival circuit and is definitely something to see. Take a look at the short trailer below.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton is the Chief Blogger and Editor of Equality365.com. He founded Equality365.com in 2013 to provide information about LGBTQ friendly events of interest, and to support LGBTQ entertainers and supportive artists who visit our community. Earle is a successful businessman in the Pacific Northwest with a long history of support for and involvement in, the Northwest LGBTQ community. His personal interests include: music, theater, pets, culinary arts and technology.

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