Olivia Newton-John’s “LIV ON” Tour Hits Town

Olivia Newton-John hits town with her newest album, “LIV ON” which she partnered with Amy Sky and Beth Nielsen Chapman to create. “The new album is sort of a conversation that started with us after realizing that all of us had gone through different loss and grief” said Olivia Newton-John. They are performing in Everett at Historic Everett Theatre this Thursday, February 16, 2017 (tickets here). They are also performing at Broadway Center for the Performing Arts in Tacoma this Friday, February 17, 2017 (tickets here).

Earle Dutton: What does this album mean to you?
Olivia Newton-John: It was a wonderful process. I lost a sister and gained two. My older sister, Rona, died suddenly of brain cancer about three years ago. It was an incredible shock, as you can imagine. I wanted to write a song to express my feelings. I wanted to write it and send it to our mutual friends. I asked Amy Sky if she would help me with it. We were talking about the fact that there isn’t really music for people going through grief and loss. I thought it would be wonderful to make an entire album around it. Amy was interested and then I thought of Beth Nielsen Chapman who is an incredible song writer. The three of us formed this trio and got together to write some songs. It was a very healing process. We shared our personal stories and it helped us heal.  I really enjoyed the journey.

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John (Truscello Studio)
Photos By Denise Truscello

ED: How are your longtime Olivia Newton-John fans responding to the new album?
ONJ: I have explained to them that this is not my show. It is our show and the show for the album.  It is a very different thing. They have been very supportive. I have really loyal fans. I have a core group of fans that come to my show in Las Vegas regularly and they are all coming to the new show. I am very grateful to them. Interestingly, many of my fans have shared their lives and the fact that they have gone through loss as well. It means so much to me that they would share this with me and be interested in the new album. This album isn’t just loss. It is compassion and healing. The song “LIV ON” is about moving forward through grief and feeling grateful.

ED: What is your favorite song from the new album to perform live right now?
ONJ: It is really hard to say. I like it when I get to sing with Amy and Beth as a trio. “My Heart Goes Out To You”, and “I Don’t Know What To Say” are the songs where we really all sing together. One of is singing and the others are doing backgrounds in those songs. We really work well as a trio throughout the entire thing. I really love it. I have always loved doing backups. I love it when they are singing and I am doing the harmony (laughter). All of the songs are beautiful and powerful. I just can’t pick a favorite at the moment. It is like picking a favorite child.

ED: What is your favorite memory from creating and putting together this album?
ONJ: I think being at my house in California when they came to stay the weekend. We wrote about three songs. We were just inspired. Things would just happen. I think one of the girls got a sad phone call from a friend whom lost their daughter. There is where “My Heart Goes Out To You” came from originally. I think one of us said it and then we got up, went to the piano and it just happened. There were just so many inspiring moments that were very touching. We shared a lot, of course. Sharing those feelings really helped each of us.

ED: What are you most looking forward to in 2017?
ONJ: Oh gosh! Life! I am excited to spend time with my husband and animals. I am going to spend a lot more time at home this year than I have in a few years. I have been working really hard so I am looking forward to some time just to hang out. This “LIV ON” tour is very different for me and should be a lot of fun. I look forward to working with the other girls and stuff. I am just grateful for life.

ED: Do you have a short elevator speech you would tell someone to get them to the show?
ONJ: This show is inspiring and full of hope. It is an acoustic sort of evening with a lot more talking about the songs. It is an uplifting show and not a downer show at all. We have a few surprises in there as well. I think it an evening of beautiful music with some talented singers.

They are performing in Everett at Historic Everett Theatre this Thursday, February 16, 2017 (tickets here). They are also performing at Broadway Center for the Performing Arts in Tacoma this Friday, February 17, 2017 (tickets here).

Further Concert Info From Olivia Newton-John’s Site:

There will be a Meet & Greet after each concert limited to 60 people. Purchase of a pre-autographed LIV ON CD by all three artists will be required to attend the Meet & Greet. The cost will be $75 (or £75 in the UK) and will include a pre-autographed CD (signed by all three artists) and a photo op with Olivia, Beth and Amy together at the M&G.

Once the 60 pre-autographed CDs are sold, the M&G will not accept additional participants. No exceptions.

The pre-autographed LIV ON CDs will be available at the Venue’s Merchandise Table or Booth available for purchase after the doors open. The post-show M&G location will be shared at the point of sale. One participant will be admitted per sale. As a “good neighbor” policy, please keep in mind if you buy extra autographed CDs, that will be a spot another fan won’t have available to participate in the M&G. There will be unsigned CDs available at the concert for purchase.

The M&G will follow a strict policy of NO AUTOGRAPHS. It will be photo only. Personal CDs, albums, photos, dolls, books, etc should not be brought to the show. They will not be signed.

Use of personal cameras and cell phones will not be permitted at the M&G. A staff photographer will be on site and will take all the photos.

A card will be given to each person who buys a pre-autographed LIV ON CD that provides a website address where the photos can be accessed for download. The photos will be available 48 hours after the show. There is no additional cost to download a photo. The info card and pre-signed LIV ON CD is required to be presented before a photo is taken.

There will be additional merchandise (t-shirts, etc.) to purchase at the concerts.

Thank you for your cooperation. These policies are for the benefit of the Participants and the Artists.

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