Navigating Online Dating As A First Timer

Online dating is a scary prospect when you’ve never done it before. Putting yourself out there, in virtual form, having to give strangers a worthy summary of who you are before they swipe left on your profile… It can be hell, honestly!

However, if you’re a first timer and you’re keen to make a connection, you can learn to navigate the field like a pro. And seeing as this post is here to help, we’ve got you covered with the points below.

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Don’t Panic Over the Profile!

Setting up a good dating profile is the first step to hitting the dating scene with a bang – that’s a commonly held belief, and it’s something we all take to heart when we’re first time online daters.

However, don’t sweat the profile – it’s not something you really need to worry about, as it’s just a first impression, and there’s millions of people on the same sites and apps like you who don’t care how funny or sweet what you have to say is.

Because at heart, all you need to be is honest. Maybe you are a funny person, and you can use that to your advantage, but if you feel like you aren’t, you can still craft an open, honest, and amazing profile. Maybe a site like could help here; see what other people have to say, and maybe even pinch a few ideas.

Set Some Clear Boundaries

You’re a first timer, and that means you’ve thrown yourself in the deep end. And now you’re here, you need to set some clear boundaries – the waves are crashing against you, and you’ve got to make sure the stress and uncertainty of it doesn’t pull you under! And that’s where boundaries come in.

Work out what you want to hear from other people, and that you know what’s too far for you. If anyone steps over the line, you can immediately delete the connection. Similarly, work out what you want from a date, whether it be in person or virtual, and make these terms clear to the other person. If you only want to Zoom for half an hour with them, so be it!

Take Your Time

Now we come to the crux of the issue: you need to take your time. Online dating can be a scary thing to go through, even if you feel positive about the experience as a whole, and genuine, real connections aren’t made overnight.

Not to mention that taking your time also ensures you don’t rush into a conversation or a date arrangement that’s too soon or not right for you. It makes sure you take things at your own pace, and that other people respect that (coming back to the boundaries point above). All in all, you’ve got all the time in the world to find a partner, so don’t waste the opportunity!

If you’re online dating for the first time, don’t panic! Just be yourself and take your time.

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Earle Dutton

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