Mark Brennan Rosenberg: Eating My Feelings

Interview with Mark Brennan Rosenberg by Earle Dutton

Mark Brennan Rosenberg’s new book EATING MY FEELINGS is an amazing ride through the life of a sassy gay man with body image issues and family struggles. Unless you are perfect (no gurl, you are not) then you will enjoy this book.

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Mark Brennan Rosenberg

Mark Rosenberg

I understand the premise of EATING MY FEELINGS. What prompted you to write this book?
Mark Brennan Rosenberg:
When I finished writing my first book BLACKOUTS AND BREAKDOWNS I always knew what I wanted to write next because I had so many funny stories about my childhood issues with food. One that was particularly funny was the story about how my father paid me fifty dollars for every ten pounds I lost. My friends could not believe that I was telling the truth and from that – EATING MY FEELINGS was born.

What is your favorite part of the book or what part just made you giggle when you wrote it?
There’s a chapter in EATING MY FEELINGS called “Heavyweights” that is probably my favorite. For about three years I went to this theatre camp that I absolutely loved and when my stepmother saw that I was having too much fun and kissing too many boys she and my father decided to send me to an all-boys basketball camp in hopes I would become a “real” boy and hopefully drop a few dress sizes in the process. I had no idea what basketball even was so needless to say the shenanigans ensued.

How did your love for Morgan Fairchild start? What one word would you use to describe her?
Flawless. She’s like famous for being famous which is amazing. And when you think long and hard about it she’s most likely been on one of your favorite shows. “Dallas”, “Roseanne”, “Falcon Crest”, “Friends”. The list of hits never stops coming from that woman.

How do you cope with body image in your adult life?
When you’re told that you’re fatter than everyone every day as a child – that stays with you forever. It also gets worse when you grow up to be a gay man. We are so image obsessed that it can something get the best of you. I try to work out and eat right but I know at the end of the day – I’m never going to be what I think I need to be so I have come to terms in liking who I am right now. It takes a lot of practice but after a while – it sticks!

You often describe yourself as a “little old Jewish lady.” Describe this for us.
My favorite things are naps, ointments and gambling. Need I say more?

You seem to know a lot about Soap Operas. Describe your favorite scene from TV or completely imaginary with characters.
I love daytime TV but I also love classic prime time soaps from the 80’s and 90’s. I’ve just been reliving the glory days that were “Melrose Place”. I will tell you what, Heather Locklear nailed that role so well – her performance holds up so well even today. I loved when she and Michael were trying to com Jane out of her clothing line and Amanda says: “Jane may be smart but when God was handing out business sense, she was in the back of the line getting her nails done.” I mean c’mon. Genius.

What is the biggest challenge of a book tour like this?
The list goes on and on… Traveling every day, getting up at three am every day, paying for everything on tour, working my ass off and not getting paid for it, missing my cat Richard Channing, never knowing who’s going to show up at event. Do you need any more examples?

Are you working on a new book?
Yes. I’ve finished a third book of essays called LOVE STORIES SUCK: A COLLECTION OF LOVE STORIES. It’s all about how fairy tales and the classic love stories of all time mess with what our perception of love can be. I think it is going to be very fun.

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We love Mark Brennan Rosenberg!


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