Margaret Cho Thrills Tulalip This Weekend!

Margaret Cho is headed to Tulalip Resort Casino this Friday, January 27th, to deliver some comic relief during these highly political times. She just received her fifth Grammy nomination for her comedy album, “American Myth”, and is on a roll with the “Fashion Police”  during awards season. She promises to deliver all sorts of new material as only she can. She is quirky, funny, sometimes naughty and always entertaining. She took some time out of her hectic schedule to speak with even sharing a cool recipe. Check it out below! Get tickets here.

Tell me a little about the new show?
Well, I am working it all out. I have been writing it and working on it between tours and trips. I am bringing all sorts of new things. There will be stuff about the past election and what we can expect in from Trump. It is just so gross to even say. I am just appalled. I worked for Hillary Clinton and I don’t understand how this all happened. Bad Presidents are good for punk rock though. They are great for comedy too!

How does it feel to receive your fifth Grammy nomination?
Oh! It is fantastic! I am really honored. I am also hosting the pre-televised awards ceremony so I am going to be a hired hand as well. I am also covering for “Fashion Police” my other job. So, I have quite a few jobs going on at the same time. I am really looking forward to it all. Hopefully, I get to win this time.

How do you feel about returning to “Fashion Police”?
I am excited. We are starting up for awards season. It is a busy time of year for the “Fashion Police”. We cover every awards show. The Golden Globes are always fabulous.

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?
I think a wealth of material that is going to be written about our new president. I think there will be a lot of laughs and hopefully some peace as well. In general, at least we can laugh.

How do you sit down and write or plan a show?
Well, I do shows every day. It is a constant compiling of material. Putting things into categories and deciding what will go into certain show. It is a daily process. The process of seeing what is happening in the news and sifting through it all to decide that is going into the show.

Is it hard to keep track of it all?
Not really. I have been doing it for so long. Oddly, standup comedy is the one thing I can remember. Standup comedy sticks in my brain for some reason. I have been doing it since I was fourteen. It is the one thing that stays in my head. Everything else goes out the window. Comedy has always been easy for me to remember. Doing has always been easy but remembering it has never been a problem.

Are you expecting any further calls from people like Tilda Swinton?
Oh my gosh! The fact is that now there is a global consciousness around race and the way that Hollywood has treated people of color since the invention of film. There has been this thing where so many white actors were called on to play Asian roles. It has gone on since silent films. I think it is something we need to think about and explore. What can we do to change things. Social media is a big part of all of that. I have always been open to speaking with people that want to talk about race and discuss change. (check out info about the call here.)

Last time we spoke you told me about your garden and cooking. Do you have any new dishes you like to cook right now?
Right now, I am really into the herb salad recipe by Orson Welles. He was really into making a fresh herb salad. You get a couple of herbs like basil and mint. You get some greens with some really good olive oil and sherry vinegar. I like to add in some salt and a touch of Tabasco. It is just amazing and fresh. I am a big believer in good salads.

Margaret Cho at Tulalip Resort Casino this Friday, January 27th. Get tickets here.

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