Leveraging The Different Types Of Social Proof

Social proof may seem like a new concept. However, it has been around for a long time now. In fact, it is as old as the concept of marketing itself.

There is no denying that the importance of social proof has increased, though. Thanks to social media, it is more accessible and effective than it ever has been. This is something that businesses must capitalize on.

If you want to understand how social proof has an influence on your company, then think about any comments that are left about your business and/or your products/services online. All of these comments are deemed social proof. If they are comment, they will be an endorsement of your business. If they are negative, they will have the opposite impact.

Positive social proof validates your company, helping to build trust around your brand. This is because the comments are not viewed as your own sales spiel. Instead, these comments have come from your customers, and this makes a huge difference. This is especially the case if you are looking for a service such as the one offered by medical malpractice attorneys. You are not going to want to entrust this to simply anyone, right?

From customer comments to expert opinions; social proof types

There are many different types of social proof. Firstly, you should look for ways to integrate social proof into your web design. A lot of the best website builders today make it easy for you to incorporate widgets from independent review websites, and so this is a good place to start.

Aside from this, you can have social proof from credible and esteemed industry professionals. For example, if you sell supplements and vitamins, and an esteemed medical expert raves about your products, this is a great form of social proof.

You also have social proof from influencers. This could be anyone from friends of your website to celebrities. You can also have social proof from crowds, for example, “600,000 people use our platform.”

Social media is a great starting point

When it comes to social proof, social media is the most obvious starting point. Social media is a great platform for leveraging social proof. However, you’re going to need to use a social media management tool, like ContentStudio, in order to manage this.

This will enable you to keep track of all of the mentions of your brand across your social media networks. You can then use these tools to schedule messages and to get great data insights too so that you can optimize your posts. A lot of brands also get testimonials from Facebook, Twitter, and such like.

Test scores

Test scores that have come from an independent, third-party source can be extremely beneficial when it comes to building trust about your brand and putting your customers’ minds at ease. A good example of this is the Trusted Store Card, which Google offers. From customer service to shipping and returns, this scorecard will factor in a number of important elements that people consider when making a purchase online. You can boost your credibility by ranking highly.

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Eric Andrews-Katz

Eric Andrews-Katz

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