Laughter Really Is Medicine, So They Say!


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What is laughter? Does entertainment help people grow back stronger? It is known that entertainment and humor combined are winning tools to help those who are recovering from addiction and those who have suffered loss or chronic illness. If you are interested in positive change, you should be inspired by the Last Prisoner Project. Many of us don’t laugh enough and therefore are not growing and developing like we should. Anyone who is going through a tough time, can improve their mindset by laughing more and being entertained.

The great utility of humor as therapy in these contexts can be divided as follows: Humor as a tool for health and short and long term engagement. When we laugh, and are happy, endorphins are released. This creates something very special in the body. When you combine this with therapy and good community, it becomes even better. Laughter can bring so many positive benefits into our lives, so how exactly does it help us?

Good for your health!

Laughter helps eliminate harmful stress hormones and increases the secretion of an Immunoglobulin A protein that is responsible for protecting against infections. Laughter dilates blood vessels and as a result the blood flows more freely, which reduces the risk of heart problems. Ten minutes of laughter can burn up to 40 calories.

  1. Laughter leads to the release of endorphins from the brain. Endorphins are chemicals found in the brain and are known for their ability to help relieve pain and improve mood. Laughter also contributes to the production of neurochemicals (like dopamine), which cause feeling good, calm and anti-anxiety.
  2. Laughter balances the body and mind .
  3. Laughter releases physical tension and calms the body. It makes us feel good and helps us maintain a positive and optimistic outlook even in times of difficult situations.
  4. Laughter gives us the courage, strength and ability to be optimistic full of hope and faith.
  5. Laughter strengthens the marital bond: Sense of humor is one of the most sought after traits that people are looking for in their partner. So work on making each other laugh!
  6. Laughter connects, brings closer and strengthens the marital bond. Joint humor and jokes will bring light and a sense of joy, lightness and happiness at the level of intimacy, friendship and intimacy.

Many studies have been done on laughter and how it affects us. Much data has been collected. One of the surprising pieces of data found about laughter in society, is that in most cases people laugh it is not at all due to jokes. Laughter is a means of transmitting a whole range of positive emotions: we laugh to show the people around us that we understand them, agree with them, like them and even love them. Laughter is a valuable tier of body language which is entrusted to the transmission of our emotions after. So whether you’re recovering from addiction or you’re looking to remove depression from your life or begin to feel more empowered and healthier – it all begins with laughter.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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