Lane Moore Is Bringing <em>Tinder Live</em> To Tacoma’s Broadway Center

Lane Moore is about to hit the Tacoma dating scene in a big way! She is bringing her amazingly funny and interactive “Tinder Live” show, including some Halloween themes, to Broadway Center. You might think you know Tinder but you never know what will happen with this hilarious hottie on stage live. 

Here is a little more info on the lovely Lane Moore:

This critically acclaimed show is an anything-can-happen interactive comedy showstopper. Produced and hosted by comedian Lane Moore (The Onion, HBO’s Girls,, Tinder Live! is the only comedy show exploring the crazy world of Tinder, the popular dating app. Packed with helpful and oftentimes ridiculous tips, tricks, and real-time swiping and messaging (and sometimes even real-time phone calls and texting with Tinder matches), Moore guides audiences through the world of online love – with sweet and often hysterical results. If you’ve ever been on an online dating site, you need to see this show. If you’ve never been on an online dating site, you REALLY need to see this show – and experience the hilarity of digital matchmaking firsthand!

No get your tickets! Click here! Oh, don’t forget to check out our interview with Lane Moore after the fun video:

Earle Dutton (ED): How did you come up with the idea for this show?
Lane Moore (LM): So it was almost four years ago now, which is crazy. I feel like I am talking about the love of my life, but no, except I am talking to an app and it will never apply to me. My roommates are both on Tinder. I just realized that everyone I know is on this app. So, I decided I have to give it a shot. I grabbed my camera to film what was going on live. The second that all happened, I figured that this would be the most incredible comedy show. I could put it up on a projection screen and make everybody feel like they are in on this online dating experience together. I worked on the show concept that night and here we are years later.

ED: What did you think when the Village Voice named you “Queen of Disdain”?
LM: (Laughter) First of all, to be the queen of anything is a pretty cool thing. It is pretty funny because I think of myself as a positive, earnest and romantic person. I can see what they are saying because I don’t take any shit. I don’t like people who are mean or crappy. When I heard the title, I thought of someone like Dario, who I love. I just don’t think of myself that way. I think inside a lot of cynical people there are a lot of disappointed romantics. So I am going with that.

ED: Have you ever gone live on Tinder and had someone pop up that really shouldn’t have been on Tinder in the first place?
LM: I haven’t had too many of those, which is good. The whole idea of that makes me sad. I am fortunate for that.

Lane Moore interview on equality365.comED: Tell me a little about the show you are bringing to Tacoma?
LM: I am really excited. The great thing about it is that the Tacoma show like all of the shows is a once in a lifetime, can’t be replicated live show. It is sort of a “choose your own adventure,” anything is possible event. The audience really helps chart the course since they are telling me whether to swipe left or right. Sometimes they get really invested when I match with someone. People will shout things out to say. It can be a really awesome thing. It really feels like you are in this big room with some great friends that want to help you find a date. I actually have no idea what is going to happen at that show. No one does at this point. It is wide open.

ED: It is easier to do a show like this out of town?
LM: Well, I do it every month in New York. It can really be done anywhere. We are all dating online. We are all trying to find love. We are all just trying to connect with people. When I am out of town, I will flip through Tinder even when I am not doing a show. I just want to see who is hanging around. What do the single people look like in this city? It is pretty fun.

ED: What other fun projects are you working on now?
LM: Oh a ton! I am working on a podcast, a TV show and a movie. Hopefully, a couple of TV shows. I am also working with my band and we are working on our second album. I am working on a book that is coming out next year, called “How To Be Alone.” Of course, the tour is getting bigger and bigger as well. I get to travel to all of these lovely cities and hit on all of your locals. It is pretty sweet (laughter).

Get tickets and more info about “Tinder Live” and the Broadway Center here.


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