Jim Belushi Rocking Snoqualmie With The Sacred Hearts

Jim Belushi and the Sacred Hearts are bringing Rhythm & Blues seasoned with Memphis Soul to Snoqualmie Casino tomorrow evening. Jim Belushi is outrageously funny and flirty as he charms the crowd with his dance moves and backflips – this will truly be an unforgettable night! Get tickets here now or trust your luck and try at the casino. Jim took a few minutes to chat with us about the show and life.

Earle Dutton: Could you tell me a bit about your band and the show you are bringing to Snoqualmie Casino?
Jim Belushi: Yea, the band was formed over twenty years ago on the stage at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard. Some great musicians would come in on Monday nights and jam. They were all working with amazing people and sometimes they would come in as well. People like Bonnie Raitt and Bruce Springsteen. I think the band has about thirty-eight Grammy nominations and probably twenty Grammys between them. They are the top. They asked me to join them and I was like nah no thanks. But they wanted me up there to sing a song. I sang “Sweet Home Chicago” with them. I learned it and sang it with them. The House of Blues is really a spiritual place when you are there. The next week I learned another song and did the same the following week. Those three songs are still what we open our show with today.

ED: What else have you guys done together?
JB: Well, a radio station wanted to do a live show of us so I learned a couple more songs and we did the show. I did a movie and convinced the guys in the movie to let me do a music video to promote it. So, the band and I did “Viva Las Vegas” in the House of Blues. Danny (Dan Aykroyd) said he wanted me to do the Blues Brothers but I told him I couldn’t do that it is John’s. Danny said “Absolutely not. It is like a law firm. When one of the brothers goes down the other steps in.” I thought it was weird that I was going to do the Blues Brothers but he didn’t think so at all. I didn’t know how to sing the blues though. I knew how to sing light opera because I did it on Broadway. He told me I better learn. We ended up doing a Blues Brothers show up in Ottawa with Danny. I did ten songs. I was so nervous. I had Paul Schafer telling me to “Commit, commit to the note Jimmy.” I sang my heart out that night.

What is your favorite song to perform right now?
Well, these guys have taught me everything I know. They really took me under their wing. Sometimes I mention a song I would like to try like “Mustang Sally” and they will knock it down saying that is just a bar song. They pick the show order. They are just hip and so talented musically. I love to act but to play in the band is such a treat. I just love to sing any song they play. I really enjoy singing “She’s so Fine” a Little Walter song. The reason I love it so much is that there is a little back and forth with our saxophonist, Joe Sublett. I call him “The Masterpiece of the Sacred Hearts.” He just puts his musical notes around me. He just teaches me so much every time we perform together.

Jim Belushi and the Sacred Hearts on Equality365.comED: You mentioned some great musicians coming to the House of Blues when the band started. Is there someone out there that you would really like to perform with?
JB: Oh yea, Danny (Dan Aykroyd). You know, you have a six foot two large Canadian man dancing with you on stage (laughter). We are a sight to behold. He just keeps me laughing and moving. Just playing the harmonic and learning all of these songs, I have been privileged to jam with so many people. I mean Steve Miller, Billy Gibbons, Bob Weir and Joe Walsh. I have danced and sang with James Brown. There are so many people I have been able to jam with, I can’t even think of them all this second. Joining this band has changed my life.

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?
Oh, well it is downhill since the Cubs won the World Series but let me think. I am looking forward to the Cubs doing it back to back. I did a Woody Allen movie with Kate Winslet. I am really looking forward to seeing that one. I did “Twin Peaks” with David Lynch. Both of those gigs were magic. I am excited to see them and see that that brings. I am sad that my daughter is going off to college next year. That breaks my heart.

ED: Is she going far away?
JB: Of course, they all do. I told her that she has to be careful because I can get an Artist in Residence position at any university in America. I could be teaching one of your classes. She told me not to even dare. She is quite an accomplished musician herself. She is a singer and songwriter. She sang with the Blues Brothers. She written and recorded about twelve songs. She even sang the national anthem at Wrigley Field. Okay (laughter)! I have thrown out an opening pitch but I have never sung the national anthem at Wrigley Field.

ED: What do you think about new shows that are made for Netflix and Hulu?
JB: h, I think it is great! I think it is awesome. I even did a show last year for Amazon. I should hear about a show I did for Showtime on Monday. It was “Mating” with Taran Killam from “Saturday Night Live”. It is awesome! I think TV is where it is at now.

ED: What would you tell a new person to get them to come see your show this weekend?
JB: The joy and magic of this band travels to the audience and they leave with some of that magic.

Get tickets here now or trust your luck and try at the casino. This is a must see event! Don’t miss out! How often to you get to see Jim Belushi live on stage!?!

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