Jane Lynch Brings <em>A Swingin’ Little Christmas</em> To The Triple Door In Seattle

Jane Lynch is an epic talent. She delivers laughs and entertainment at any venue.She has been seen most recently as Roberta, the gay conversion coach, on “Will & Grace.” She plays off opposite Andrew Rannells flawlessly. It is a real hoot.

Lynch has teamed up again with Kate Flannery and Tim Davis to bring some holiday cheer to The Triple Door for four shows only on November 29 & 30th. Get tickets and more info here. Check out our interview below and get your tickets quick!

Could you tell me a little bit about the new “A Swingin’ Little Christmas” show you are bringing to The Triple Door in Seattle?
Sure! We are going to be playing songs from our album, “A Swingin’ Little Christmas Time,” that is available on Amazon or iTunes. It did really well last year. We have all been touring together with a five piece band, Tony Guerrero’s Quintet. We also have Kate Flannery and Tim Davis. We do very tight three part harmonies. The band is very jazzy and just masterful musicians. They are throwbacks to the late Fifties and early-Sixties, and so is all of our music. The show will sound a lot like the music from that time. Stuff like Perry Como, Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney, that kind of stuff.

You know any time you get Kate Flannery on stage that there are going to be antics and good times. Tim Davis is just so gorgeous. We call him our eye candy. He has a voice like Perry Como, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin combined. He is amazingly wonderful. It is just going to be an hour and a half of good Christmas fun.

Jane Lynch A Swingin' Little ChristmasWhat made you pick these particular songs for your album/show?
Well, we did the recording on our own nickel so we started out looking for public domain music. That is how we started choosing the songs. Then, Tony Guerrero wrote three songs. He arranged all of the music. The arrangements are just wonderful. We do “These Three Kings” in a kind of Dave Brubeck style. We do “The First Noel” and it kind of dovetails into Pachelbel’s Canon. It is really beautiful. Then some of them are just swinging like “A Swingin’ Little Christmas Time” sounds like an Andrew Sisters song. “Up On The Housetop” sounds like a Bing Crosby/Andrew Sisters song. You just know that you will be tapping your toe the entire time.

What is your favorite song to perform live in the current show?
Wow, that is really hard to answer because I love them all. I think it might be “We Three Kings.” Tim arranged it and it is just really beautiful. We open with an a cappella version of “The Coventry Carol” which is just beautiful. It is really haunting. I really love doing the a cappella songs.

Were you excited to have a role on the new “Will & Grace”?
Yes! Wasn’t that great! I thought it was hilarious. I love Andrew Rannells. We had a blast. You know, most conversion therapy people are gay themselves so we had a lot of fun with that fact as well.

Jane LynchWhat was your favorite part about the experience?
Doing the song with Andrew. We had so much fun. Also, getting to know Andrew better. He is just such a great guy. It was really blast. The four cast members are such pros. They haven’t skipped a beat and in fact they may be even better.

That song was quite the mouthful.
Yes, we had to run it quite a few times together. We were sitting in the green room a lot just getting to know each other. It was a really fun week.

You are in town at the same time as John Waters. Are we going to see rainbow fireworks all over Seattle?
Wow! Isn’t that great! I met him at the Provincetown Film Festival in about 2005. I think I got an award and he was presenting. My mind is shot. Don’t ask me anything else about the past (laughter). That is really cool that we are both in town at the same time. I love it!

Get more info on Jane Lynch and her upcoming antics here.

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