Interview: Tom Goss Coming To Seattle To Perform With The BEARatones

Tom Goss will be performing with the BEARatones in Seattle this Sunday, August 25th at Velocity on Capitol Hill. Get tickets here. Don’t miss it!

Earle Dutton: Are you excited about coming to Seattle?
I love Seattle so much. I wanna spend a lot more time there.  I am playing at this really cool space called Velocity I am very excited about it.

ED: What other interesting projects are you working on?
I just released a new single with a friend of mine, Joey Salenas. I am excited for everyone to hear it. I think it is really different. I feel like this is the year of doing different stuff, which I am really enjoying.  It has quite a different sound sort of R&B Pop. Otherwise, I am mostly touring. Touring and the new single, I am excited.

Tom Goss in his “Bear” video

ED: Looks like people like the “Bears.” The view counter on the video is well over 200,000.
Yea, I think it is getting a couple thousand a day still so I am pleased. It keeps climbing and climbing. I am glad people are enjoying it.

ED: You are looking pretty hot in the “Bear” video with just the bathing suit.
(Laughter) Thank you. Yeah, it is a really small bathing suit.

ED: So is your husband, Mike, in the “Bears” video?
Yes, in the final scene, when I wake up. I wake up next to Mike, my husband. Everyone loves Mike. I get all sorts of emails asking is Mike coming. They meet me and think I am just fine then they meet Mike and love him to death. They always like Mike more, it is funny.

Tom Goss

Tom Goss in his “Make Believe” video

ED: I enjoyed the “Make Believe” video as well. How long did you have to lay there naked?
It is an 80 minute take. That is why the clock is there so that you can see the time. You can literally watch the clock and see how long it took for the entire take. It’s not stop motion, it is time-lapse. So, what you are seeing is one take just sped up. It is not cut into pieces. It kind of looks like stop motion. It is a really cool technique. I haven’t seen anyone use it like that yet. It is really innovative and I am glad that we did it. I am not sure people understood what we were doing but it doesn’t matter it is still amazingly cool.

ED: I think most people just wanted to move the clock.
(Laughter) Yeah, I thought I was being really artistic when people just wanted really slutty. (Laughter)

ED: Any other fun stuff coming up on your calendar?
Well, lots of stuff actually. West Coast in August. Mid West in September. Performing on a cruise out of New Orleans, so I will be doing some Southern dates in October and November. Then I will be in the studio in December and January for the new record that will release next year. Not sure I can do anymore.

ED: Where do you get inspirations and ideas for songs and videos?
Well ideas for songs are definitely different than ideas for videos. I think mostly I start having a feeling and in turn I pick up the guitar. Or sometimes, I pick up the guitar until I am struck by a feeling. Once, I am struck by that I stop thinking and let the spirit of the feeling move through me to come up with the words. So for me, writing is a very subconscious process. Whereas the more I think about it or try to control it, the less effective my songs actually get. The more that I disconnect from my intellect the more I get connected to my heart. For lack of a better description. Sometimes I write these things that I never knew I felt until I read them again and realize that is exactly how I was feeling and couldn’t articulate it.

How these things turn into videos varies. Sometimes I bring ideas to my director that I have worked with for a while and they are too far out there. Sometimes the ideas are good and we think this could really connect with people and be fun and visually interesting. Then we see how we can work together and make it actually logistically possible. It is kind of two things; the idea and the actuality of the idea, which isn’t always one and the same thing.

ED: So I guess you can’t write on a schedule.
I don’t think you can be inspired unless you make the time to be inspired. It is a very fluid and organic process. If you are always running around or always watching TV or playing video games and never sitting there with your guitar in a silent space. Then you never allow yourself to be inspired in that way. You have to discipline, in a sense, to be able to pick up that guitar and write a song. There are probably a lot of songs that I haven’t written because when I was inspired, I was not in the place to write them because I was stuck in a car or at a movie or on a date with my husband. Half the battle is to allow yourself to be inspired.

Don’t miss Tom Goss when he hits your area. Click here for his tour schedule.


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