Interview with Leslie Jordan (Part 1)

Leslie Jordan is an amazing comedian and actor. You may have seen him in ‘The Help’, ‘Will & Grace’, ‘Sordid Lives’ or even the new ‘Southern Baptist Sissies’. He also travels extensively for his own show “Fruit Fly’. He has been cast in American Horror Story – Coven, which will be showing tonight, Oct. 30th. Don’t miss it!

leslie jordan

Leslie Jordan












You have been busy. What are you working on now?
I have so many projects right now. I am in New Orleans working on American Horror Story which is probably the most fun I have had in years. Jessica Lang is just a doll. As you know the show is very intense. I always try to go for the comedy but they reign me in. They are so secretive as well. Ryan Murphy won’t allow scripts. So we, the actors, get sides, which are basically just our scenes. Then they don’t shoot chronologically. Today I found out some more info about scenes I shot a week or so ago. I thought to myself, I would have made some different choices if I knew that back then. I know they have to keep it under wraps for the press and social media but the actors should know.

Do you know much about your character?
I don’t know the whole story but I know that it is about 300 years or so of magic and witchcraft. I play a very old warlock. My character is sort of a Quentin Crisp character in a black fedora. They don’t let us talk about the story lines at all. I am sure having fun though.

leslie jordan

Frances Conroy and Leslie Jordan in “American Horror Story”

Are you staying in New Orleans the entire time?
People just don’t understand how I can complain about being stuck in New Orleans, but I have been on the road all summer with my own show, ‘Fruit Fly’. They are giving me $75 dollars a day here for food, like they are trying to fatten me up or something.

Are you trying to put a little Uncle Arthur in to your character?
That is so funny. Someone asked me that last night. That was Paul Lynde, right? He was the witch on ‘Bewitched’. I always think of his quote, “It is a rat race and the rats are winning.” I remember as a child he would come on TV and I would get sick to my stomach. Isn’t that weird? I had so much shame about being gay as a kid that when I recognized it in someone else, I was petrified. He was on ‘Hollywood Squares’ one time and they picked Paul for the block. His question was, “What did the Lone Ranger call his sidekick?” and he answered, “Beloved.” I had to get up and leave the room. It was just too much to take with my family all sitting there watching the same program.

To be continued…


We Love Leslie Jordan!


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