Interview with Kitten Kay Sera (Part1)

Interview with Kitten Kay Sera (Part1) by Earle Dutton

Kitty Kay Sera is the most colorful Character you will meet!! Internationally known as The Pink Lady of Hollywood … She has only worn the color PINK for 28 years and everything she owns is pink as well!!

Working in Hollywood as a character actress, TV personality & singer …
Kitten has appeared on over 25 Television Shows Worldwide and been featured in several feature films, blogs and magazines.

kitten kay sera and jordan cappella on

Kitten Kay Sera & Jordan Cappella

Want to tell us a bit about your new video?
Absolutely!! We shot a music video for my tune “Sex Kitten” with the dynamic duo photography team of Bleu & Ali Cotton. They normally do still photography and I love their work so I had no doubts when I convinced them to direct & shoot this! I have had the pleasure of working with Ali on several occasions and she is such a talent.  I am lucky to call her friend!

I also had my friend, Shannon Pope edit and add special EFX for the video from his homeland, Australia. Shannon is probably the most brilliant artist I know, seriously, he always amazes me. I came up with the story line and concept. Being a fan of the 1950’s and 60’s films, I wanted to add a Doris Day and Rock Hudson inspired flair to the whole thing, which matches the vibe of the song. I hope my fans will like it. It was a delight to make.

The handsome, Jordan Cappella plays my leading male costar. I thought he was in one word, purrrfect!  I met Jordan on the set of “Pretty Hurts” for Logo back in 2010 and we became fast friends. He has appeared on several TV Shows as well (Design Star, Millionaire Matchmaker, etc.)

Finally, the song was written by myself, Kelly Kidd and Wolfram Di Marco. Produced by Wolfram Di Marco at Warner Brothers Studios. The video for “Sex Kitten” will be is out now. You can watch it here.

How did your video release party go?
The Event was seriously a dream come true for me! We had a pink carpet arrival with pink velvet ropes, pink cosmopolitans, pink cotton from an old fashioned candy machine provided by Dolly’s Cotton Candy!

Approx. 200 people showed up in the course of the evening which went from 8 until 11pm. The posters were huge and graced the entry of the Revolver Video Bar in West Hollywood! My Costar, Jordan Cappella, who is a designer, had the place PINKED OUT for me! He worked very hard to get it to pinkfection & I was super grateful to him.

The cars passing by were taking pix from their windows of us on the pink carpet in front of the step and repeat banner. It was unreal. I wanted to go way over the top so I made a pink hat that I whipped up that resembled cotton candy to keep in theme!

My mom and sisters sent me a lovely pink bouquet of flowers! The music video played every 20 minutes on an enormous screen & at least 20 other screens. I think the venue was IDEAL for our music video release party. I could not be more blessed. Let’s just say Beyonce would have been proud!

How did it feel to get those great sponsors?
The Sponsors that we had are all near and dear to my heart. I truly adore the Human Rights Campaign /HRC. Grayson Wixom from HRC was a tremendous force. My feelings have always been that everyone deserves the same rights. EVERYONE!

Shannon Pope Art Design sponsored the artwork & graphics (posters and banners) and worked on the music video with all the editing, FX and animation. Shannon is an amazing talent. He actually resides in Australia but I consider him one of my closest friends.

Ali and Bleu of Bleu Cotton Photography filmed and directed the music video and besides all that, Ali shot all the photo’s provided to this story for the Music Video Party!

My friend, Christian Andreason was the host MC for the evening and the crowd LOVED him in his pink cowboy hat, which he borrowed from my closet! ha!

Christian Andreason & Kitten Kay Sera

The Revolver’s Operations Manager is Jeffrey Bertollini and went out of his way to accommodate my pink peeps!

Jordan Cappella Design was the man behind the ENTIRE event ! He made it look flawless. Jordan is also is the handsome Australian heartthrob in my music video. I couldn’t have cast a better costar.

What do you think about being one of the top ten events in LA that night?
I was sort of shocked when I heard that we were the TOP 10 Event in Los Angles but I think because so many people talking about it on facebook, twitter and instagram really helped! It went from #40 to #4 in two days! Needless to say I was elated!!

The Evening was dedicated to my sister, Sandra. She is battling a disease called PPH (Primary Pulmonary Hypertension) and is the sweetest person…I love her very much. Sandra is my angel, my inspiration and my biggest supporter. My next event will definitely be a fundraiser for the PPH Foundation as I will be honored to lend my name & celebrity to the cause that so many people should know more about.

You have performed with some amazing talents. Who was your favorite to collaborate with?
I would have to say Beyonce. She is amazing and sweet as molasses. She knew exactly what I wanted and delivered on my single. The fact that I have a 13 time Grammy award winner singing back up for me is just incredible. I feel unbelievably blessed. The tune is 1960’s inspired song entitled “Sex Kitten,” and can be purchased on iTunes! Click here

I also loved performing with Johnny Cash. I was only like 14 years old at the time and didn’t really grasp the fact that we were singing on stage for a living legend! Looking back it seems surreal. I really need to write an autobiography.

Are you planning a new CD/Album any time soon?
I am basically just focusing on pushing this song for now! I am sure I will re-release some other tunes though. I love the creative process & am always working on new projects…

Currently, I am collaborating with my Australian animator & friend, Shannon Pope on an animated cartoon series based on me and my pup, Miss Kisses. He is absolutely brilliant and I am thrilled to have his talent in “The Adventures of Kitty & Kisses.” The pilot episode was written by myself & Gary Wilson. Gary also lent his pen for the cartoon “Cow & Chicken” on the Cartoon Network. We are organizing a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to finish our project. If you would like to contribute … that would be be pinktastic!

Kitten Kay Sera & her pup, Kisses










We love Kitten Kay Sera The Pink Lady of Hollywood!


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