Interview with Kitten Kay Sera (Part 2)

kitten kay sera

The Pink Lady of Hollywood: Kitten Kay Sera

Interview with Kitten Kay Sera as she talks about the music industry, life in Hollywood, television, moving across country to live her dream and so much more. Kitten is also know as The Link Lady of Hollywood. She is truly an monochromatic icon! You can see her across the world and of course on social media everywhere.

How did you get your start in the music industry?
I started singing with my 4 older sisters when I was 6 years old. My Mom heard us singing on the front porch one day… and the rest is history. She actually took the grocery money that Daddy had given her and spent it on singing lessons for her 5 daughters! Ha!

My Mom is very much like Lucille Ball in “I Love Lucy” …funny and daring. She is my inspiration and the reason I am where I am today. She showed me how to go for the impossible and make it possible. My motto is “Dare to be daring”

Together we sang for many years and performed with the legends Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. We performed at the “Urban Cowboy” cast parties where John Travolta became a fan. After doing several styles of music (starting out in show tunes, then country & finally pop.) one by one the girls quit until I was the only one standing on stage … SOLO!

Has anyone in your family continued in the music business?
No… unfortunately. I would love a reunion though. We might do a Holiday song for fun!! It is still in discussion but I would love to sing with my Sisters again.

Do you remember the first time you encountered the gay community?
Oh yes! It had to be in 1980’s and it was a mutual love affair.  I finally felt understood and accepted.  The gay community GETS me. They adore my fashion and my passion for the color pink, as well as my music, style and visuals.  I’m sorry but the gays have THE best taste when it comes to music, movies, design and fashion. They are the 1st to get on board and everyone else follows.

Kitten Kay Sera on Avant Garde

My favorite line in “Sex and the City” is when Samantha says to her HOT boyfriend about his success, “First come the gays, then the girls and THEN the industry!” well snap to that!!

What were your first thoughts about the community?
I thought “now these are my peeps!!”  My friends always say that I am a gay man trapped in a woman’s body and I believe it wholeheartedly! And yes, most of my dearest friends are indeed gay men. The humor, trust and fun I have with them is like none other. We like the same… everything and can just relate. I am also a major Drag hag! My absolute favorite movies are “To Wong Foo” and “Tootsie” (“Auntie Mame” is right up there too)

I am open to ALL friends and love everyone, but I will always my core group of gays who have been loyal and loving lifelong friends. It is not a planned thing …we just gravitate to what we appreciate.

You were so popular and loved in Houston, why did you move to California?
I felt I had conquered Houston and wanted more! I know it sounds crazy but in Hollywood anything is possible. I love this city. Kisses and I were discovered on the street to be in a Walt Disney film. Seriously, a BMW stopped traffic as we are walking down the Boulevard and the man asks “Are you the pink lady?” I nod & run to give him my biz card …the next thing I know we are on the set of “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2” sitting next to Morgan Fairchild in the makeup chair!

We also booked a national commercial and lived off the income from that for a year… they actually needed a pink lady with a pink dog! What are the chances?! I have been on 30 TV Shows and all of them from being in Hollywood.

Please don’t get me wrong! I adore Houston and love the people there and the food especially (I don’t want sushi ….I want TEX MEX dangit)  but bottom line, the Industry is here.

What was your first major network TV show? Were you nervous?
It was “Totally Obsessed” on VH1 before I even had my sidekick, Miss Kisses yet. (Kisses is my pink pup, who’s fur is dyed with beet juice). I was submitted by my best friend, Kelly Kidd and he told me after the fact! I was so excited and had a blast even though the shoot lasted 12 hours. Oh, I specifically remember my makeup artist flaked and I hired a complete stranger at the very last minute. I wasn’t crazy about my makeup & dreadfully, I learned the meaning of the word “flake” after that day in L.A.

This first show was pivotal in my career & afterwards the offers for other shows started coming in and it was a domino effect. I also learned how it worked in a Television shoot. For a whole day of actual filming you only get 5 minutes of usable footage.

Have you always wanted to be on TV? Reality TV?
I never even thought about it until that 1st show… but now I can answer with a resounding Yes. The main reason is that I can just be myself, wear what I want,  and be who I am in Reality TV.

I didn’t think I could be an Actress because I will ONLY wear the color pink, (for those who don’t know I’ve only worn the color pink for 30 years and everything I own is pink …I won’t change my color for anyone) then a friend of mine said “You can still wear pink and be a CHARACTER Actress hun!” So that’s what I am considered. I can definitely see me and Kisses being the spokesperson & spokespup for any pink product. I would love to be the Peppy Pink Pepto Bismol lady!

One Commercial Casting director said to me “I know you came out here for your music but TV is where you need to be! You light up the screen.” I treasured her words and her wisdom. She was Melissa Martin, Owner of Martin Casting. Sadly, we lost her to a tragic motorcycle accident in 2008.  Melissa cast me in my 1st National Commercial (Vytorin) which I will be forever grateful.

Final question, how do you feel about being what I consider a LGBT Icon?
I feel incredibly honored. I couldn’t be more tickled pink!

I got my 1st big break at a gay bar in Houston Texas and that experience will be with me forever. The LGBT Community is the world to me.

I have admired , whom I consider to be , the gay Icons  and have even had the pleasure of meeting all of them at different times in my Career : (Cher, Bette, Liza, Dolly, Lady Gaga, Kathy Griffin, & Madonna ) I am still waiting to meet Barbra Streisand though! For me to be amongst such a talented set of phenomenal women makes me strive even more to be

successful & worthy of the title. Thank you from the bottom of my pink heart…. Now go and join my fan club dammit ! HA!

Just in case you missed Part 1 of our interview, this is Kitten’s new must see video featuring the vocal talents of Beyonce.

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