Interview with Jackson Evans of ‘The Realish Housewives of Seattle’

Jackson Evans AKA Randy Bowen took a few minutes after arriving in Seattle to talk to Equality365 about ‘The Realish Housewives of Seattle’ hitting The Moore Theatre this weekend. Get tickets here.

Check out our interview with Jackson Evans!

Could you tell me a little about the show?
‘The Realish Housewives of Seattle’ is a play written by Kate James and Tim Sniffen. They are both alumni of The Second City in Chicago. The show sort of spoofs the reality show phenomenon that is ‘The Real Housewives’. We get to take it on the road and really customize it to every city we visit.

Is it hard to customize for each city?
We send a survey to the theaters before we arrive. We also do a little leg work on our own. We have actually found that the crews at the theater have some of the best material so we can sort of work off of them. We have a blast doing the research. It is blast to hear the audience laugh at some of their hometown pride.

So each show is different for each city?
Yes, each show is different for each city but there is a little improv included so every show is a little different.

The Realish Housewives of Seattle Jackson Evans

Jackson Evans

Tell me a bit about your character?
I play the thinly veiled Randy Bowen which is a loving spoof of Bravo’s Andy Cohen. The show is set up to be similar to one of the reunion shows that occur each season. Randy Bowen is a loving spoof of Bravo’s Andy Cohen. The show is set up to be similar to one of the reunion shows that occur each season. The show is me leading the ladies with questions about the season that they just taped. We often cut to a scene in the season and the ladies will act out that scene on stage. Basically, I am there to stir the pot and really love the drama that these ladies are creating.

What is your favorite thing about Andy Cohen?
I am a big fan of his suits. He really knows how to wear a tailored suit. I think my favorite thing about Andy Cohen is that he knows what he is doing and loves it. He knows that he has been critiqued for encouraging drama and catfights, but he also knows that it makes great TV. He has just built a platform for these interesting people that America loves. I really think he and I should be best friends. I don’t know why we aren’t yet. Well, he doesn’t know I exist but that shouldn’t matter.

What is your favorite part of the show?
I think my favorite part of the show is when we have those moments of improv. I get to facilitate those moments as well. I love sharing those moments with the audience. Those moments are really for the audience alone. They are different every time. No one ever gets to see that scene again.

What would you like the audience to take away from this show?
I would like them to remember that this is a little night that exists all on its own. It is funny and silly. We never poke fun of the city but really laugh about the archetypes that people conceive about the city. We poke fun at life and how funny it can be or should be. We just want people to have a really fun night.

More info about Jackson Evans & ‘The Realish Housewives of Seattle’ from STG Presents:

Run time: One hour and forty minutes, with intermission.

Call your best frenemies now and get tickets for this performance brimming with brawls, booze and Botox. The Realish Housewives are fully loaded and ready to take on North America.

Get ready for loony ladies Rovanka, Claudia Louise, Gwen, Desiree, Brooke and your host Randy to take on the current events and people making headlines in your hometown. The audience even gets in on the act! This is one reality trainwreck that’ll leave you laughing ‘til you cry your false eyelashes off!

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