Interview: Walk Off The Earth’s Ryan Marshall

Walk Off the Earth’s new album dropped yesterday to rave reviews. You can purchase the new album on their site here. They are currently touring North America then headed to Europe.

Check out our interview with Ryan of Walk Off The Earth!

Ryan Marshall on Walk Off The Earth on

Ryan Marshall of Walk Off The Earth

ED: How does it feel to be recently named as ‘The Best of Youtube’?
RM: It feels great. There is a great group of artist on Youtube. We have done collaborations with a great many of them and we are very honored.

ED: How do you decide what songs to cover?
RM: We really just like to play good songs, whether it is a song that we wrote or someone else. Sometimes we just find good music and enjoy transforming it from Top 40 to Folk or Dance. We like to mix it up a bit and change the genres maybe even put our own mark on it.

ED: You guys have very interesting and creative instrumental ideas. How do you decide or coordinate that part of your music?
RM: We have a lot of different personalities and talents in the band. When you have five people from all different backgrounds with such diverse talents you never know what you will come up with. Gianni and I have been playing two people on one guitar for a long time. That was part of our live show.

ED: How do you keep it all fresh and stay creative?
RM: We actually use social media a lot and keep in touch with our fans. We try to keep up with what is interesting to our fans.

ED: How is the new album being received?
RM: Great! We released three songs before the album dropped. “Rule the World” was the first single and it is getting pretty good play in Canada. It is in the top 20. It is getting close to the Top 100 in the States. It is pretty fun.

ED: How is your tour going?
RM: We have gotten a great response so far. We have gotten a lot of great feedback on social media. Believe me, if you suck, people on the internet will tell you. We really respect that honesty.

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