Interview: The Paper Kites Play The Crocodile Tonight

Dave Powys of The Paper Kites took some time to talk to Equality365 about their new album “twelvefour” and their current tour. An interesting tidbit about the album is that all the songs were written between midnight and four in the morning. Get out of the weather and enjoy their show at The Crocodile tonight! Get info and tickets here.

Could you tell me a bit about your new album?
It is a new progression for us. There are elements of folk but also rock. Also, there are some electronic sounds and samples. There are even some electronic drums. It is pretty broad, I think.

What is your favorite song to play live right now?
I am going to go ahead and say, Too Late. It is the last track on the album. I think it really comes to life performing live on stage. The whole the song is essentially one big crescendo. It starts quiet and finishes loud. It is a good time.

How do you personally stay creative?
I think by allowing myself time. I think making time to put other things aside and prioritizing things and life really helps. I think you are always creative if you are that sort of person.

The Paper Kites on equality365.comDid you participate in the strange ritual of writing the songs only between midnight and four in the morning?
No, I wasn’t involved in staying up all night. The songs were brought to us at the end of the writing process. He had about thirty songs at that time. We all worked together to cut it down to about fifteen we were happy with and took those into the studio. We were all invited to join in the writing process but it just didn’t happen.

What do you like to do personally while you are on tour?
I like to set myself some challenges. I am working on a push up challenge right now.

What is your guilty pleasure while on tour?
I am making the most of the fast food here. We don’t have In-N-Out Burger or Shake Shack back home.

How would you describe your stage show?
You need to wear some comfortable shoes. You are very likely going to be standing a lot. It is an experience. There are a lot of stories and poetry in the lyrics. The set that we are playing at the moment is a really nice journey of songs from the new album and old favorites. I think it is really our best of but in a live setting.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
I always thought it would be interesting to work with Danger Mouse. He has worked with the Broken Bells and The Black Keys. He has done some really interesting stuff. He often brings a really cool and interesting element to people’s sounds. He has pretty interesting rhythm sensibilities as well.

Would you like to say anything in closing?
We are playing at the Crocodile. We are really looking forward to coming back to Seattle. Come see us!

The Paper Kites new album “twelvefour” is available on iTunes or wherever your buy music.

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