Interview: Singer-Songwriter Pieta Brown Delights And Delivers

Pieta Brown is a singer-songwriter with music in her blood. Her sixth album, Paradise Outlaw, is out and available everywhere you buy music. Pieta performs this evening with Iris Dement at The Triple Door in Seattle. Get your tickets here. You Don’t want to miss this show!

Earle Dutton: How would you describe your music to a new person?
Pieta Brown: I’ve never been good at that!?!

ED: When did you know that you wanted to be a singer/songwriter?
PB: I started making up songs when I was a kid and have never stopped.

ED: What did it mean for you to have your father join you on this album?
PB: I’ve collaborated with my dad before…it feels completely normal and natural…he gets all of it.  Making music with my dad is a joy.

Pieta Brown

Pieta Brown

ED: How does this new album and tour differ from previous ones for you?
PB: Paradise Outlaw was recorded live all in one room in Wisconsin out in the country at a studio called April Base.  I was really comfortable with the room and with the players at the session.  I can hear all that in the tracks.  Also I recorded quite a few songs on the banjo which was a first. And I recorded a duet that I co-wrote with Amos Lee. Recording a duet was a first, too.  As for the touring, the live show is always a work in progress and I enjoy that part of it.  The format and players vary depending on the gig.

ED: What is your current favorite song to perform live?
PB: New ones are always fun. Lately I’ve been enjoying singing Wondering How from Paradise Outlaw.  But it all depends on the night.

ED: Is there someone that you dream of collaborating with?
PB: I could make a long list. I like the idea of collaborating with some of the jazz players I admire. Like Robert Glasper and Derrick Hodge. And I’d like to experience playing with a symphony again!

ED: Who were your musical influences growing up?
PB: I had so many! There was lots of music in my family…so that made a big impact on me.  Got obsessed with country blues and blues when I was a teenager and that music has remained an influence. As for songwriters I was listening to growing up, I would name Van Morrison and Elizabeth Cotten as big influences early on. I listened to them both a lot growing up. And the list goes on…

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