Interview: Melissa Etheridge Rocks Seattle With Blondie!

Melissa Etheridge is a rock singer-songwriter that has helped shape our perceptions of music and the LGBTQ community. She is an activist, musician, mom, wife and just generally nice person. She is performing with Blondie at a sold out show at the Woodland Park Zoo tonight. Catch her around the globe with Blondie and/or Joan Jett this summer. Don’t miss it!

Earle Dutton: Could you tell us a bit about your new show?
Melissa Etheridge: I have different shows lined up all summer long. I have some shows with Blondie. Then I have some with Blondie and Joan Jett. I have some shows with just my band and some with just me solo. I have never really co-headlined with anyone before like these tours. I am just thrilled. The shows with Blondie should be just a blast.

ED: What is your favorite Blondie song?
ME: I think it “Call Me” has to be it. That entire album is amazing. It was one of my staples in the early eighties. I would just listen to that over and over. I love “Hanging on the Telephone”. All those songs are just such a huge part of the eighties musical landscape.

ED: How do you think that your fans and Blondie’s fans will enjoy seeing both of you at the same concert?
ME: I think we are different enough that you won’t be getting the same thing from either of us. Yet, you can see where her and my fans would cross and meet. My fans definitely enjoy Blondie songs. I can’t imagine them not loving them. I would hope that fans of Blondie would also be more nineties music fans as well and enjoy my songs. It should just really work.

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Melissa Etheridge

ED: So how is married life treating you?
ME: (Laughter) We just had our first anniversary. This is the best thing I have ever done. Linda is just the greatest angel ever to be put on this earth. It has really been outstanding. I love being married. I just love it.

ED: Do you still have the same wardrobe assistant that runs on stage and changes your belts and such?
ME: (Laughter) Oh yes, that wardrobe malfunction happened on stage in Seattle (Laughter). He said ‘Don’t ever pull me on stage again.’ Bless his heart. He designs my clothes, does my makeup and is even designing is own line of clothes. Yes, he will be with me. I can’t live without him.

ED: What did you think about the SCOTUS ruling on Marriage Equality?
ME: I think that good hardworking people can see that love is love. I hope they can see that God didn’t create a love that is wrong. It really gave me hope for the rest of the world.

ED: Currently, what is your favorite song to perform off of your new album?
ME: I really have about three that I just love. If I have to pick one it would be “Monster”. It is one of my favorites to perform live.

ED: Would you like to weigh in on Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vogue and all the media attention?
ME: Wow, you are the first person to ask me anything about it. I am all for people loving themselves. I see the whole world looking at this and the transgender issues. All of us are on a journey. We are all looking for self-esteem and self-recognition. I think part of that in our whole society is recognizing the female in each of us. I think our years and years of gender roles have made it so that everyone feels like they have to be one or the other. I look forward to a future where the feminine and masculine in each of us is celebrated no matter what gender we are.

ED: Could you tell me a little bit about your new cannabis infused wine?
ME: (Laughter) We are working to get into Washington soon. The problem is that we can’t cross state lines yet. We are working on the gay laws and the cannabis laws (laughter). If you are in California and are registered here medicinally, you can click here. It is a beautiful wine. It is infused with cannabis. It is a CBD. It is a cold extraction. You don’t really have the THC. It is a super duper relaxing glass of wine.

ED: Could tell me something about yourself that most people don’t know?
ME: Oh lord, I don’t know if I could (laughter) my fans no so much about me. I love to cook breakfast. I love to make pancakes. My fans probably don’t know that I am the person that checks the house at night. I like to check all the windows and doors. I check to make sure all the lights are off. I learned it from my mom and I just love to do it.

We love Melissa Etheridge!

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