Interview: Hunky Rep. Brian Sims Is A Goonie!

The Goonies 30th Anniversary Weekend is in full swing in Astoria, Oregon. Even Brian Sims is ready for the action! We are expecting over 15k (by some estimates) from around the world. There are tours, parties, bonfires, pirate cruises and, of course, movie viewings. “Chunk” AKA Jeff Cohen is in town with several other cast and crew members helping to keep the dream of One-Eyed Willy’s treasure alive. Do you think this sleepy little seaside town is ready for all of this excitement? 

I read recently that The Goonies is one of Sims favorite movies. The hunky and openly gay State Representative from Philadelphia is a Goonie! Well, I had to check in and investigate. He likes The Goonies, dogs, The Smurfs, The Little Mermaid, fun hats and a plethora of fun things (this is all just from his facebook posts LOL). He is a politician and an amazing advocate for several issues and causes. Goonies Never Say Die and we wish all the best to Rep. Brian Sims.

Goonies Brian Sims

Brian Sims (I couldn’t find a photo in a pirate hat)

ED: I read that one of your favorite movies is The Goonies. Could you tell me more about that?
BS: I love that you know that about me. I am a complete Army brat. I grew up all over the country. When you are always the new kid, you are rarely part of the popular crowd. The popular kids have usually known each other for years. The new kids are almost always the outsiders. I think that is why I related to The Goonies so well. I used to tell people, when I was a kid, that I was straight from the Island of Misfit Toys. That is how I always kind of viewed The Goonies.

ED: Why do you think that The Goonies became such a phenomenon?
BS: That is a great question. There are lots of movies that are made about underdogs finding success. There are lots of movies made about small groups of people sort of banning together for a common good against all odds. Why The Goonies? I think it is a combination of good, acting, a great story line, some really good music but also this common theme of people that have never had to overcome anything, don’t know how to overcome anything.

ED: How did you feel the first time you watched the movie?
BS: That’s interesting. It was probably been 30 years since the first time I watched it (laughter). I suppose it just seemed very familiar. I think there was something very familiar about the friendships and how they were all treated by the popular guys. It just seemed very familiar to me.

Brian Sims

ED: How many times do you think you have watched the movie?
BS: I bet that I have seen The Goonies upwards of fifty times. I can’t think of a year that I haven’t watched it at least twice. I actually own it but I still watch it every time it comes on TV. I have even seen the editors cut with the octopus.

ED: What is your favorite part of the film?
BS: I think that I have two favorite parts. One is at the very end when Chunk is telling Sloth that he is going to come live with them. He is like you are going to come live with me because I love you. I really like that scene. My other favorite part would have to be one of the most quintessential shining moments of the film when they are down in the well. “Mikey” is talking about it being there time up there but it is our time down here. It is really when he becomes the leader of the group and not just the organizer.

equality365.comED: Who is your favorite character?
BS: It would have to be Sloth. That is an interesting thing to think about. He is definitely my favorite character.

ED: Which actor/actress from the movie would you most like to meet in person?
BS: That is a really easy one for me. I would like to meet Martha Plimpton. I know that might seem really strange. I have a lot of respect for her career but she has gone on to be quite an advocate. She has used the attention that she has received and aimed at issues that are important to her. I have the utmost respect for people that take the attention put on them and use it to advance a good cause.

ED: Have you ever been to Astoria, OR?
BS: No, I have not. It is on the top of my list though.

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