Interview: Don’t Miss Bridget Everett At The Triple Door

Bridget Everett, singer/comedian/temptress/entertainer is performing in Seattle for one night at The Triple Door. You might still be able to get tickets if you click here. She has performed in “Sex and the City”, “Inside Amy Schumer” and “Trainwreck”. If you like to laugh, you will not want to miss this show. She is raucous and hilarious. She has even sung “Me and Bobby McGee” with Patti LuPone!

Check out our interview with Bridget Everett below!

How would you describe your show?
I would have to say, a rock-n-roll cabaret with the fun drunk girl at the end of the bar. Something like that. I am just reaching out touching people and getting to know each other very very well.

When did you decide to become a singer/comedian/entertainer?
Well, I wanted to become a singer since I was a little girl. I went to school for opera but it didn’t really suit my lifestyle. So, I found a style of singing that matched my lifestyle. It is a lot of fun and I get to drink while I do it as well. That is always a plus.

What is your favorite chardonnay?
It is Rombauer. My friend Amy Schumer and I are trying to get them to sponsor us but it hasn’t come through yet. We aren’t giving up. We are going to them to plead our case and see what happens.

You talk about men, sex and dating a lot. What would be your dream date?
Oh my god, that is a good question. I think someone would come over. They would take my dog for a walk. We would go to a karaoke bar. Then, we would come back hangout with my dog for a little bit. They would rub my feet and keep my glass of wine filled. Then they would tuck me in, that is in all senses of the word…

How do you stay creative?
Wow, that is another great question. It is hard. I am not a prolific writer but years ago I worked on this show with Michael Patrick King from “Sex and the City”. He told me to carry a little book around and whenever you say something funny, write it down. So, that is what I do now. I will sit in the bathtub and talk to myself while writing a rough outline of things I want to say. It is also important to keep going out, keep meeting people, maybe sometimes staying out a bit later than you ought to because you don’t know when a good story is going to come your way.

Bridget Everett on

Bridget Everett

You wear some jazzy outfits. Do you have a personal stylist?
(Laughter) My friend Larry designs all my dresses. I used to shop at the big girl floor at Macy’s. Basically, the only thing suitable for stage was House of Dereon which is Beyonce’s mom’s line. Well, his name is Larry so he does a little twist on it by calling his work the House of Larreon. He loves to showcase my body. He comes up with the ideas and if it makes us laugh then we pick it. They all have fun names as well. It definitely elevates my performance because you never know when there will be a wardrobe malfunction.

Are they really wardrobe malfunctions when you flash your boobs or is it a just a function of the wardrobe?
(Laughter) I think it is a little of both. I think it is practical functionality. Part of the show is about embracing your body and living fully in the skin you are in. So if the dress slips a little to the side then it is a happy accident that helps drill the point in…

What was it like to pull Patti LuPone from the audience and perform with her on stage? I am guessing you already knew each other, right?
Oh yes, it was totally mind blowing that my life has worked out in that way. I did a show a few years ago called “Jukebox Jackie” and she came to see it. She really liked what I was doing. I said we should sing together sometime and she said she would love that. I was like don’t say it if you don’t mean it. Well, I followed up on it. Sometimes you just have to ask for something. You never know what people wills say or do. It has been a great lesson for me.

You have already performed with Patti LuPone. Who else do you dream of collaborating with?
Barry Manilow. It would definitely be Barry Manilow. I was just walking around listening to him. He has the soundtrack to my childhood. I just love him. That would be the tippy top of the mountain to me. I would love to do a track with Rihanna but Barry Manilow is my real goal.

Is there anything you would like to say in closing?
I am just really excited to return to Seattle. I have had great shows every time I have been there. It is a great town.

Bridget Everett, singer/comedian/temptress/entertainer is performing in Seattle for one night at The Triple Door. You might still be able to get tickets if you click here.

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