Interview: Chris Wood Of Walla Walla’s Tesla Winery Tours

Tesla Winery Tours makes any tour a genuinely electric experience. The owner, Chris Wood, is a fascinating tour guide and a fantastic host. His wine knowledge is top-notch. He expertly crafts each tour to fit his guests’ interests and tastes. He knows Walla Walla and the wineries like only a local could.

Chris will drive you around in his Tesla Model X 90D, which is the greenest and highest tech vehicle on the planet. The car is comfortable for up to six guests. He can explain the car’s technology while navigating through the natural beauty that you will witness in the wine country of Walla Walla.

I highly recommend Tesla Winery Tours. Chris makes your tour, and trip extra special. It is a treat to have someone drive you around and navigate all of the possibilities for your adventure. He expertly plans every trip to be unique and relaxing. Walla Walla boasts over 140 local wineries. He knows the wineries and winemakers that will make your experience spectacular.  

Earle Dutton (ED): What is your favorite thing about Walla Walla?
Chris Wood (CW): My absolute favorite thing about Walla Walla is the community. We are all working to better our industry collectively and continue to be a world-class destination. The camaraderie between everyone living and working in Walla Walla truly makes it a unique and exciting place to call home. Sense of place, or terroir, is just as important for grapes as it is for those enjoying wine!

ED: What differentiates your Tesla Winery Tours from other tours?
CW: Tesla Winery Tours is a truly electric, educational experience. We specialize in custom-curated tours for both discerning and novice wine tasters in a relaxed, guided environment. Expect to be fully educated on the political and geological histories of the valley as well as top-level wines and vineyards. We go beyond what others do to make sure your experience is as authentic and varied as possible. My insider knowledge of working within the industry for 5 years allows me to extend those benefits towards my guests.

ED: What does your tagline “Rooted in the future” mean to you?
CW: To me, Rooted in the Future means to always look ahead using the experience of the past. This follows into both the eco-friendly component of the all-electric vehicle to sustain our future, as well as the viticultural component of aging and refining wines. It’s catchy!

Tesla Model X 90D of Tesla Winery Tours in Walla Walla

Tesla Model X 90D of Tesla Winery Tours in Walla Walla

ED: How do you plan a tour for a new customer?
CW: Tours are planned by creating an itinerary around personal wine tastes, as well as environment and special request. I try to balance between showing both large and small operations and showcasing all the regions of the valley. Each tour can only scratch the surface, but people will leave having a good handle on the wines of Walla Walla.

ED: Why do you think you are a good tour guide?
CW: I believe I’m a great tour guide through my experience working for wineries and education. I began washing glasses and eager to learn about wine. By studying the world of wine and honing my skills, working behind the tasting room bar and ultimately becoming manager at a sizable winery, I am able to offer a unique perspective backed by knowledge. I am passionate about wine, food, culture, and the beauty of Walla Walla and am always excited to share!

ED: How did you get started as a tour guide?
CW: I began touring thanks to being recognized for my ability by Jim. Working the Tasting Room is very similar and was excellent preparation. I’m also a people person, which helps!

ED: Why do you think people should visit Walla Walla over other wine regions?
CW: Walla Walla is continuing to be recognized for its world-class wines. Multiple wineries have now received international awards for their wines, standing above those produced in Europe and beyond. We have the perfect soil and climate, and the most talented people from around the world making wines that are truly exceptional.

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