Interview: Bridget Barkan On ‘Danger Heart’

Bridget Barkan took a few minutes out of her crazy schedule to talk to Equality365 about her new video for ‘Danger Heart’. The song was inspired by the story of her good friend Dusty Childers. Read the interview and watch the video. You will love it! Happy Friday!

Check out our interview with Bridget Barkan below:

Could you tell me a bit about ‘Danger Heart’?
I had a date to go write with Scott AKA Baby Daddy in the studio. I was thinking of a good friend of mine, Dusty Childers. I met him when I was performing with Les Marquis band.

We talked for about five hours the night we met. We talked about art and all the different projects that I want to do. He was such a good listener and just a kindred spirit.

Dusty Childers

He told me his amazing story of being young, growing up in South Carolina town and a private moment with his father.  Dusty was not out,  he was finding himself, but wasn’t hiding his orientation either.

One day Dusty was sitting in the family truck with his father when his dad quietly turned off the radio. His dad looked over and told him that they were going to work together to get him through what his father knew would be a difficult time for Dusty growing up gay in a small town. He said he would be there for him until he turned eighteen and could move away from their small town.

Dusty was amazed that his dad knew his secret but didn’t really bring it up blatantly. He took Dusty shopping at the department store for what was basically a “straight” uniform. They bought button down shirts and khaki pants even though he really wanted to wear dresses every day!

That story really resonated and stayed with me.

When I joined Scott in the studio, he played me a track that he had just started working on and everything fell into place. Suddenly, it was all just there and easy. It all just flowed out of me and we literally wrote it in about two hours.

What was it like to work with Baby Daddy on this project outside of the Scissor Sisters?
He and I have always had an amazing connection. There is definitely a musical connection as well as a friendship. It was so nice just to be with him in the room and vibe out. It is so easy to be around him. He is a great teacher. He pushes me creatively. He tells me things like music and lyrics are prose not poetry. It is different. He helps me find ways of saying things in a simple way that resonate in a very unique way. He just gave me space to discover but also challenged me. That was just so satisfying.

How would you describe your sound?
I think I am a chameleon so I can try a lot of different sounds. I can try on a lot of different hats. This specific incarnation is the most pop that I have done. Ultimately though, I love Madonna. I have pop in my blood. I also love Janis Joplin and folk music. I do a lot in that style as well. I have a very eclectic bouquet so to speak. I think ‘Danger Heart’ really got to the purity of pop. I think pop can really define an intention and a vision.

How does it feel for ‘Danger Heart’ to be compared to a style similar to Lana Del Rey’s?
I appreciate Lana Del Rey as an artist. She kind of changed the game a little bit. I think that her melodious ambience and depth kind of changed the game. I think that is really cool. I am deep, funny and humorous. I will do one track that where I want everyone to pay attention to me, then I explore something much deeper here. I think depth is important in music.

Bridget Barkan on

Bridget Barkan

What was it like to open for Lady Gaga as one of the Scissor Sisters?
It was like a circus show (laughter). I mean it was crazy. There were like nineteen gigantic trucks in the parking lot and millions of fans all the time. We got to hear Lay Gaga warm up on stage. I just never thought that I would be in that realm. It was pretty wild to be a part of that journey. It was so much fun to be around all of her crew, band, background singers, dancers and everyone. Everyone was so nice and so happy. They were just living their dreams. To be honest, I was also like I need to be on that stage (laughter). It definitely put a flame under my ass.

Who do dream of collaborating with in the future?
Oh my god! That is a really tough question. I would have to say Prince. That is the first thing that comes to mind. I want to be schooled man.

Do you have a message for LGBTQ youth?
That is what this song is really about. I think what if my friend Dusty didn’t have the support when he was younger. I think about other kids that I know that didn’t have that support and did run away. I did know a lot of kids that did struggle with their parents. I think it is important to find community that understands and loves you. I think we need to listen to how we speak to ourselves. When you are younger, your mind is clouded with so many voices in your head. It could be the media, religion, people at school. I believe that there are strong communities. You belong there. You need to find your community. I have definitely had those struggles. I have struggled with my sexuality. I have struggled with my own ideas of femininity and masculinity. I think we are approaching a divine time for that union to really be made. We will be able to pass beyond that difference between the masculine and feminine roles. Loving yourself is the most important thing. You need to find people that will feed the light within you and not the darkness.

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