How You Can Push Your Business Out Into The World

Going global is a want for many business owners. Exploring new markets in new countries could hold the key to brilliant business expansion. One of the best ways to grow is to explore new markets but doing so can of course be completely problematic. Businesses approach international growth in different ways depending on their industry, contacts and budget. However there are certain points and tips which can help each business out there and at least help you change your perspective regarding global growth and the options available to you.

Is There A Need Abroad?

Of course the first clearcut question you need to ask is whether there is a need for what you’re offering abroad. Have you found a gap in the market in which your product or service can fit into quite nicely? Products are being moved around far more than before and demand for air cargo capacity is growing quite steadily. Remember, you need to look at the whole of the country. One area might be completely saturated in what you’re trying to do or offer, while another part may not. Once you’ve answered this question you know you’ll be able to start investing cash in getting yourself and your product out there. You might try with a few samples or market research.



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Sometimes selling into another country can be a little easier than you expect. Especially if you use a third party who has already put the time and effort into setting up a network utilized by people in that country. Take India for example. It’s far away, but if you can find a third party seller with established contacts, everything is just that little bit easier. The issue here is that you need to investigate the third party seller and make sure they’re above board. With someone like Amazon you know full well they’re good but the less known ones need investigation. Of course, more problems arise too in that there will be fees you need to pay if this is the route you go so you’ll need to reassess your profitability margins.

Make Contacts Ahead Of A Move

Industries have many similarities, but as you move from country to country you may notice that there are differences in how business is done. This is why it’s really important you make those contacts beforehand. Know the market in and out. They can be made fairly easily online. Or by making phone calls, providing you speak the language. It’s just about showing them how you can make a solid income for the both of you in the right circumstance. Business in the international sphere is oftentimes about favours. Anything you need and want can be smoothed out if you have people on the ground in your target country. It might be you fly out to iron things out but you may be able to do a lot of this over the phone. It can be better in person though as a lot of stuff may be lost in translation.


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Earle Dutton

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