How To Pick A Good Date Night Movie

You’ve got a date lined up, and you’ve agreed to watch a movie together. This could be in the cinema or at one of your houses, but either option still presents one key problem.

What on earth are you going to watch?

The movie choice is extremely important as it could dictate how the date goes. Pick the wrong film, and it can all fall apart. But, select the right one, and it could be a film the two of you remember forever as the thing you watched on your first date.

How do you pick a good date night movie? Here’s some friendly advice:

Pick a genre you both like
There’s a common misconception that you have to watch a romantic comedy on a date. Or, you need to watch something scary to encourage your date to snuggle up next to you as they hide from the monsters on the screen.

In truth, genre doesn’t matter at all. Some of the best family movies could be perfect on a date time – it all comes down to your preferences. Figure out what the two of you enjoy, and then find some common ground. You like thrillers, they like sci-fi, but you both like comedies. Don’t choose a film from a genre only one of you will like – the other person will have a terrible time.

Check the reviews
Reviews can sometimes be misleading, particularly as a lot of modern projects get review bombed by angry men or kids these days. However, if you look at enough sources, they tend to give you a good enough view of if a movie is good or not.

It’s always useful to check reviews before picking a date night movie to avoid watching a dud. When you’re at home, you at least have the opportunity to turn it off and look for something new. If you’re in the cinema, you’re kind of stuck, which leads to both of you feeling agitated and bored, souring the date. Try to find something with decent enough reviews where the two of you are happy to see the film.

Decide in advance
The absolute worst way to pick a date night movie is to do so on the day. If you’re sat on the sofa deciding what to watch, it ruins the date. A good 30 minutes can be wasted scrolling through all the different streaming platforms trying to figure out what to pick. Decide ahead of time, so you can avoid any awkwardness during the date.

It’s a similar situation if you go to the cinema – don’t stand around in the foyer trying to choose a film. Pick one ahead of time so you can actually pick a screening and get there without having to wait a couple of hours for your film to show.

If you were hoping for film recommendations, then I’m sorry, but we have none. Any film can be an amazing date night film depending on the two people in question. This is why it’s important to talk to one another, figure out your common tastes, and then pick a film accordingly.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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