How To Make Chasing Your Dream Career A Practical Reality

Have you ever wanted to work towards a dream job, only to realize that it’s just far too impractical? Chasing a dream career is hard work, and it’s usually not something that we can just do on a whim. That’s because many people have dream careers that aren’t always practical as full-time jobs. Becoming a creative professional such as a painter or a musician can be profitable and it’s not impossible to make a living.

However, getting to that point takes a long time and it’s going to require a lot of hard work and savings in order for you to achieve that. So to help you make it more practical, we’ve put together a few tips that you can follow.

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Figure out what your dream career actually is

This may sound obvious, but it’s really important to actually figure out what your dream career actually is. People often find themselves trying different things and bouncing between various professions. They might also suddenly develop a huge interest in another career path, only for that drive to fade away after a few weeks or even days. As such, it’s a good idea not to make rash decisions and to think carefully about what your dream career actually is.

The more thought you put into this, the less likely you’ll run into problems in the future. It can be a really tough choice to think of your first career path, let alone decide how to change it in the future. So before you decide to follow a different path in life, make sure you’re certain that it’s the change you want.

Find out how to make a living from your passions

Before you decide to chase a different passion, it’s important to sit down and think about how it can actually be turned into something profitable. These days, it’s possible to make a living doing almost anything as long as you can find an audience.

For example, if you’re big on fitness then you can do something like teaching others how to look after their bodies. You can make this easier by seeking out certification from a service like the American Sports and Fitness Association. However, it’s a bit more difficult if your passion is something like art or music. While you can definitely sell your creative works, there are many different ways to sell them. Do you sell digital copies of your music, or do you put it up for free on a streaming service? Do you mix multiple different methods to gain a larger income? There are lots of considerations to keep in mind, so make sure you’re aware of the different options available.

Can you pursue it while you work a regular job?

Lastly, you should carefully consider if it’s viable to work multiple jobs while you pursue your new career choice. The idea of working two jobs may seem scary at first, but it’s often necessary to try and split your time between your current job and working towards your future career. However, you may be able to save up your money so that you don’t need to maintain a steady income while you pursue new horizons.

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Eric Andrews-Katz

Eric Andrews-Katz

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