How To Eat Healthily & Be Healthy On The Weekends

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The weekdays are usually busy and you’re likely tied up with working and running around from one activity to the next. Therefore, you may be ready to truly unwind and have a good time when the weekend rolls around. However, if you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle then this may be a dilemma for you.

The upside to all of this is that you can learn how to eat healthily and be healthy on the weekends so that you look and feel great. You’ll thank yourself when Monday morning comes and you have more natural energy and don’t feel bloated and tired.

Avoid Eating Out

One way to eat healthily and be healthy on the weekends is to avoid eating out. Instead, choose to prepare your own food in the kitchen and get into cooking for yourself at home. Try new and different recipes such as this forbidden rice aka black rice to jumpstart your day or prepare a beautiful and healthy bowl of vegetables with a piece of chicken for dinner. Save your money and calories by cooking at home instead of going out to eat.

Exercise & Stay Active

It’s also important that you not sit around eating and watching TV all weekend if you want to be healthy. Instead, choose to exercise at home or go to the gym over the weekend and also stay active in general. Fill your schedule so that you have an idea of what you want to tackle and get done and you don’t become easily bored and head for the cupboard.

Limit Your Sugar & Alcohol Intake

Eat healthily and be healthy on the weekends by choosing not to indulge in a lot of sugar and desserts. Instead, find nutritious alternatives such as eating an apple with peanut butter or some yogurt or cottage cheese with fresh fruit. Keep a water bottle with you wherever you go to avoid drinking sugary drinks and soda. Also, although it’s the weekend, you want to be mindful of your alcohol intake since you’re not only drinking more calories but it can make you feel hungover and unmotivated and ruin your diet if you are always overindulging.

Stick to Your Sleep Schedule

Although you may feel like napping the weekend away when Friday at 5 PM hits, you can avoid this by sticking to your sleep schedule and adhering to these pieces of advice. You won’t feel overtired and sluggish when you are taking good care of yourself and not messing with your normal bedtime routine and sleep schedule. If you do go out with friends, then try to at least get home at a decent hour so you wake up feeling refreshed and not waste precious time on the weekends laying around in your bed.


It can be challenging to change your ways and habits if you’re used to letting loose on the weekends. However, with these tips, and some determination and self-discipline, you’ll be well on your way to finding success with this initiative. Not all weekends will be perfect but the better you do overall with this task, the healthier you’re going to be and feel overall.

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Earle Dutton

Earle Dutton

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