Gryffin Performing A Sold Out Show At Neumos Tonight

Gryffin is a DJ, music producer and musician who gained a lot of notice for adding real instruments into his electronic music and remixes. As a classically trained pianist it never occurred to him that such mixes just weren’t done. He has done remixes for artist like Tove Lo, Maroon 5 and Years & Years. He currently on his biggest tour ever and performing to sold out crowds across the country. Get more info and dates here.

Check out our interview below:

Earle Dutton (ED): Are you excited about the tour?
Gryffin (G): Definitely! I have been prepping pretty hardcore for the last couple of weeks. Then I am going to rehearsal next week. I think it will be really good. It is by far the biggest tour I have ever done. I am sure it will be exhausting but I am definitely amped for it.

ED: How does it feel to be selling out all of these venues on the tour?
G: It would be fun anyway but the venues selling out is just icing on the cake. It really makes me happy and appreciative of the support I have received so far. It is exciting!

Gryffin in SeattleED: You were going to college for electrical engineering; how did you make the jump to being a professional DJ?
G: It is a pretty crazy one-eighty from where I was in school. I have been into music my whole life. I played the piano since I was about seven years old. Then I picked up the guitar in middle school. I was doing jams and making music in high school but I didn’t really ever consider doing it as a career. My dad was an engineer and I just thought I was going to follow that path as well. Then, even in college my love for music really continued as a hobby. I started producing electronic music in between studying for tests and stuff. I would just sneak away. I was just making music any chance I had. On a whim, I just started putting my music out online. I didn’t know if people would even like it or enjoy it. It just kind of took off from there on SoundCloud and YouTube. Then, record labels started calling me to make remixes for their artists. I just sort of snowballed. While I was graduating from school, the music projects just became a real thing. I got my degree and everything. I always thought I could fall back on that if needed. Music was always my passion and the opportunity was there so I went for it.

ED: Do you think your education in engineering given you the opportunity to think outside of the box with your music?
G: I feel like a combination of everything lead to it happening. The background of playing piano and guitar when I was younger definitely shaped my idea of music. I think that really helped me bring that organic piece to my music. I don’t think the actual engineering classes really shaped my music. It was a really hard degree and I had to study a lot. I think that it really showed me what I can do when I work hard and put my mind to something. It really helped me with my work ethic and drive.

ED: How does it feel when you hear about artists performing your remixes of their songs?
G: That is probably the most flattering thing that could happen. I really enjoy when one of my remixes is well received. I don’t think there is any better artistic validation than having the original artist perform my version of their music live during one of their concerts. That is just better than any amount of clicks or plays I get online.

ED: Is there anyone you dream of collaborating with?
G: There are so many people I would love to collaborate with. I could go on forever. I would love to work with Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine), Khalid, and in terms of producers, Jamie XX. I guess I will leave it there for now.

ED: How do you stay creative?
G: I think it is combination of being open to new ideas and experiences. I think traveling to new places really helps as well. I like to listen to other people’s music as well.

ED: What would you like people to get out of your shows?
G: I think for this tour, I am really trying to take the audience member on a journey. I want there to be ups and downs, and all sorts of different energies. Fundamentally, I want people to be really happy but also feel different emotions throughout the evening.

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