Get In The Halloween Spirit With <em>This Is Halloween</em> At The Triple Door

Jack is back.  No, not that Jack from “The Shining,” but Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King and most-acclaimed citizen of Halloween Town.  And you can follow his misadventures of in “This is Halloween,” Can Can’s original, dark, fantasy-musical adaptation of Tim Burton’s 1993 classic, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” running October 20-31st at the Triple Door,

“This is Halloween” centers around Jack, the night after celebrating with fellow scream-makers to toast their continued success in terrifying people around the world. But, Jack is weary of his usual terrifying antics and no longer sees the point in scaring people.

Burned out on All Hallows’ Eve, Jack takes a walk through the forest with Zero, his ghost dog. Along the way, he discovers doorways to other holidays, including one with a bright green decorated tree. Jack opens the door and falls down a hole into Christmas Town, a world that will change Halloween Town—and Seattle—forever.

When Jack stumbles upon Christmas Town, full of beautifully decorated trees and a warm spirit, the plot thickens. Behold, live orchestral music and vocal performance, cabaret, burlesque, all new scenic design, and video projections inspired by the original Tim Burton classic.

Can Can's "This Is Halloween" at The Triple Door

Can Can’s “This Is Halloween” at The Triple Door

Produced by Chris Pink and Jonathan Betchtel, this Halloween extravaganza is choreographed by Fae Phalen (former Seahawks Seagal and Heavenly Spies), with scenic and video design by TJ Davis (Bassnectar, Decibel Festival, City Arts), and illustrations by Olivia Knapp.

Can Can’s finest dancers transform into spooky characters favorites, such as Jack Skellington, his Nemesis, Oogie Boogie, and the menacingly adorable trio, Lock, Shock, Barrel, and many more.

So make your scream face and prepare to be spooked!

“This is Halloween” runs October 20-31, 2017 at the Triple Door, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – at 7:30pm; Friday, Saturday – 7:30pm & 10:30pm; Sunday at 5pm & 8pm; Tuesday, October 31 – 6:30pm & 9:30 pm early shows 17+ / Late Shows 21+; tickets $29-$49, reservations, call (206) 838-4333 or go online at


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