Four Things All Adults Should Be Confident Doing

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a fully functioning adult? While the coining of the phrase “adulting” is often attributed to millennials, many people often find themselves out on their own in the world with no real-life experience or knowledge of what they need to be doing day in day out to live a successful life as an adult.

These four things are something most people would expect you to have figured as an adult.


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Know A Lawyer

Whether or not you need to use one is a different matter. Knowing a good lawyer who can assist you with various issues can be good to have for your just-in-case file. Ask around for recommendations for a good law firm such as Anchor Law Firm who can handle different issues from Family Law, car accidents, personal injury, and so on. Should you come across any situation where you need it, good legal representation will help you save time and react fast in typically time-sensitive scenarios.

Pay Your Taxes

Sadly, everyone needs to pay their taxes, and as a minimum, this is something you will be expected to know. For the most part, people will learn this from their parents or other adults in their lives, but due to the cloud of secrecy in the US regarding pay and how much you earn, chances are, not everyone has been fully taught exactly what paying your taxes involves.

Many employers will make deductions from your wage slips, but you still need to know how to file your taxes legally and what you need to declare and what is classed as a legal deduction. Many people will use tax filing software or services to file their taxes correctly each year.


Budgeting is often seen as something only those who are uber-responsible practice on a regular basis. Whatever your connotations regarding budgeting are, knowing how to budget your income will serve you well as an adult for the rest of your life. Even more so if money is tight. There is nothing wrong with refusing to splurge your paycheck frivolously, nor should splashing the cash and defaulting on your bills be glorified.

Sit down and record every dime you have coming in and exactly what bills need to be paid each month. Then you can assess what you have leftover. Include things such as insurance, gas, food, commuting costs, rent, utilities, subscriptions, and so on.


You may be thinking only about how to get and keep a job right now. However, it is not too early to consider retirement. You don’t want to be one of the older adults who continue to work at the post office because they can’t afford to retire, so start planning for your future today. Investing in small amounts is better than nothing at all; however, knowing what you are investing in is just as important as actually investing. These days you can choose traditional investment options such as stocks and shares, real estate, etc., or you can invest in newer ways such as in cryptocurrency, as an angel investor, or in new start-ups across the country.

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